Congrats to Our Facebook Fan Winner!!! Beautyburg Will BBL....

Wonder who won all this awesome Wonder Woman stuff?!

Hi Everyone!  I know it's been a long time, and it seems like I just went completely M.I.A.  It's been personally really a difficult, busy and stressful time in my life.  I have tried to find balance with Beautyburg and life outside of it, but at the moment, it's not really possible to keep everything juggling.   With a lot of sadness and guilt, I am taking a short break from blogging.  You may see posts here and there, but at the moment, I cannot commit to it in the same way as I once did.  This was a really difficult decision for me, as I would seriously get sleepless thinking about how I am letting people down by not posting enough.   I hope that you can hang on while I take a little break, but I really want to be back soon!

With that, I would like to thank you guys for being such awesome followers, readers, fellow bloggers!  Thank you for checking in and for all your kind comments and emails.  Beautyburg is almost at 2000 followers and almost at 1800 fans on Facebook!  That literally blows my mind!

Now onto our winner............ the winner of this wonderful Wonder Woman stuff is Hristina!  Congrats Hristina!!!!  Thank you everyone else for participating!

Weekly Doodles Vol. 002 - Life Beyond Beauty.....?

Beauty is my obsession.  I devote all my free time on it.  My wallet fears it.  But what's life beyond beauty?  What else is there?  Let's examine these questions in this week's Weekly Doodle.  Feel free to leave your responses in the comments! 

1. Fav non-beauty related hobby?

2. When not spending $$$ on beauty, what else do you like to buy?

3. Reasons why beauty is only skin deep?

4. So.... then what makes your life beautiful?

Congrats To Our Winner! Spring Basket Giveaway! Allergy Help?

We have a winner!

Happy Easter/Passover/SPRING Everyone!  Is anyone else seriously suffering from allergies this season?  This year has been really bad for me personally!  I went back to New York and lost my voice from allergies!  I had never heard of such a thing.  Now I'm back in California and I can't seem to kick the stuffiness!  I even got a Neti pot to help.

Well enough about the dampers of the spring season and onto our winner!  We had amazing response to this giveaway.  I loved reading some of your favorite things about spring.  Many of you enjoyed flowers, the weather and changing into fun colors!  Some of you shared unique pleasures of spring like trench coats, birthdays and a general spirit of renewal.  Thank you for participating in this giveaway!

Congratulations to MadamLuck who is the winner of our giveaway!  I love it that so many of you are bloggers/vloggers/beauty addicts.  Check out MadamLuck's page here.

To everyone else, we still have our Facebook Fan giveaway going on until the end of the month.  After that, well I'll have to think of something special! 

I hope you're enjoying spring.  If anyone has some allergy remedy recommendations, please leave it in the comments!   I'm seriously desparate!

Glowy Day of Beauty With GlowyJoeyBunny! Our NARS Makeovers!

 Bleecker St. never looked so bright!  GlowyJoeyBunny and me!
 Nars new flagship at 413 Bleecker Street.

On Friday, before the IMATS madness, the beautiful and bubbly GlowyJoeyBunny, who writes for, and I reunited for a day of fun and beauty.  First, we stopped at Rescue Beauty Lounge and got our nailz did.  We gabbed with owner and founder, Ji Baek, who is not only smart, beautiful and fashionable... but also insanely funny. I'm saving that portion of our day for another post so stay tuned for that one. 

Post Rescue, we went to have lunch at The Spotted Pig.  They should either rename it The Stuffed Pig, because it's full of itself, or The Spotted Snail, because of the service.  It took us 1.5 hours to get 1 egg and toasts essentially (though they were both delicious... see below).

We abandoned our never-arriving lunch for our makeovers at NARS.  I was excited to check out the new flagship on Bleecker Street.  It's great to see more beauty on this block, among the multiplying Marc Jacobs stores and Magnolia cupcakes.

 Check out JoeyBunny's awesome NARS tote.
 I know it's her monocur but don't you think we're both glowy here? hehe

Makeup on JoeyBunny:
She wanted to go for a fun summery look to combat the grey-ish weather we were having on Friday.  Cindy, JoeyBun's artist, went for bronzy cheeks and bright lips.
Eyes: Copacabana The Multiple on browbone, Nepal Single Eyeshadow on lids, Sophia in the crease to the orbital bone, lower lashline.  Coconut Grove in the outer V to deepen.  Bali on eyebrows.
Face: Laguna bronzer and Madly blush for cheeks.
Lips: Jungle Red lip liner, Schiap lipstick, Easy Lover gloss.

Makeup on Robin:
I wasn't specific on my look but just wanted to try some of the new products from the Spring collection that I hadn't tried yet.  Kara, my artist, created a light smoky neutral eye with a colorful lip, but kept the overall look soft and approachable.
Face: Punjab Sheer Glow foundation mixed with The Brightening Serum (which I love).
Eyes: All three shades in the new trio, Calanque, were used on my eye look.  Zardoz cream eyeshadow to line the eye, and Bali Single Eyeshadow on the brows.
Cheeks: Maldvies The Multiple to highlight.  Madly blush.
Lips: Marnie lipliner, Baroque Gloss Pencil.

 Louboutin, always a pleasure.
 Outside The Spotted Pig.
 Spring is here at The Spotted Pig.  Our food is not.
 Chicken liver toast.
Deviled egg.

Thank you J for the bestest, funnest day of beauty ever!  I hope we can make it a regular when I come back to NYC! :)

If you're in the NYC area, definitely check out the new flagship store.  We hear that Francois occasionally drops in!  But if you can't make it, you can check out

Weekly Doodles Vol. 001 - New York I Love You

I'm having so much fun with these scanned questionnaires that I've decided to make it a weekly thing.  Feel free to copy the same questions and leave your answers in the comments! 

This week's topic is about my favorite place, NYC.  I'm headed back to New York for IMATS, and it's going to be a great reunion.  I missed you New York!!!

1. Why LOVE NY?

2. Fav NYC Zip?  Fav Places For: Food? Fun? Shopping?

3. Best NY Moment In Pop Culture?

4. Best Time of Year For NYC?

One of my favorite NYC moments... 

I was at this show almost in the front by the stage.  It just felt magical when the balloons dropped.  LDC Soundsystem just did their last show in MSG this past weekend.  I would have loved to have been there!!!

Three Wishes Handwriting Tag - What Are You Wishing For?

A couple weeks ago, there was a handwriting tag questionnaire going around some of the beauty blogs.  I normally don't really care for surveys, but I really enjoyed seeing everyone's handwriting and getting a little bit more of a glimpse into people's personalities.

I have been dying for another excuse to do a handwriting survey, so I decided to just start my own.   Feel free to play and link your wishes in the comments below!  I love these.

How to play:
1. Write 3 beauty-related wishes.
2. Take a photo or scan it and post it on your blog.
3. Tag some friends!

Can't wait to read some of your responses!  What would you wish for????

NARS PRO-PRIME - Could Beautyburg's Marlowe Be A Model?

 Marcel Nars for Nars PRO-PRIME

 What could be more than a pretty face?  How about a smooshy one?  Nars has come out recently with two new primers: Pore Refining Primer $32 and Multi-Protect Primer SPF 30 $32.  These add to the arsenal of three other face primers in the Nars collection, as well as Nars Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base (my current favorite shadow primer).  I am interested in trying the Pore Refining version, but what I'm more interested in is the possibility of Marlowe being the next face of beauty.  Do you think he has what it takes to become a supermodel?  He does like to indulge in froyo, but he keeps his model form by snacking on broccoli stems.  What do you think?  Should I send his headshot to Francois?!  (I'm completely joking by the way, except the sentence about the food.. all true there.)

 Could Marlowe be the next Nars supermodel?
 Classic profile.
 Model's diet: broccoli stems.
But sometimes he likes to treat himself to froyo.

Announced Our 3 Barielle Treatment Winners!!!!

3 Barielle Treatments from a ridiculous CVS clearance.

Thanks everyone who played in our mini giveaway!  It was great hearing about all your scores (ka-ching).  I love a good deal.  It's such a rush finding something really great at a really low price.  Or discovering a very hard-to-find item while merely browsing.  All great feelings! 

So now onto our winners.... 

Our Twitter winner is @MsSaroun
Our Comment winner is Very Emily!

I will be contacting you shortly about your prizes! 

Don't worry if you didn't win this one.  We have two giveaways going on right now, and I am planning a really fun one for May.  So keep checking back!

Happy Hump Day! - From Marlowe

Happy Hump Day from Marlowe.....

How is your week going for you?  I have been super busy this week!  Marlowe has too.  He has been going to daycare a lot this week and really enjoying it.  Have you thought about your weekend plans at all yet?  What's going on for you this week?  Are you busy?  Stressed?  Happy?  Chillaxin'?  Tell us below!..... but after you tell us...... you should.................

Get back to work!!!

Hehe! :) Just something for fun from me and M.  Hope you're having a good week!  Tell us what you're up to!

Haul Holla! WIN 3 Barielle Treatments! Vol. 002

My CVS haul.  All less than $20.

Ok I know I just hollared at y'all on Sunday, but I had an ah-maze-zing haul at CVS that I had to tell you about.  My CVS had on clearance a whole lot of Borghese, Revlon, Sally Hansen and Barielle Nail Treatments.  Everything was less than $1.60.  One of the Orly Cosmix nail polishes was $0.37?  No I didn't misplace the decimal point.  Thirty-seven cents!  Packs of gum cost more.

Win these!  Two sets available!

I picked up quite a few of the Barielle treatments and thought I would treat my readers to some treats.  I currently have two giveaways going on now, but what's another one.

This one is super easy.  Two sets up for grabs. 
Here's how to play:
  1. One winner will be chosen at random from the comments below.  All you have to do is tell me about your last really good find! (Doesn't have to be beauty related.)
  2. Another winner will be chosen at random from TwitterJust tweet "@Beautyburg is giving away 3 Barielle nail treatments."
    (You could win twice!  But please one comment and one tweet per person.)

Contest ends March 22nd, 2011 at 11:59pm PST.  I will announce the winner later this week!  As always, open to international friends.  Those younger than 18, please ask your parent for permission.

Let me know if you find the same clearance at your local CVS!

Haul Holla! What'd You Get This Week? Vol. 001

Part of my haul this week.  Can't wait to try these!

Holla!!!!!!!  I decided to start a new feature at Beautyburg called Haul Holla!  I love sharing hauls on, so I thought why not do it here.  Big or small haul-er at meTell me what you got, what you didn't get or what you want!

Earlier this week I stopped by Ulta, and I was psyched to see a new Essence display!  I picked up all the nail polishes, 2 eyeshadows, 1 glitter nail polish and a lip gloss.  I love how everything is under $3!  You can't shake a stick at that.  I also finally ran across a full size display of OPI's Katie Perry collection, but it had already been stripped.  I picked up a full-sized Not Like The Movies (last one).  Ulta's line had a cute set of mini polishes called Under The Sea.  Some of these colors look awesome, and I can't wait to swatch.
I also wanted to share some photos from a great day I had at the beach.  We had a delicious meal (set your stare to drool for pics below) and saw the funniest little dog chillaxing in a child-size beach chair.

 The Essence display at Ulta.
 Not a beauty haul, but still gorgeous.  Lobster roll!
 Seafood ceviche.
Sleepy doggie at the beach.  I'll just rest my chin here.
ZZZzz snort!  Wah?? Was I snoring? :)

Now tell me about your weeks!  What did you haul?  Are you saving for something big or small?  Do anything fun this week?

Happy St. Patrick's Day From Beautyburg! What Are Your St. Patty's Traditions?

 Marlowe is wishing you a Happy, Healthy and Safe St. Patrick's Day!

Top o' the morning to you beauty lovers!  We are celebrating St. Patrick's Day at Beautyburg today with everything GREEN!

Since we have so many beauties from around the world and in the US, I wanted to know how you and your family and friends celebrated St. Patrick's Day? 

I used to live in a town called Hoboken, NJ which has its very own version of St. Patrick's Day.  Hoboken is right across the water from NYC, and many people who live there work in the city since Hoboken in conveniently situated between the Holland and Lincoln Tunnels and has a few forms of public transportation directly into New York.   Well, with its proximity to NYC, it makes finding bagpipe players difficult for Hoboken's St. Patrick's Day parade.  So what do they do?  They have it two weeks earlier! 

The first year I had lived there, no one informed me of this tradition.  I had stumbled upon it while taking a stroll on the main drag.  The town, which already boasts the most bars per square mile (which is exactly how big it is) in the US and was rated #1 singles town by Money Magazine, actually turns kinda ugly during Hoboken St. Patrick's Day.  It basically turns into a town wide frat party with queues for bars forming at 6am!  By noon, the streets are filled with intoxication, and by 3pm, many people are going home with $1,000 tickets for open container violations.  However, among this chaos is a really fun parade and usually it was a day we spent with friends and their children watching the parade.

 One of many cars from the parade.
 Parade onlookers.
Marlowe watching the Hoboken parade.
 Where's my pot of gold?  Now we're trying to figure out what to do in CA!
This year I made cupcakes for a work party and Marlowe's human friends at daycare.

Does your country celebrate St. Patrick's Day?  What do you do on St. Patty's?  Do you have any favorite foods from this holiday?

Marlowe - Beautyburg's Bathing Beauty!!

Have you met Marlowe yet?  He's Beautyburg's mascot, collaborator and muse.  This past weekend he added bathing suit model to his resume at a local pet event.  Marlowe won for his old time-y bathing beauty outfit complete with sunglasses.  He attributes his beauty regime to a raw BARF diet (read about BARF diets for pets here), cold compressed coconut oil as conditioner and lots of exercise from hiking with mom.

I hope this brightens your Monday just a little!  Have a great week everyone!

Shades up!
Marlowe wasn't confident at first to go out in public in his bathing suit. lol!
Sunglasses complete the look.  These are called Doggles!
Some of the other fashionable dogs!
Marlowe and Charlie.
Marlowe sunbathes and enjoys his prize.

Do you have pets at home?  Tell me about them! 

1000+ Facebook Fans Giveaway! Win MAC Wonder Woman Pink Power Mineralized Skinfish & More!

Pink is Power!  
Win MAC Wonder Woman Pink Power Mineralized Skinfish & more! 

Wow!  I can't express how much I'm completely floored by the support from everyone of you.  Last week we hit another huge milestone by reaching over 1,000 fans on Facebook!  Thanks everyone for all your support!  You guys ROCK!  Group hug!

So to show my appreciation all of you lovelies, I wanted to do a little giveaway.  We currently have our Spring Basket one going on (click here to enter that one), but why not to two?!  We need to celebrate! 

So here's what's inside:
MAC Wonder Woman Pink Power Mineralized Skinfish - this Glamazon-sized bronze, blush, highlighter has been sold out since before it hit stores.  I bought two in a frenzy and want to give my spare to you!

MAC Wonder Woman Opulash in Victorious - A beautiful violet purple shade of their Opulash mascara.  Another sold out lovely.

NARS Vintage Nail Polish in Mash - A gorgeous bronzy black shade that resurrected this past fall and is now again long gone.

NYX 10 Color Palette in Secret World - A sultry palette of neutrals and summery greens and tropical shades.  Great for a sizzling summer look. 

How to enter?
Just fill out the form below.  You just need to enter your email, but you can do other things to rack up extra entries.  Please one entry per person.

Contest ends April 30th, 2011 at 11:59pm PST.  You must be 18 or older or have the permission of an adult.  International friends are welcome to play!

Good luck!

Handwriting Survey Tag - What Does My Handwriting Say About Me?

My girl, Kellie at tagged me for this fun questionnaire!  Thanks K!  I had a lot of fun doing it, but I gotta say that I think I need those calligraphy lessons again.  I think it's true that your handwriting gets worse as you age.  So what do you think a handwriting analyst would say about your handwriting?  lol!

Here are the questions:
1. What is you name? And your blog.
2. Blog url
3. Write: The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.
4. Favorite quote
5. Favorite song
6. Favorite band/singers
7. Say anything you want
8. Pass it along to a few bloggers

I only tagged three, but everyone should play!   If you post one of these surveys, let me know in the comments (feel free to link for that).  I love reading these! 

MAC Beauty Icon Discussion - My Story and Search for The Next Beauty Icon - Who Would You Want To See Immortalized in MAC?

 Liza for MAC - The First Beauty Icon

MAC and I are in a long term relationship, probably the longest one I've ever been in.  We've gone through many ups and downs over the years, but there have definitely been more good times than bad.  Every now and again, MAC will surprise me and make me remember why I fell in love with them so many years ago.

Some of my fondest MAC memories are of their Beauty Icon series.  Before I had even seen Cabaret, I met Liza for MAC.  Liza Red Amplified lipstick is hands down my favorite red lippie in my collection.  It's the perfect red for my skintone.  A great balance of red and orange.

If you're unfamiliar with the MAC Beauty Icon series, it's a collaborative collection created with a living celebrity that has a signature style.  The Icons are people who have long careers and have a sense of maturity.

Here's a short timeline on MAC Beauty Icons:
2003 - Liza Minnelli
2005 - Diana Ross
2006 - Catherine Deneuve
2007 - Raquel Welch
2008 - Dame Edna

The supreme Miss Diana Ross.

With the first three collections, the products, concept and icon themselves were just tremendous.  Both Liza AM and PM eyeshadow quads were seriously perfection.  I had the AM one on my wishlist for years.  In the Diana Ross collection, it was the first time (correct me if I'm wrong) that MAC introduced Beauty Powders.  The pink brushes also just made me gaga. 

 Belle du Jour forever.

The Catherine Deneuve collection was immensely popular.  The limited edition kabuki brush was to die for, and I regret to this day not getting it.   However, I did end up purchasing the majority of this collection.  I think MAC just got everything right here.  The colors were super wearable and desirable, and the packaging had a such a sleek, modern and very sophisticated vibe.  I think it captured the entire essence of the Icon so well. 

Raquel Welch for MAC.

Now, the last two collections to me were slight disappointments.  I think Raquel Welch didn't carry the star power or frenzy of the other icons.  If you want to wear the crown of MAC Beauty Icon, there better be no question that you deserve the title.  The not-so-fierce need not apply.  Also, the Rachel products were just kinda lame.

Then came the Dame Edna collection.  I was thrilled with news of the press release; I was psyched to see MAC return to its gender bending roots (a la RuPaul) to celebrate someone with true eccentric style and a certain makeup sense.  The products themselves were also very cool.  The Amplified lipsticks were very unique shades, and the Beauty Powders were just lovely.  However, when trying to capture Dame Edna's signature glasses with a sticker on top of a lovely pretty lavender product (same shade as her hair)... the whole collection just went to pieces.  The glasses sticker peeled off easily, and for me, it just took away from the entire collection.

So MAC, baby.  Can you do me a solid and come out with a seriously ba-nanerz Beauty Icon Collection?  Here are some people I would love to see immortalized!

Some Beauty Icon Candidates:
  • Dolly Parton (MUST)
  • Tina Turner
  • Cher
  • Bj√∂rk (in maybe 10 years?)
  • Sophia Loren

Who would you like to see as the Beauty Icon in MAC's series?  Do you have any favorites from past collections?  Who has been your favorite Icon so far?

5 Ways To Beautify While Being Sick... What I Learned This Week

Beauty isn't just on the outside.  It's what's on the inside.  So what do you do when your insides feel achy, sore, feverish, just plain gross? 

  1. Beautify Your Mind: Read!- catch up on magazines, blogs and books for beauty inspiration and ideas.  I love stumbling upon new blogs that I've never checked out before.
  2. Veg Out and Be Beautiful (Or Watch Beautiful People) - Watching TV and movies is a great source of inspiration and perfect fit for my energy level when I feel sick.  I make sure to keep the hot tea and pen and paper close by.  Having to get out of bed to jot down an idea is a lot of effort when you're sick.  I've been catching up on Season 4 of Ugly Betty.  I see the Patricia Field genius in styling Betty from young, fresh out of school, poncho wearing perky assistant to slightly more polished but real, clashing pattern prone, editor. 
  3. Beautify Your Stash - shop online for new beauty products, clothes, shoes or bags.  If you're on a budget, you can still "window" shop.  Just don't submit your order!  Sometimes seeing the gigantic total in my cart makes me realize that I don't need that!
  4. Road Test Your Makeup (If you're up to it) -  See how well your makeup really works when you are green with a stomach virus.  Me, I wasn't so much this week, which leads me to #5.
  5. Finally! Rest! Dammit!  This should actually be number one.  If your body needs to heal, listen to it.  Sometimes sleep is the best medicine.  For crazy busy active personalities like me, it's sometimes the hardest pill to swallow, but I'm learning to try and listen to what my body wants.
Sorry I have been away from the blog lately.  I have been sick, but I have a lot of exciting stuff coming up.  Please keep checking back.  This notebook by my bed is getting full of ideas! 

Win A Legend! Shu Uemura ME SILVER 945 Pressed Eye Shadow Giveaway!

I am beyond thrilled to bring you Beautyburg's next giveaway contest.  Our last giveaway was epic in size, but this one is one for the books.  I am giving away something that some makeup fanatics would never ever dream of giving up.  Here is your chance to win Shu Uemura's ME SILVER 945 Pressed Eye Shadow.  Yes, that Shu ME SILVER 945.  Yes, the original one that was discontinued when Shu introduced their new packaging.  Yes, that silvery taupe beige that looks brown, silver, grey depending on the light.  Yes, that ME Silver 945 eyeshadow that would go on Evilbay for hundreds of dollars after it disappeared off the shelves.  Yes, that one and only Shu Uemura ME Silver 945 that has now become a legend.

Now is your chance to win a new, never used piece of makeup history......  Fill out the form below to enter!  All you need to do is enter your email.  There are other options you can do to spread the word to increase your chances to win.  I hope you have fun with it and good luck to everyone! 

Why do companies always discontinue the best stuff?

As always, open to international friends.  You must be 18 to enter.  1 entry per person.  Please try to only fill out the form once.

Contest runs through February 28th, 2011 at 11:59pm PST.  Winner will be announced March 1, 2011 and will have 48 hours to claim their prize.

I hope you guys are as excited about this as me!  What's your favorite discontinued item?  Have you ever tried this eyeshadow before?  Or have you just heard the myth?


Winner of Beautyburg's New Year's Giveaway!!!

This is going home to one reader!

Thank you so much everyone for participating in our New Year's Giveaway!  Over 1300 people entered and total entries were over 8000.  Thank you all for spreading the word about this giveaway.  The next one will be REALLY fun!  It's going to be an iconic, very hard to find vintage makeup item.  WOW!

What I loved most about this giveaway was reading the new year's resolutions!  It was inspiring to see so many of you wanting to improve yourselves, whether it's eating better, working out, losing weight, having a more positive attitude, increasing your makeup skills, building your stash, whatever.  You guys really are totally inspiring me!  I really want to thank you for sharing those with me.  Sooooo... let's get to the winner.

Congrats Zoe P.!  You have won our New Year's Giveaway!  You will have 48 hours to respond to your email.  Enjoy your package and have fun playing with this stuff!

Thank you everyone and be on the look out for our next giveaway!  I'm VERY excited about it.

Let's Talk Fragrance - Don't Forget to Enter Our Facebook Fragrance Giveaway!

 Guerlains at Bergdorfs.

Happy Friday everyone!  Just a quick reminder that our Facebook Fragrance giveaway closes today Friday January 28th at 3:00PM PST.  So please make sure leave a comment on this thread to enter.  One winner will win a personalized selection of fragrance samples from my stash.  They will be unmarked, and after the winner picks their favorite (about a month after today), the "identities" of the perfumes will be revealed on our Facebook page.  It's a great chance for 1 lucky winner to try a lot of different perfumes blindly.  Should be fun!  Click here to enter.

I just want to take a moment to gush about perfume for a bit.  Long before I was ever into nails, I really loved perfume.  The olfactory senses have such a strong effect on your overall presence.  A bad smell can damper the mood, make you upset or even sick!  But something pleasant can being uplifting, seductive, inviting, refreshing... just really positive. 

Before I had really educated myself on fragrance, I was a little overwhelmed with the saturation of fragrances on the market and how little I knew about notes, composition, ingredients, etc.  The wonderful men and women at Makeupalley's fragrance board opened my eyes to an entire world of perfumistas!  Of course the beauty junkie in me immediately became immersed in the world of perfume.  I enjoyed reading blogs like Perfume Shrine and Now Smell This and attended fragrance events (yes, they exist) like Sniffapalooza in New York.  Along the way, I met a lot of fabulous people and sniffed a lot beautiful scents.  I am so excited to have the chance to share some of my collection with you guys!  So go enter our Facebook Fragrance Giveaway!

 A fragrance basket at Bergdorfs.
 More Guerlains.
 Bond No. 9
Chanel No. 5 Eau Premiere

Do you like perfume as much as you like nails or makeup?  If you don't like perfume, why do you think that is?  What are some of your favorite perfumes for the season?