Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips - Laced Up - Tutorial - Our First YouTube Video!

Sally Hansen Salon Effects in Laced Up

New Year and new stuff at Beautyburg!  We created our first video on YouTube.  I had to create a video for Sally Hansen Salon Effects.  This is a drugstore version of nail polish strips, like Minx and Incoco.  The cost is $9.99, which is similar to other brands, but the advantage is that the distribution of Sally Hansen is much more accessable.

The reason I wanted to create a video tutorial for these was mainly because I had no idea how they worked!  I had never applied a dry nail polish strip before, so I thought that I couldn't be the only one.  I hope it's helpful!

 The box.

Sally Hansen Salon Effects come in a variety of shades and patterns.  There are neon shades, glitters and printed patterns.  Each box comes with 1 application and contains: a mini nail file, a cuticle stick and 16 nail polish strips. 

 The contents.

Prep: file and shape, then buff.

Wipe nails with nail polish remover.

 The finished product.

I personally found the process a little labor intensive.  For $9.99 for 1 application, you could go to a salon and get a manicure.  But I loved the funky patterns, and I received a compliment almost every where I went.  Sally Hansen claims up to 10 days of wear, but I found it was closer to 5 before tippage and peeling took over.   I would recommend this for a special occasion or if you want to try nail art without the hassle of Konading or attempting freehand. 

Watch our video here!

Do you think Sally Hansen Salon Effects are worth the effort?  Do you like patterned nail polish?  Would you like to see more videos from Beautyburg?