Week In Review - Miss Something?! - This Week's Preview!

So here's what happened last week in case you may have missed something.  Last night, I went to a MAC Master Class which was really fun.  The topic covered was called Eras Reinterpreted.  Senior MAC Makeup Artist Louise Z ran the class, and it covered editorial ways to reinterpret some classic iconic eras without looking too literal.  I will have a post on that soon, and I may even try recreating some of her looks.  

Until then, here's some stuff from the past week.
 I want to say YES to clear skin.  
 I'm still working on my Dove VisibleCare challenge.
 New feature at Beautyburg... HOLLA!  It's Haul Holla Vol. 001!!!
And of course there's Vol. 002... there will be a lot of volumes in the future.
What would you wish for? 3 wishes handwriting tag!

What do you have going on this week?  Is everyone in the US done with their taxes?  I gotta get that together :-/