La La La Bella Bamba Blush by Benefit! Swatches, Photos and Review

Benefit's Bella Bamba!

Sometimes I feel torn about Benefit products.  I wanted to love Dallas, but it was muddy and unflattering.  I wanted to love Dandelion, but it was pale and chalky.  I wanted to like Sugarbomb, but it was really shimmery for my tastes.  I liked Coralista, but it didn't really go with everything I owned.

Then came Bella Bamba.  We are more in tune than the best tango dancers.  This is the perfect shimmering pink blush for my skintone.  The improved packaging also makes things handier.  The rounded brush makes application easy, and the mirror makes it so much easier to apply.

Thank you Benefit for making the perfect blush for summer.   Warm eyes, neutral eyes, cool eyes... it all seems to work. 

Benefit's Bella Bamba - packaging is an improvement!

A pretty watermelon pink.

3D effect?  Not sure what that means, but I love how it looks on.

Swatched lightly with brush (left).  Heavily with sponge (right).

On the face.  I forgot I had this necklace.  :)

Benefit's Bella Bamba is $28 for and is available at, and Benefit's website.