Thank You, Love Beautyburg! 700+ Followers, 500+ Facebook Fans! We Love You Guys!

Marlowe wants to give you a kiss!!
Thanks from Beautyburg!

Wow, wow, wowowowow!  I cannot believe how much this little blog has grown.  I never thought that we would be at this point and so fast, and I'm so excited to see what lies ahead for us this year.  Over 700 followers!  Over 500 Facebook fans!  Plus those of you who follow me on Twitter and sub to our new YouTube  channel.  I am seriously overwhelmed! Thank you so much for supporting Beautyburg.  It means the world to us!  

Beautyburg is here for you, so if there is ever something you want to see, something you want us to review or anything at all, let us know!  I read every single comment and cherish them all.  Let us know how we are doing!  Tell us how Beautyburg can be a better blog for you.  More videos?  More makeup? More comps?  More nails?  More Marlowe?  We want to hear from you!
Thanks again and have a beautiful weekend!!

Robin (ApplePark) & Marlowe