Orly Cosmic FX - Space Cadet

I have been in a love affair with Orly recently. Cosmic FX has seriously blown my mind on a brand, that I always assumed was more conservative in colors. Space Cadet is a galaxy of so many colors. In some lights it's just a deep purple, violet. At other times, it looks olive green and gold.

I had so much fun photographing this shade. When reviewing the photos, it was surprising to see the spectrum of shades that came in different lightings. Sorry if I went overboard on the photos, but Space Cadet seriously has no "bad side." It's so beautiful from every angle. Very, very back-up worthy.

In sunny shade, gold and purple are dominant.

Detail of the bottle and the texture on the nail.

Seriously mesmerizing!

Direct sunlight, very purple in this shot.

Daylight: green to purple with gold caught in between.

Daylight, at this angle the green seems more dominant.

The different shimmering effects are highlighted here. I cannot stop photographing this polish.

The spectrum of green, gold, purple. Can you believe this is all 1 polish?

Thanks for looking! :)