Get Red Hot With CND for Valentine's Day - Just Red and Red Sparkle Effect - Photos and Swatches

 Does this say amour to you?

I know it's cliché, but what is better for Valentine's Day than red nails?  As much as I love all the weird darks, blues, greens, greys, purples, there is something refreshing about putting on a classic red shade. 

Creative Nail Design has put out a duo for Vday called Red Hot.  It holds one classic red nail polish and one ruby red glitter CND Effect.  Just Red, is just that, a straight up primary glossy red.  The application is so smooth, and the color isn't overwhelming.  The overall result is a glossy, wet looking finish.  Red Sparkle, is a CND Effects shade, that you can put over any color.  I want to try this over black, but over Just Red, it's a pretty perfect combination.  I own a few of the CND Effects and find them handy to have in my nail arsenal.  They are great for jazzing up a blah shade or refreshing a 2 day old mani with a shiny new topping!

 Just Red.
 Just Red.  Just classic.
Just Red with Red Sparkleon top.

Red Hot duo is available where CND products are sold.  Check their website for salons and locations.

What's your Vday mani going to be this year?  Do you like classic reds?