The Makeup Show LA / Photo Recap

Last weekend, I took an overnight trip to LA to attend The Makeup Show Los Angeles.  I love these trade shows to meet other makeup enthusiasts, attend the seminars, talk to industry experts, discover new lines and also browse through some favorite and to-be favorite makeup lines.   With over 75 brands, there was a lot of ground to cover.  Here are some photo highlights from my trip.

I'll post some photos of my haul and also some pictures from The Kevyn Aucoin exhibition.

Happy Friday! 



Harkudo Brushes

Harkudo Brushes
OCC pigments and glitters
Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics - Plastic Passion display
Make Up For Ever

Scene from one of the many seminars

Love the glitter beard.  Genius.

Make Up For Ever 12 Flash Color Case - Swatches, Photos and Review - Do You Have An Inner Artist?

Make Up For Ever 12 Flash Color Case
This is a carte blanche on makeup artistry imagination.

Whether you are a serious makeup artist or just a makeup lover who likes to play, you need this.  Make Up For Ever 12 Flash Color Case is a kit of 12 cream color bases that virtually leaves you with an open invitation into explore your makeup imagination.  Even if it's something simple like darkening a lipgloss or creating an eyeshadow base, this kit empowers me to feel creative and inspires me to dig deep into my artist side.

This isn't a kit that you use for a five minute face.  While the posibilities for what can be done with these 12 little colors is almost limitless, you will need to allow yourself time to play with this.  The products here require mixing, blending, thinning, sheering, sealing, etc.  If you feel stumped as to how to use this, here are some simple examples: eyeliner, eye shadow base, cream blush, lipstick, foundation corrector, face painting,  lipgloss corrector, highlighter, etc.  Please leave a comment below if you would like to see posts on different ways to use this kit.  I would definitely be up for the challenge!

Some may not use the value in something that you can't just grab to put a look together.  Yes, this is a pricey product, but I see the value of this kit in two places.  First, the cream color bases themselves are superb.  Thick, extremely pigmented, soft and creamy in texture.  These creams are extremely smooth upon application and rich in color.   I would be surprised if someone, other than a very active pro, could use this whole thing.  A little goes a super long way.  This is high quality stuff here!  Everything is blendable, layerable, mixable.  The second reason for value is the infinite number of uses for these colors.  Lips, eyes, face, cheeks, body.  Dream it and with time, tools and maybe a little water or mixing mediums, it can happen.

There is a reason that this falls out of stock so often at SephoraMUFE 12 Flash Color Case is an amazing and inspiring product for any makeup lover.

These metallic shades are intense!
Need to color correct a lipstick?  Try adding some of these.
The black is insanely dark.
Notice that some colors are not meant to be used on lips or eyes.  Patch test! 
Swatched on NC35.  Utterly pigmented.
 Two looks I created with MUFE's 12 Flash Color Case based on Black Swan.  For full detail on the looks, click here.

To Review:
Make Up For Ever 12 Flash Color Case is $95 for 70g, 2.46oz at and the MUFE studio in NYC, (212) 925-9548.
Pro: The possibilities are limitless.  High quality products that have unlimited uses.  Can offer quick fixes for everyday makeup needs.
Con: Pricey.  Often OOS at Sephora and a wait to get it.  More of an artist tool.  May be a little intimidating (but seriously get over and get this product.  You will have so much fun playing with it.)
Overall Beautyburg Rating: A

What would you do with the 12 Flash Color Case? Would you like to see some posts on how to use this product?