Marlowe - Beautyburg's Bathing Beauty!!

Have you met Marlowe yet?  He's Beautyburg's mascot, collaborator and muse.  This past weekend he added bathing suit model to his resume at a local pet event.  Marlowe won for his old time-y bathing beauty outfit complete with sunglasses.  He attributes his beauty regime to a raw BARF diet (read about BARF diets for pets here), cold compressed coconut oil as conditioner and lots of exercise from hiking with mom.

I hope this brightens your Monday just a little!  Have a great week everyone!

Shades up!
Marlowe wasn't confident at first to go out in public in his bathing suit. lol!
Sunglasses complete the look.  These are called Doggles!
Some of the other fashionable dogs!
Marlowe and Charlie.
Marlowe sunbathes and enjoys his prize.

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