Week In Review - Miss Something?! - This Week's Preview!

So here's what happened last week in case you may have missed something.  Last night, I went to a MAC Master Class which was really fun.  The topic covered was called Eras Reinterpreted.  Senior MAC Makeup Artist Louise Z ran the class, and it covered editorial ways to reinterpret some classic iconic eras without looking too literal.  I will have a post on that soon, and I may even try recreating some of her looks.  

Until then, here's some stuff from the past week.
 I want to say YES to clear skin.  
 I'm still working on my Dove VisibleCare challenge.
 New feature at Beautyburg... HOLLA!  It's Haul Holla Vol. 001!!!
And of course there's Vol. 002... there will be a lot of volumes in the future.
What would you wish for? 3 wishes handwriting tag!

What do you have going on this week?  Is everyone in the US done with their taxes?  I gotta get that together :-/

Week In Review - We Up'ed Our Content - Catch What You May Have Missed!

This is a French (bulldog) leprechaun.

Happy Sunday everyone!  This week I tried adding more content for you beauty lovers, and the response has been great.  Thank you for checking in and reading!  I will try my hardest to keep it up and bring you guys informative, fun and honest reviews, tutorials, features, editorials, humor and of course MARLOWE!  This was a big week for Mr. M.  He won a pet costume contest and went to a St. Patty's day party. 

Here are some posts from this past week you may have missed:

RBL's Scrangie is so beautiful.
I wrote a guest post for the fun and fabulous Karen at MakeupandBeautyBlog.com giving an overview on one of my favorite indie nail lines, Rescue Beauty Lounge.  Read it here.
The name of this product is so long... I almost couldn't compose a Tweet.
But the smell can be describe in one: "NOM."   Check the review.
It must have been love, but it's over now - Roxette.
 See my tutorial on facepainting shamrocks (or just about anything else) with homemade stencils.  If you have kids, you have to try this!
 It takes two to tango.  But it only takes Benefit's Bella Bamba to have perfectly pink flushed cheeks.
 Wet n' Wild Mega Last Lip Color made a giant impression one me for a mini price!
 I dusted off MAC Peppermint Patti and wondered what I was saving this for?  And I want a Shamrock Shake now.
Thanks everyone! 

What have you got going on today?  What are you up to next week?!

Sunday Fresh - Blogger Link Love - Week In Review

Happy Sunday everyone!  What are you doing today?  How was this week for you?  We hit a milestone over at our Facebook page.  Over 1000 fans!  Thank you guys so much.  To celebrate, we're going to have a mini giveaway for our friends there.  Check on Monday for more info.

Here are some posts from the past week:

I swatched every CND Effects nail polish they make... including Limited Editions! See the post for pics after you watch the video!
See my tutorial to create a sakura inspired look! 
This was a collaboration with Anna of Fenua Beaute!  Check out her look here!
Feeling smart and cheeky?  Try blushes from MAC's Jeanius collection.
BB Couture is having a sale on greens!  I skittled all of my green BB Couture collection.
Who do you want to see as the next MAC Beauty Icon?
Oh and we're having a blog sale!

Kia aka G_Marie of Killer Ligloss had a great post about what to do now that you're a full blown makeup addict and where to save.

Zara of Never Unpolished created a minty leopard mani

Manicured Monkey says Aloha with a Hawaiian inspired mani.

GingerKitty Designs is now doing bobby pins!  Look how cute these are!

Elena, aka Helg, at Perfume Shrine poses some interesting questions about brands and the faces behind them, related to the John Galliano incident.

Spring Sunday - Blogger Link Love - Week In Review

Spring is in the air!

Happy Sunday y'all.  What does everyone have planned?  Last night, I went to see Rango.  If you love western movies or are just in the mood to laugh, I recommend checking it out.  Both me and hubs gave it a thumbs up.  Today, I have a lot of blogging to do.  I'm working on a video of CND Effects for you guys, and Anna of Fenua Beaute and I are going to do sakura-themed makeup looks for our respective blogs.  This should be really fun!

Here are some posts from this past week in case you missed them.

 See our Oscar wrap look with tutorials on looks inspired by Michelle Williams...
 And another by Black Swan star and Best Actress winner Natalie Portman.
 Join the cult with Iconic from Cult Nails.

See what my fellow bloggers have been doing this week!
There must be something creative in the air.  So many of my blogger friends have done really cute spring manicures this week. Check some of them out!
Have a great day everyone!  See you on Twitter later. 

    Sunday - Week In Review - Blogger Link Love

    Happy Sunday everyone!  How was everyone's week?  I am almost over an injury I had a week ago which resulted in a bruised face and two black eyes.  Yuck!  However, I did get a chance to test out a lot of concealers.

    February is almost coming to a close, and I can almost feel spring at the door.  Spring for me means 1. getting my pedi on and getting those toes out of hibernation.  2. girly, pretty pink spring makeup.  3. light, crisp floral scents. What does spring mean to you?

    For next week, I have some really exciting stuff.  I have been experimenting with my China Glaze Crackle nail polishes, and I will have a post and video for you next week.  I also got a huge RMK package from Asia that I can't wait to play with and show you guys.

    Here are some posts from Beautyburg and some blogger friends this week:

    Want to see what a $180 eyeliner is like?  Check out this video on eyeliners from Giorgio Armani, Stila and Tarte. 

    Check out Scandalously Polished Ange's franken of Imperfectly Painted Stephanie's Rescue Beauty Lounge submission.  It's absolutely stunning!  Not sure why this wasn't picked.

    Karen D from Frazzle and Aniploish swatches chunky glitters on a nail wheel.  Really useful!

    Confessions of a Polishaholic's Orlica shows us how she's quicker than a ray of light with her pretty holo light mani.  She even posts a step-by-step on how to do it.  I'm going to have to try this soon.

    Helg, aka Elena, from Perfume Shrine, suggests sunny fragrances to beat the winter blues!  My favorite is Alien Sunessence.  It's warm sunshine in a bottle for me.

    Have a great weekend everyone!  More beautifying next week!

    Sunday Love - This Week's Highlights. See What We've Been Up To - Blogger Link Love

    Sunday Love.

    Happy Sunday everyone!  Grammys tonight.  Valentine's Day tomorrow.  Hope everyone has been having a great weekend so far!   Here are some posts you may have missed this week from us and from some of our blogger friends!

    Get cheeky with blushes from Wonder Woman!

    Snowy Sunday - 1000+ Followers! 850+ Facebook Fans! You Guys ROCK!

    Happy Sunday y'all!  Is it wrong to say that I really miss the snow?  Moving to California has been such a trip.  I am actually envious when I hear weather reports about the East being slammed with snow.  I guess maybe it makes me homesick.  Marlowe's favorite treat is eating snow.  He loves being dropped in a snowbank above his head and bulldozing his way out by eating the delicious white powder.  Nom nom nom nom! 

    A couple of amazing milestones this week.  We hit over 1000 followers on the blog, and we are almost at 900 Facebook fans!  I ***never*** thought that we would get here, and especially so fast.  I really want to thank you for making this happen.  Doing this blog gives me a reason to get out of bed in the morning.  I love writing entries and I love interacting via Twitter, comments with you guys and getting to know the blogging community. 

    On another less happy note, another milestone that happened this week was that I had some photos stolen by another blogger.  Shame.  However, I do not have it nearly as bad as some of my other blogger friends.  Recently, they have had entire blog entries (pictures, writing, etc) all lifted from their sites and regurgitated to a hack blog.   Read more about here.

    Here are posts you may have missed this week. 

     We said Yes To Cucumbers!

    I attempted to talk about perfume and about my journey finding out of the world of perfume.  Writing about fragrance is so much tougher than nail polish or makeup.  There are less visuals to work with, so you really have to be able to express what you want to say with words. 
     We had a fun Facebook Fans only contest!  Annette F. won a personalized set of fragrance samples from my collection.  Congrats Annette!

     Tomorrow is the last day to enter for our New Year's Giveaway.  It's been our biggest ever, but I'm so ready for our next one.  It's going to be legend.  Hint, what's silver, taupe, brown and discontinued.  Hit me on Twitter if you think you know the answer!

    Enjoy your what's left of your weekend!  Can't wait to start a new week!

    Lazy Sunday - Some Recent Posts From This Week - New Zodiac - Golden Globes Anyone?

    Hi All! Sunday already?!  Such a busy week this week.  We hit a big milestone on the blog (thank you guys so much), started a YouTube channel and also found out our zodiac changed!  We are also busy moving and reorganizing our stash.  While moving, we are plan on catching some NFL play-off games (I know!  My guilty pleasure.) and seeing the Golden Globes.  I'm excited to see the outfits and the looks (at the Golden Globes, obviously, not at the Bears game).  Navy was so big at the Emmys.  I wonder if there will be pronounced trend at this award show?

    So here are some posts from this week that you may have missed.  One big highlight for Beautyburg is our new YouTube channel.  We only have 1 tutorial so far, but after our move, I plan on trying to add to the channel regularly.  Leave a comment if you have a suggestion on what you would like to see.   Here is our first video.  It's a tutorial/how to on Sally Hansen Salon Effects.

    I also swatched some L'Oreal HiP Shadow Duos that I recently scored from the CVS clearance sale here.

     HiP Studio Secrets Professional Concentrated Shadow Duo in Cheeky (508).
     HiP Studio Secrets Professional Concentrated Shadow Duo in Cheeky (508).

    And we sniffed and swatched some scent nail polishes from Revlon.  

    Have a great rest of the weekend everyone!  We'll see you on Twitter when the Golden Globes are on.  I'm sure there will be some zomg! moments. :) 

    Do you have any predictions for the winners?  Did your zodiac change too?  How has your week been?!