Inglot Freedom System Eyeshadow Palettes Swatches and Labels

My Freedom System Eyeshadow Palettes with homemade labels.

Since I started this blog, I have been raving about Inglot.  It took me until I left NYC, where I passed the store to and from work daily, to get into Inglot, which is now more difficult to get for me.  New stores across the country have popped up, but there isn't one close to my new location.  Like most of you, now I don't have easy access to Inglot.

Haven't heard of Inglot?  It's a Polish brand started over 20 years, but it is fairly recent to the US.  There are stores now in NYC, NJ, Las Vegas and Southern California.  Check Inglot's website for more info.  Inglot's website leaves a lot to be desired.  It's a global site, so it's not specific to the US.  It doesn't have prices or a lot of information on the products, but it does have pretty good visuals.  If you are not close to an Inglot store or can't make it to a trade show,  you can order by phone.

I decided to swatch the palettes that I currently have so if any of you are interested in their eyeshadows, you could maybe have some reference to work with.  There are quite a few finishes of Inglot shadows: AMC Shine, Matte, DS, Pearl.  The quality of these shadows is excellent.  They are pigmented, rich, buttery smooth and blend like a dream.  The Freedom System 10 Square palette is $50.  Each pan is HUGE (2.7g, 0.09oz each.  MAC eyeshadows 1.5 gram, 0.05 oz and $14.50 each!)  Big, big, big difference!  These eyeshadows are not only my new favorite formula, but they are also an amazing value.  I highly recommend checking these out!
DS 496, AMC Shine 08, AMC Shine 30, AMC Shine 463, DS501
AMC Shine 29, Matte 352, Matte 390, Matte 363, DS465
 AMC 50, DS 473, AMC Shine 41, AMC 60, AMC 51
AMC 58, Matte 388, DS 491, Matte 372, Matte 371
AMC 63, AMC 66, Matte 392, Pearl 412, Pearl 414
Matte 373, Pearl 446, AMC Shine 40, AMC Shine 17, AMC Shine 41
Now Inglot doesn't have a US online store yet, so you have to make phone orders.  The store at Garden State Plaza in New Jersey takes orders over the phone.  Email or call them at 201.843.8600.
Have you tried Inglot yet?  Is there an Inglot store in your area?  What would you put in your Freedom System?