Hey DJ Keep Playin' That Polish - Sephoa by OPI Who's Spinning Tonight

 Please don't stop the music.

Happy Friday everyone!  Do you have your dancing shoes on?  Whether you're off hitting the clubs or rockin' out while singing into your hair brush at home, who doesn't love good music?

Sephora by OPI's Urban Ballerina collection sets the stage with six new colors that combine edgy twists on classic pretty colors.  Who's Spinning Tonight is an vibrant eggplant puprle creme with micro-mini purple shimmer.  If Mila Kunis' character from Black Swan was planning on doing her nails before a night out of dancing, this would be the color she would rock.

 Who's Spinning Tonight?
Enlarge to see the micro shimmer.

So you at home DJs, what's on your playlists?  What do you spin on your iPods?