Hold Me Closer, Shiny Dancer from Sephora by OPI - Swatches, Photos and Comps to Milani Silver Dazzle

 Will you hold me closer?

Happy Monday everyone and Happy Valentine's Day!  I thought I would do something a little different for those who are less sweet on Vday.  Here is Shiny Dancer from Sephora by OPI.  This shiny microglitter, charcoal foil is from the Urban Ballerina collection.   This shimmering slate grey is a tough, cool antidote to those who aren't for mushy, love-y dove-y stuff.

Shiny Dancer - not your typical Valentine's Day mani.
 Milani vs Sephora by OPI.  

From the bottle, this reminded me of a Milani color that came out a little before Christmas that I had a hard time tracking down, and then it didn't seem relevant to swatch it.  The Milani is more of a dense glitter vs. the foil-y finish from Shiny Dancer.   Silver Dazzle is from the Milani One Coat Glitter family, but I find you need two coats to get good coverage, not to mention the two coats top coat of a smooth finish.  I think both are pretty, and they are different enough to warrant both.  But if you have a preference for glittery - less glittery go for your pick!  Also one is about half the price of the other, if that helps?

Milani One Coat Glitter on pinkie and ring.  Shiny Dancer on middle and index.

Sephora by OPI Shiny Dancer is $9.50 available in Sephora stores and at sephora.com.
Milani Silver Dazzle One Coat Glitter is $4.99 and available at milanicosmetics.com and at drugstores nationwide.

What mani are you sporting this Valentine's Day?