March Madness! Greens All Month - Nfh Oh Greens 569 + 056 - Swatches & Photos

A heavenly green combination from Nfu Oh!

More gorgeous greens this month.  What a great excuse to celebrate a fab shade for nails, eyes, etc.  This is probably one of the most entrancing combinations of green that I own. 

Pictured above is Nfu Oh 569 layered with Nfu Oh 056Nfu Oh 569 is a dark green jelly.  The shade is actually a dupe for Nars Zulu, and I think it's actually better quality.  No tugs or pulls in this formula.  Two coats to dark but still slightly sheer jelly deliciousness.

Nfu Oh 569 in it's gorgeous greenness.
Love these sexy Nfu Oh corset bottles.

Nfu Oh 056 is a dark green flakie glitter that reflects blue and bright green.  It's sheer on its own, but it can be built up for wear by itself.  However, I think it works best with 1 or 2 coats on a base color.  And I *die* for this combination.

Click to enlarge!  Looks emerald here.
Almost jade green here.
Here you can see the blue.

I love wearing this combination together, but they are not exclusive to each other.  569 looks fabulous on its own, and 056 looks great topped on other polishes.  If you love flakies, check out Nfu Oh.  

Nfu Oh is a Korean brand which is available in the US at for $12.50 for 17ml.