MAC Beauty Icon Discussion - My Story and Search for The Next Beauty Icon - Who Would You Want To See Immortalized in MAC?

 Liza for MAC - The First Beauty Icon

MAC and I are in a long term relationship, probably the longest one I've ever been in.  We've gone through many ups and downs over the years, but there have definitely been more good times than bad.  Every now and again, MAC will surprise me and make me remember why I fell in love with them so many years ago.

Some of my fondest MAC memories are of their Beauty Icon series.  Before I had even seen Cabaret, I met Liza for MAC.  Liza Red Amplified lipstick is hands down my favorite red lippie in my collection.  It's the perfect red for my skintone.  A great balance of red and orange.

If you're unfamiliar with the MAC Beauty Icon series, it's a collaborative collection created with a living celebrity that has a signature style.  The Icons are people who have long careers and have a sense of maturity.

Here's a short timeline on MAC Beauty Icons:
2003 - Liza Minnelli
2005 - Diana Ross
2006 - Catherine Deneuve
2007 - Raquel Welch
2008 - Dame Edna

The supreme Miss Diana Ross.

With the first three collections, the products, concept and icon themselves were just tremendous.  Both Liza AM and PM eyeshadow quads were seriously perfection.  I had the AM one on my wishlist for years.  In the Diana Ross collection, it was the first time (correct me if I'm wrong) that MAC introduced Beauty Powders.  The pink brushes also just made me gaga. 

 Belle du Jour forever.

The Catherine Deneuve collection was immensely popular.  The limited edition kabuki brush was to die for, and I regret to this day not getting it.   However, I did end up purchasing the majority of this collection.  I think MAC just got everything right here.  The colors were super wearable and desirable, and the packaging had a such a sleek, modern and very sophisticated vibe.  I think it captured the entire essence of the Icon so well. 

Raquel Welch for MAC.

Now, the last two collections to me were slight disappointments.  I think Raquel Welch didn't carry the star power or frenzy of the other icons.  If you want to wear the crown of MAC Beauty Icon, there better be no question that you deserve the title.  The not-so-fierce need not apply.  Also, the Rachel products were just kinda lame.

Then came the Dame Edna collection.  I was thrilled with news of the press release; I was psyched to see MAC return to its gender bending roots (a la RuPaul) to celebrate someone with true eccentric style and a certain makeup sense.  The products themselves were also very cool.  The Amplified lipsticks were very unique shades, and the Beauty Powders were just lovely.  However, when trying to capture Dame Edna's signature glasses with a sticker on top of a lovely pretty lavender product (same shade as her hair)... the whole collection just went to pieces.  The glasses sticker peeled off easily, and for me, it just took away from the entire collection.

So MAC, baby.  Can you do me a solid and come out with a seriously ba-nanerz Beauty Icon Collection?  Here are some people I would love to see immortalized!

Some Beauty Icon Candidates:
  • Dolly Parton (MUST)
  • Tina Turner
  • Cher
  • Björk (in maybe 10 years?)
  • Sophia Loren

Who would you like to see as the Beauty Icon in MAC's series?  Do you have any favorites from past collections?  Who has been your favorite Icon so far?