CND Effects - The Complete Line Including Limited Editions! Photos, Swatches and Video!

 CND Effects in full effect!

CND Effects

What are CND Effects?  They are “accent” coats that you apply on top of your nail polish color to add an effect of shimmer, pearl, sparkle, etc.  It’s as if you are accessorizing your nail color with a little extra sumthing sumthing. 

The swatches from the nail wheel, video and photos follow the order below. 
  1. Gold Pearl
  2. Copper Pearl
  3. Lavender Pearl
  4. Gold Shimmer
  5. Copper Shimmer
  6. Scarlet Shimmer
  7. Emerald Shimmer
  8. Ice Blue Shimmer
  9. Violet Shimmer
  10. Gold Sparkle
  11. Jade Sparkle
  12. Crimson Sparkle
  13. Raspberry Sparkle
  14. Sapphire Sparkle
  15. Amethyst Sparkle
  16. Sugar Sparkle - Limited Edition The Look Spring 2010
  17. Red Sparkle - Limited Edition Winter 2010/2011 - Red Hot Set
  18. Gold Sparkling - Limited Edition - Sparkling Holiday Effects Duo
  19. Silver Sparkling - Limited Edition - Sparkling Holiday Effects Duo
  20. Teal Sparkle - Limited Edition - The Look  Fall 2010
  21. Barely There Shimmer - LE - The Look Spring/Summer 2010

Why do I like these?  They are just fun for dressing up a regular polish.  If you are bored with your colors, just whip out one of these Effects and you have a totally different shade.  There's a reason why the brand is called Creative Nail Design.  You can let out your inner artist and think of amazing combinations.

Do you own any CND Effects?  How would you use them?  What crazy combinations do you have in mind.  

To find CND Effects go to and check their locate tab for salons and retailers near you.