Haul Holla! What'd You Get This Week? Vol. 001

Part of my haul this week.  Can't wait to try these!

Holla!!!!!!!  I decided to start a new feature at Beautyburg called Haul Holla!  I love sharing hauls on Makeupalley.com, so I thought why not do it here.  Big or small haul-er at meTell me what you got, what you didn't get or what you want!

Earlier this week I stopped by Ulta, and I was psyched to see a new Essence display!  I picked up all the nail polishes, 2 eyeshadows, 1 glitter nail polish and a lip gloss.  I love how everything is under $3!  You can't shake a stick at that.  I also finally ran across a full size display of OPI's Katie Perry collection, but it had already been stripped.  I picked up a full-sized Not Like The Movies (last one).  Ulta's line had a cute set of mini polishes called Under The Sea.  Some of these colors look awesome, and I can't wait to swatch.
I also wanted to share some photos from a great day I had at the beach.  We had a delicious meal (set your stare to drool for pics below) and saw the funniest little dog chillaxing in a child-size beach chair.

 The Essence display at Ulta.
 Not a beauty haul, but still gorgeous.  Lobster roll!
 Seafood ceviche.
Sleepy doggie at the beach.  I'll just rest my chin here.
ZZZzz snort!  Wah?? Was I snoring? :)

Now tell me about your weeks!  What did you haul?  Are you saving for something big or small?  Do anything fun this week?