March Madness! Greens All Month - Sally Hansen Insta-Dry Chartreuse Chase

Chartreuse Chase

As far as nail polish goes, I am a firm believer that pricier doesn't always mean better.  One of my favorite polishes that I loved to draw as a shining example of this was Sally Hansen Insta-Dry.  Pigmented, creamy, smooth application.  Sally had it all right with these.......... well most of these.

I picked up Chartreuse Chase and Blue-Away, which are two new limited edition shades available at Target.  Usually Insta-Dry are nearly one coat wonders.  Chartreuse Chase was lime green mess.  It took almost four coats to get opaque coverage.  My bottle was extremely watery and thin.  Also with those extra coats came added dry time.  This manicure never seemed to dry and got dinged pretty badly.  I took it off in a matter of hours out of frustration.

I'm disappointed for two reasons: 1 - Because I really wanted this to be great.  The color is so perfect for spring.  2 - It's a smudge on the otherwise amazing track record of the Insta-Dry line.   Shame on your Chartreuse.  Shame.

 I will swatch Blue-Away soon.
 This was 3-4 coats.
Too bad this didn't work out.  Isn't this a gorgeous shade?

Is there a way to fix a bad polish?  If anyone knows let me know.