The Makeup Show LA / Photo Recap

Last weekend, I took an overnight trip to LA to attend The Makeup Show Los Angeles.  I love these trade shows to meet other makeup enthusiasts, attend the seminars, talk to industry experts, discover new lines and also browse through some favorite and to-be favorite makeup lines.   With over 75 brands, there was a lot of ground to cover.  Here are some photo highlights from my trip.

I'll post some photos of my haul and also some pictures from The Kevyn Aucoin exhibition.

Happy Friday! 



Harkudo Brushes

Harkudo Brushes
OCC pigments and glitters
Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics - Plastic Passion display
Make Up For Ever

Scene from one of the many seminars

Love the glitter beard.  Genius.

IMATS New York - Inglot Freedom System! Make Your Own Palette Mayhem!

Freedom System at the Inglot booth at IMATS!

One of the biggest and definitely most popular booth at IMATS was Inglot.  The line for Inglot never seemed to diminish throughout both days of the show.  The poor exhibitors working the booth must have seriously been exhausted by the end of the show.  I don't think they got a second of rest over the span of two days.

What everyone was waiting for was the Freedom System palettes.  It's Inglot's mix-match-make-your-own system.  You can create palettes with face powders, blushes, eyebrow cremes, eyebrow powders, creme concealers, lip colors and of course eyeshadows!!!!  I got in VERY early on Saturday and was actually the first person to make a palette at IMATS!  I made two 20 pan eyeshadow palettes.  The prices are going up in May, and with the 30% discount at the show, it was necessary to get forty eyeshadows!  The price of the 20 pan square eyeshadow palette at the show was $72 (regularly $95).

Face powders
Cream Concealer
Brown Collections - powders and cremes.
So many gorgeous shades!
Palettes can be made in round or square
This was the counter prior to anyone touching it!
Before long there would be a crowd swarming this stand!
 It was hard to pick only 40!
  My finished palettes!

If you missed IMATS, you can still order your palette online at  Try to buy now before the price increase in May!  But even with the increase, what you get for your $ is still a great value.

IMATS New York - Inglot Insanity at IMATS!

 Inglot at IMATS New York 2011

The largest and definitely the most in demand line featured at IMATS New York was unquestionably Inglot.  For those who are not familiar with Inglot, it's a Polish brand that has recently launched in the US a few years ago and only recently opened an online store.  They have been branching out in 2010, making headway with stores in Las Vegas, Southern California and a new studio in Chelsea Market, New York.  Inglot, the company, is over 20 years old.  The line boasts a huge range of shades and colors with a lot of products for personal and professional use.

Everyone was lining up to scope out products from Inglot.  One of the most popular items is their Freedom System palettes.  I will have another post shortly devoted only to the Freedom System.  They've recently launched a 20 pan eyeshadow palette, which is a must have from the line!

Luckily, I got in early on Saturday and was able to photograph the display before the mob set in. 

 Although the Freedom System offers a wide range of colors to choose from, Inglot carries more individual shades of eyeshadow in these round pans.
 Just want to swatch every shade.....
 These pans are huge!

 There are almost too many products to try!
 I love how pristine everything is!  (Though that did not last long.)
 Powders, foundations, oh my!
 Yep, that sign says 30% off!  Another reason to get to the trade shows!

The nail polish range is almost as impressive as the eyeshadows!

Have you had a chance to try Inglot yet?  Check out their website at

Michelle Williams At 83rd Annual Academy Awards - Makeup Tutorial Inspired by Michelle's Silvery Blue Undereye Liner Oscar Look!

Michelle's Oscar Night Look and My Inspired Version.

Close-up of Michelle's eyes.  More subtle use of silvery grey eyeliner.

My inspired look, a little more dramatic.  
We all can't have Chanel haute couture, so we gotta bling another way.

Here's another gorgeous look from Oscar night.  I love it when stars are brave enough to use color in their makeup for the red carpet.  Even though subtle, Michelle Williams wore a shimmering silver blue eyeliner on her bottom lashline.  I recreated a similar, but more dramatic look, here.

On my face, I am wearing Guerlain Parare Gold Radiance Foundation in 03 dusted with MAC Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder.  On cheeks, Chanel Joues Contraste in Rose Dust.  Lips MAC Kissable Lip Color in Enchantee mixed with Mehr lipstick.

 1. Prime eye with Nars Smudge Proof Eye Primer.
 2. Inglot Duraline + Sugarpill Lumi ChromaLust Loose Eyeshadow creates a luminous white, blue/green iridescent base to hold onto color all night.
 3. Add lid color.  I'm using MAC Eyeshadows in Waft and Gentle Fume.
 4. Highlight inner corners of the eyes with shimmering white.  I'm using Rondelle eyeshadow by MAC.
 5. Line the lower lashline thickly with a grey blue pencil.  I'm using Chanel Precision Eye Define in Denim.
 6. Line the outer 1/3 of the upper and lower waterline in a grey pencil.  I'm using Laura Mercier pencil eyeliner in Stormy Grey.
 7. Add MAC Reflects Pearl pigment to the lower lashline.  Use a solution like MAC Mixing Medium to help adhere these tiny glitters to the eye area.  (Remember to use caution and read labels when it comes to glitters.)
 8. Curl lashes and add mascara.  I'm using Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill.
 9.  Add false lashes and fill in eyebrows.  I used Bobbi Brown Gel Long Wear Eye Liner in Espresso Ink on my eyebrows.
A pretty look for your Blue Valentine.
Are there any Oscar winners or nominees that you haven't seen yet?  I have quite a few on my Netflix queue!

Inglot Freedom System Eyeshadow Palettes Swatches and Labels

My Freedom System Eyeshadow Palettes with homemade labels.

Since I started this blog, I have been raving about Inglot.  It took me until I left NYC, where I passed the store to and from work daily, to get into Inglot, which is now more difficult to get for me.  New stores across the country have popped up, but there isn't one close to my new location.  Like most of you, now I don't have easy access to Inglot.

Haven't heard of Inglot?  It's a Polish brand started over 20 years, but it is fairly recent to the US.  There are stores now in NYC, NJ, Las Vegas and Southern California.  Check Inglot's website for more info.  Inglot's website leaves a lot to be desired.  It's a global site, so it's not specific to the US.  It doesn't have prices or a lot of information on the products, but it does have pretty good visuals.  If you are not close to an Inglot store or can't make it to a trade show,  you can order by phone.

I decided to swatch the palettes that I currently have so if any of you are interested in their eyeshadows, you could maybe have some reference to work with.  There are quite a few finishes of Inglot shadows: AMC Shine, Matte, DS, Pearl.  The quality of these shadows is excellent.  They are pigmented, rich, buttery smooth and blend like a dream.  The Freedom System 10 Square palette is $50.  Each pan is HUGE (2.7g, 0.09oz each.  MAC eyeshadows 1.5 gram, 0.05 oz and $14.50 each!)  Big, big, big difference!  These eyeshadows are not only my new favorite formula, but they are also an amazing value.  I highly recommend checking these out!
DS 496, AMC Shine 08, AMC Shine 30, AMC Shine 463, DS501
AMC Shine 29, Matte 352, Matte 390, Matte 363, DS465
 AMC 50, DS 473, AMC Shine 41, AMC 60, AMC 51
AMC 58, Matte 388, DS 491, Matte 372, Matte 371
AMC 63, AMC 66, Matte 392, Pearl 412, Pearl 414
Matte 373, Pearl 446, AMC Shine 40, AMC Shine 17, AMC Shine 41
Now Inglot doesn't have a US online store yet, so you have to make phone orders.  The store at Garden State Plaza in New Jersey takes orders over the phone.  Email or call them at 201.843.8600.
Have you tried Inglot yet?  Is there an Inglot store in your area?  What would you put in your Freedom System? 

Happy New Year - 2011 Will Rock - A Look Back at 2010

Peace, Love, Beauty in 2011!

Happy New Year everyone!  Hope everyone's NYE was safe, happy and  most of all FUN!  We have a lot of high hopes for 2011. 

Not to dwell on the past, but we had to mention some of our favorite things from last year.  We are looking forward to all the exciting things in the world of beauty that 2011 has to offer.  We wish everyone the best this year.  Thank you so much for helping Beautyburg get off the ground in 2010, and we know that this is just the beginning of a really exciting future.  Beautyburg's New Year's Resolution is to try to be the best blog it can be!

So... Let's just revisit some of our favorite things from 2010.

These are in no particular order, and some products shown were not launched in 2010 but new to us that year.  For more detail click on the appropriate links to the reviews.

MAC Venomous Villains

E.L.F. HD Powder

OPI Shrek Collection - Fiercely Fiona on the right

Burberry - the makeup line

What were your favorite beauty items of 2010?  What are you looking forward to in 2011?  Do you have any beauty resolutions for 2011?

Inglot - My Freedom System Palettes Swatched

To continue my original post on Inglot (click here to view the intro), here are the palettes I created through their Freedom System. Warning PIC HEAVY!

Inglot Freedom System at their Times Square Store

My two palettes

This is one of the biggest sells! Tight, slim storage!

These magnets are super strong!

Other items that are available through the Freedom System.
I am interested in creating a brow powder and wax system!

My Haul (I also got lashes not pictured).

My neutral palette.

I wanted something that I could use as my go to for base shadows. I usually pick one bright or one smoky color and then look for neutrals to work with that one selected color.

The top right color is awesome. It's a sheer iridescent pink that will be awesome for mixing.

The top row of my neutral palette. You can see it's a mix of matte and shimmer.

The bottom row of my neutral palette. Mostly shimmer.

My "brights" palette.

Close up. Check out that GREEN!

Teal, purple, blue, yellow. I'm a happy camper.

Ka-Blam - look at this color payoff.

I wasn't even packing on the color. Very very very pigmented.

Now, just FYI, some of Inglot's eyeshadows do ***not*** come in the Freedom System. Some are sold individually as pans for $12 each, 2 grams and 0.07 oz. If you had seen my math breakdown in my intro post, you would know that each square of the 10 pan palette is 2.7 grams and 0.09 oz and costs $5 each (the palette is $50 for the 10 square). So unless you truly love the color, it doesn't really make sense in my opinion to buy these singles. This purple was just GORGEOUS, and I had to get it. Hard to find a purple like this that doesn't give you a bruised look.

Some more beautiful singles.

Here is the math breakdown again for Inglot Freedom System vs MAC:
Inglot Freedom System 10 square eyeshadow palette $50, $5 per eyeshadow, $55.55 per oz!
MAC eyeshadows $14.50 each for single or $11 for a pro pan, $290 or $220 per oz!

As of now, Inglot is open in Times Square and Las Vegas in the US. The makeup artist I spoke at the store said that they were opening locations at Garden State Plaza Mall in Paramus, NJ and another store in Soho, NYC. I'm glad to see Inglot expanding, as I am really starting to fall in love with their line.

Bummer is you can't order on their website, but the girls at the Time Square store are happy to take phone orders if you are interested.

Inglot - An Introduction! Freedom System A First Look!

Eyeshadows in squares and rounds.

Have you guys heard of Inglot? I have posted about some of their nail polishes in the past (click here to see their flakies). They carry a 4 flakie top coats in their permanent line. So if you missed Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure's Hidden Treasure, try Inglot. 202-205 are the Flakies (don't see 205 on the website but it was definitely in store in Times Square last week).

I had seen their flagship open when I still lived in NYC, but I hadn't heard much about them from makeup forums like Specktra or MUA. I discovered their nail polishes and fell in love, but I was late to discover their AWESOME makeup. While I was back in NYC last week, I decided to pick up some stuff. Not only is their makeup ah-mah-zing quality (definitely on par with other makeup artist lines like MAC or Make Up For Ever), but the price is definitely wallet friendly! See my math break down below.

Meet the Freedom System by Inglot.
A do-it-yourself, pick-your-palette of eyeshadows, face powders, lipsticks, creme concealers, blushes, brow powder and brow waxes.
Palettes come in squares and rounds of 5, 4, 2, 10.

Here are the two palettes I made. Look how cool!
These magnetized palettes can be stacked on top of each other!

I will be swatching these on a later post.
Warning: I hope you love brights. Huge color pay-off! Yay!

10 eyeshadows for $50?!
The pan size is 2.7 gram, 0.09 oz.
MAC single eyeshadows are 1.5 gram, 0.05 oz and $14.50 each!

Inglot Freedom System 10 square eyeshadow palette $50, $5 per eyeshadow, $55.55 per oz!
MAC eyeshadows $14.50 each for single or $11 for a pro pan, $290 or $220 per oz!

George Michael would totally approve.

Flakies Comparison - Part 1

Being relatively new the nails, the memory of seeing my first flakie nail polish is still fresh in my mind. I remember seeing Nfu Oh! spam on MUA and then frantically googling the words "flakie" "nail polish." That is the short story I discovered Scrangie and all the other wonderful nail blogs which I now check religiously. I stared endlessly at the irregularly shaped iridescence, and I fell in love. I will be posting more photos of other flakies in my stash, but here is a start for now.

Inglot 202, Inglot 205, Nfu Oh 40, Urban Outfitters White Sparkle 2

Nubar Opulent Pearl vs. Nubar 2010
Nubar Opulent Pearl is a sheer milky white base with rainbow colored flakies. Nubar 2010 is a red/orange iridescence.

Left to right: Urban Outfitters White Sparkle 2, Nubar Opulent Pearl, Nubar 2010, Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure, Nfu Oh! 40, Inglot 202, Inglot 205