To Love or Not To Love, Chloé Eau de Parfum Fragrance Review

Love you, Love you not.

Did you ever pick a part a flower trying to decide if you loved something or someone?  As you grow older, you realize sometimes things aren't so easy... or that even sometimes leaving things to random chance (say the number of petals on a flower) can be the best way to go.  Anyway, life is complicated.  Liking a perfume shouldn't be.

I made the numero uno mistake of perfume purchasing.  I bought a perfume from smelling it on a strip from a magazine and not testing the actual fragrance on my skin.  With a gift card to Saks I had laying around, I treated myself to a Valentine's Day present of a gift set of the new perfume Love, Chloé by Chloé.

From the strip and after reading about the notes, I was really in love with this perfume.  It felt classic and feminine.  So many perfumes now-a-days from fashion houses are weird fruity, floral bastardizations that don't evoke a sense of romance or luxury reflective of the house, the brand's history and its image.  From the strip (again I repeat what a mistake this was), Love, Chloé felt reminescent of a real perfume lover's perfume.  Composed and sophisticated.

Mind you in the Lagerfeld days at Chloé some seriously legend perfumes came out of that house.  The original Chloé by Lagerfeld, Chloé Narcisse all epic.  I had seriously hoped that Love, Chloé would be a grand return to that dynasty of perfumes. 

So when my gift set arrived, I eagerly spritzed myself!  At first spray, it was powdery heaven scent.  The notes include: orange blossom, pink pepper, iris absolute, lilac, hyacinth, wisteria blossom, heliotropine, powdery musks, talc and rice powder.

Sadly, this fragrance has such a fleeting lifespan.  It goes from top to base notes in one hour flat.  By hour two, there is nothing to even remind you that you had sprayed anything.  Love, Chloé only comes in EDP concentration, and it's shocking that this could call itself EDP.  Eau de Don't Mind Me, Just Act Like I Was Never Even Here is more like it.  I have even been using the body lotion layered under my perfume to add to the longevity, but I get less than 2 hours even with that combination (plus generous spritzing).

For the price, this really isn't worth it.  It's a pity because the actual composition isn't bad, and it has a Bianca Jagger vibe of the 70's.  I think with more depth and a longer life span, this could really be something.  Chloé, can you hear me?  Reformulate.  ASAP.

 This gift set was $110 with 2.5oz EDP and 3.4oz body lotion.
 I love the flask inspired bottle.
 The design itself is gorgeous.
This handy chain keeps your cap close.

Love, Chloé  is available in 1.7oz for $85 and 2.5oz for $110 at and

Have you ever bought a perfume and ended up not satisfied when you got the bottle home?  What was the last perfume you bought?