NYX Super Skinny Eye Marker - Photos and Swatches - Is Eyeliner Essential To You?

NYX Super Skinny Eye Marker

There was a time, back when I first started wearing eye makeup (this is high school but if mom asks, it was college), when I never even considered eyeliner.  Then I started learning more about makeup, experimenting with makeup techniques.  I learned that eyeliner is **essential**!  Eyeliner can make you look more awake.  Eyeliner can make your eyelashes look thicker.  I need to wear eyeliner, and now, it's unfathomable that there was a time I wasn't wearing eyeliner everyday.

Today to me, nothing is as dramatic and elegant as a beautiful lined eye.  Gel, pencils, kohls, cake, powders... I love them all.  One of my favorite types of eyeliner are pens.  The reason why I like them is that you can get a super fine point and get really close to the lash line.

NYX  has recently released two new felt tip eye liner markers.  I purchased NYX Super Skinny Eye Marker to get close to my lashes and for more control.   I purchased this to see how it would match up with my MAC version, MAC Penultimate Eye Liner, $16.50 1.0g, 0.03oz.  I was slightly disappointed with the MAC version.  At first, I had a nice line, but after a couple applications, the MAC one dried out and lost the intensity.  It was a pleasant surprised when I first swiped the NYX SSEM; it was SO inky black!  It was so completely pigmented and black blackest black.  I have had this eyeliner for over a month and no dry out so far.  It's still as dark and dramatic as the day I took it out of box.  Also it's almost half of the price of the MAC.

Super Skinny Eye Marker, a felt tip liquid eyeliner pencil. 
The fine point.
 Inky black line.

NYX Super Skinny Eye Marker is $9 for  0.036fl.oz, 1.1ml and is available at www.nyxcosmetics.com.  

Is eyeliner essential to you?  Do you have to wear eyeliner when you wear eye makeup?