Snowy Sunday - 1000+ Followers! 850+ Facebook Fans! You Guys ROCK!

Happy Sunday y'all!  Is it wrong to say that I really miss the snow?  Moving to California has been such a trip.  I am actually envious when I hear weather reports about the East being slammed with snow.  I guess maybe it makes me homesick.  Marlowe's favorite treat is eating snow.  He loves being dropped in a snowbank above his head and bulldozing his way out by eating the delicious white powder.  Nom nom nom nom! 

A couple of amazing milestones this week.  We hit over 1000 followers on the blog, and we are almost at 900 Facebook fans!  I ***never*** thought that we would get here, and especially so fast.  I really want to thank you for making this happen.  Doing this blog gives me a reason to get out of bed in the morning.  I love writing entries and I love interacting via Twitter, comments with you guys and getting to know the blogging community. 

On another less happy note, another milestone that happened this week was that I had some photos stolen by another blogger.  Shame.  However, I do not have it nearly as bad as some of my other blogger friends.  Recently, they have had entire blog entries (pictures, writing, etc) all lifted from their sites and regurgitated to a hack blog.   Read more about here.

Here are posts you may have missed this week. 

 We said Yes To Cucumbers!

I attempted to talk about perfume and about my journey finding out of the world of perfume.  Writing about fragrance is so much tougher than nail polish or makeup.  There are less visuals to work with, so you really have to be able to express what you want to say with words. 
 We had a fun Facebook Fans only contest!  Annette F. won a personalized set of fragrance samples from my collection.  Congrats Annette!

 Tomorrow is the last day to enter for our New Year's Giveaway.  It's been our biggest ever, but I'm so ready for our next one.  It's going to be legend.  Hint, what's silver, taupe, brown and discontinued.  Hit me on Twitter if you think you know the answer!

Enjoy your what's left of your weekend!  Can't wait to start a new week!