$1.99 For An Eyeshadow Isn't Just Once Upon A Time - Essence Fairytale Eyeshadow in Fairy Berry and Humpty Dumpty

 Essence Fairytale Eyeshadow in Fairy Berry and Humpty Dumpty.

So for all my European friends who pout when we US girls flaunt our Wet N' Wild hauls, all you have to say is one word to throw the beauty bargain trump card back in our faces: "Essence."

Essence products are so cute and fun, and most importantly cheap!  Ulta carries some products, but their stock, or at least in the stores by me, are rather limited.  When I see a display, I ravage it.

That's exactly what I did recently when I saw the Fairytale limited edition collection display at my local Ulta.  I purchased 2 eyeshadows, 1 gloss, 4 nail polishes and 1 glitter eyeliner.  The eyeshadows are just such pretty fairy shades.  This soft purple and steely silver don't looked muddy on the eye.  What I like about these shades is that they are soft, girly and totally say spring without being pastel. 

 Fairy Berry and Humpty Dumpty.
  Fairy Berry and Humpty Dumpty.
 Fairy Berry - a shimmering cool grey purple with silver sparkle.
 Humpty Dumpty - a shiny grey steel silver.
Fairy Berry and Humpty Dumpty
 The display.

Essence Fairytale Eyeshadows are limited edition and available at Ulta stores.

Spring Flowers Inspired Makeup Tutorial - Anemone EOTD

 My Anemone inspired look.
 Did you know there are more than 150+ species of Anemone!?

Hi everyone!  Happy Monday!  It rained most of last week here, and I'm itching for sunny weather.  I decided to post this spring flower inspired makeup tutorial to brighten my day (and hopefully yours too).  Anemone are such beautiful flowers.  I love how they have so much variation in size, style, color.  I also love how they are so simple in composition but can have intricate differences in shades.  While researching for this tutorial, I had a hard time deciding on what color to pick because there are so many.  My local farmers market has some of the best flowers, and it was almost impossible to pick only one bunch of these gorgeous flowers.
 The products I used!  All by Sugarpill Cosmetics.
 1. After applying primer, I put a base of MAC Soft Ochre Paint Pot.
 2. Then I applied Sugarpill Weekender ChromaLust Loose Eyeshadow on the lid.
 3. Then I took Tako, a white matte pressed eyeshadow by Sugarpill, and used it at the bottom of the lid and sweeped to the corners near the tear ducts.
 4. I brushed Poison Plum, a deep violet pressed eyeshadow with slight shimmer, creating a faux crease.
 5. I bring Poison Plum to the outer corners of my eye creating a long 7 shape from the corner of the eye over the lid.
 6. Blend, blend, blend.  Bring down Tako to the lower lashline.
 7. Using a black eyeliner, I line the waterline and do a soft cat eye towards the outer corners.
 8. I smudge the black pencil down to the outer third of the lower lashline.
 9. I used Maybelline Unstoppable Highlighter in Fluffy Cloud, a matte white,  to line the inner corner of the lower waterline.
 10. Mascara and eyebrows!  I am using Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill.
 You are done!  A spring inspired purple eye.

 I would wear this look in the day time.  Or maybe if I'm lucky enough, on a date with my hubs.
Happy Monday!!!!

All the Sugarpill products used here are available at www.sugarpillshop.com.  MAC Paint Pot in Soft Ochre is available at MAC counters nationwide, and Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill Mascara is available at nordstrom.com.

What are some of your favorite spring flowers?  Or for any season?  I am still waiting for lilacs here!  Mmmm I love those!

My Eyebrows Are Nuts For Nars Coconut Grove Single Eyeshadow

 Nars Coconut Grove Single Eyeshadow

Now, my eyebrows can be summed up in one word: pathetic.  They are sparse, thin, flimsy and with no strong, natural defining shape.  I grew up in the 90's and wanted to have Cindy Crawford eyebrows (and mole too).

So with that said, I have always had to fill in my brows, and I'm always on the look out for my favorite eyebrow filler.  For a while I used MAC's eyebrow pencil in Lingering, which is a very taupe.  Then I moved onto MAC's eyeshadow in Espresso.  I also have used products from Anastasia's line.  However, I was always looking for that perfect brown that was dark, but not too dark, without any red in it.

Then came Coconut Grove.  Now $23 is more than I like to pay for a single eyeshadow, but when you consider how little you need to use to fill in both brows, I don't mind shelling out the cash.  Coconut Grove launched with Nars' Fall 2010 collection, but thankfully this dark brown matte taupe is perm!  It always makes a great liner when used wet.

 This shape is uber pigmented!
Simple eye with Coconut Grove on the brows.

NARS Coconut Grove Single Eyeshadow is $23 for 0.07oz, 2.2g and is available at Sephora.com and Narscosmetics.com.

Estée Lauder Pure Color EyeShadow in Emerald Star - Greens for March Madness - Swatches and Photos

Estée Lauder Pure Color EyeShadow in Emerald Star

Tom Pecheux has done everything right for Estée Lauder.  I love it when brands  incorporate artists not only for name recognition but for brand direction and collaboration.  Estée Lauder has always been a trusted brand, but since adding Tom Pecheux as Creative Makeup Director, I definitely find that there is a stronger artistic presence in the products.

Pure Color EyeShadows were one of the first new launches of products that came out under the direction of Mr. Pecheux last summer.  The first thing I had noticed when I swatched them was an improved quality and texture.  These are really silky and smooth, not to mention actually pigmented! I also liked the departure from the blue plastic packaging.  The luxe gold cover on the case gave it a rich feeling.  Overall, a big improvement.

Here is one of my favorite green eyeshadows in my collection.  This is Estée Lauder Pure Color EyeShadow in Emerald StarEmerald Star is a shimmering deep forest green that works so beautifully wet as an eyeliner, dry as setting shade for your eyeliner or on your crease.  This color creates a sultry, sexy green smoky eye for when you want something other than black.

At $20 for 2.1g, 0.07oz is borderline for what I would like to pay for a single eyeshadow, but this one is pretty special to me.  And I have not regretted my purchase.

Emerald Star.
Swatched on finger.

Estée Lauder Pure Color EyeShadow in Emerald Star is $20 for 2.1g, 0.07oz and available nationwide at Estée Lauder counters or at esteelauder.com.

What are your favorite green eyeshadows?  Have you tried these eyeshadows from Estée Lauder?

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!! Part 2 - Four Leaf Clover Painted Face Tutorial!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  EOTD + Clover!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!   To compliment my St. Patty's Day EOTD, here is a tutorial on face-painting clovers or really any shape.  A really fun, easy way to stencil cute shapes for you or kids on your face.

Tools for your stencil.  Put scotch tape, overlapping the panels, onto a piece of wax paper.  This will make it easy to peel off.
Draw your desired shape on the tape.  I drew a series of clovers, but you could really draw anything.  You can make them bigger for your cheeks. 
 Cut out your shapes. 
 Here are the products I used.  See the step by step for details.
 Peel the tape off the wax paper. 
 Apply the stencil to the face (cheek, eye, lip, whatever). 
Once the stencil is on, make sure it's adhered to skin without any gaps or lifts.  Paint on your base color.  I am using MAC Fluidline Ivy, a bright kelly green with no shimmer.  Fill in the shapes.  Don't worry about staying within the lines.  The stencil helps protect the rest of your face and eye makeup.
 After you've filled in the base color, tap on your pigments and glitter.  Have fun with this part!  Try mixing different shades.  I used Sugarpill ChromaLust Loose Eyeshadow in Tipsy and MAC Antique Green.  Then I dusted Make Up For Ever Diamond Powder on top.  The stencil helps prevent fallout.
 Peel away and viola!  A pretty painted shape.  You could do this freehand without the stencil, but the stencil helps with fallout and keeps the edges clean.  Also you can really have fun shading your shape.  Look at the color variation on the four leaf clover! 
 Now you're ready for a St. Patty's Celebration!
What are you doing for St. Patrick's Day?
Try this technique with kids!  They will love the face painting and using "grown-up" makeup.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!! Part 1 - Irish Green Eye Look EOTD

St. Patrick's Day EOTD!
Happy St. Patty's everyone!  Whether you plan on drowning in green beer or are just staying in (like me), here's a fun and light green eye look to help celebrate. 

This look is actually Part 1 of 2.  The second part I will be doing a little face painting for those feeling extra festive.  Whether it's for yourself or for kids, it's just something fun to add to festivities.
1. Prime your eye.  I'm using MAC Paint Pot in Painterly.
 2. Use a lighter green on the lid.  I'm using Fyrinnae's Prince Charming.
 3. Then I put a slight deeper green at the crease.  I'm using Sugarpill ChromaLust Loose Eyeshadow in Tipsy.
 4. Then I highlighted the browbone.  I'm using MAC Vapor.
 6. I sealed the gel liner with MAC Pigment in Antique Green and applied a little to the bottom lashline.  Curled eyelashes and added mascara.  Fill in brows.
 Happy St. Patrick's Day!

What do you guys do today?  Corned beef?  Avoid all bars?  Parade?

Sugarpill Burning Heart Palette - Addicted To Pretty!! Photos, Swatches and Review

My Burning Heart Palette. 

Should I call my doctor? I think I'm hooked on Sugarpill.  Every time I try a product from their line, I just get blown away.  I wish all my eyeshadows were like this.  Their pigmentation is stupendous, and it just puts other eyeshadows to shame.  Their quality really sets the bar for me now. 

I know it doesn't fit with the concept of the line, but I wish Sugarpill would make all kinds of shades, including neutrals.  Just to show other companies how it's done.

I recently picked up Sugarpill's Burning Heart palette from their Birthday sale (Happy Bday btw!).  I was giddy with joy when the package arrive.  Amy, aka Shrinkle, puts so much thought into every detail of your Sugarpill experience.  The box had an adorable kitten on it, and inside it was filled with bright pink tissue, a nice card featuring two models adorned in Sugarpill, a glitter sticker and my adorable purchases!

Love this packaging.

Flamepoint - orange olé!  Such a bold and bright orange.  This color does not disappoint.  It's a ridiculous, rich matte orange.  I can't wait to create a tropical sunset look with this color.

Buttercupcake - Usually yellows you really have to pack on to have any sort of color pay-off.  But not this one.  This tasty yellow is so sunny and bright!  It was great to see a  yellow with so much pay-off.

Love+ - This is a red alert red!  I know it seems as if I'm a broken record, but I have to say again... these colors are SO pigmented.  This shade has a hint of shimmer, but I wouldn't call it a shimmer or frost shade.  There is such an intensity to this shade.

Poison Plum - Now, compared to other eyeshadows by other companies, this is pigmented, but in comparison to the other colors of this palette it is definitely a little less intense.  However, it still has excellent color payoff.  I have been using this shade quite a bit recently.  It works well with my Sweetheart palette too.  See the review of that one here.

I knew I would be pleased with my purchase, but the shock of color from these shades (especially the orange, red and yellow) just added to my delight.  If you love brights, you need this.  'Nuff said.

Swatches!  Ridiculous!
How would you pair these shade?  What kind of look would you create?
Sugarpill's Burning Heart Palette is $34 for 4g, 0.14oz x 4 and available at sugarpillshop.com

Wet n' Wild Color Icon Trio in Silent Treatment Eyeshadow Palette - Swatches, Photos, EOTD

Don't give me the Silent Treatment.

I am LOVING these Wet n' Wild eyeshadows.  $2.99 for some seriously beautiful and quality shades.  My coffee usually costs more than this.  Silent Treatment is another fabulous trio recently released by Wet n' Wild.  This set holds a soft pale shimmery shade for highlight, a sparkly black for liner  and a soft taupe-y grey for the lid.  This is a great everyday trio.

I'm going to stash this set at my desk at work.  These shades would go with any outfit, and I can easily use these colors to create a smoky look if I'm headed out after a day at the office.  I love how I can afford to buy two.  :)

Actually, please *do* give me the Silent Treatment.
EOTD.  MAC Dark Diversion Fluidline as eyeliner with the black shade on top (why it seems slightly burgundy).

Love this for everyday.
Are you getting enough of these Wet n' Wild eyeshadows?  I need more!

Silent Treatment Color Icon Trio is available at Walgreens, CVS and mass retailers nationwide.  $2.99 for 3.5g, 0.12oz.

Sakura Collaboration - Spring Cherry Blossom Eye Makeup Tutorial with Sugarpill Cosmetics

My finished sakura-themed look.  

I am thrilled about today's post.  Anna of Fenua Beauté and I were gushing about our love for Sugarpill cosmetics and had previously discussed how we are weak in the knees for any makeup product with incoperating the theme of sakura.  So, we decided over Twitter to collaborate to do a sakura-themed FOTD on our respective blogs using our favorite Sugarpill products.

In Anna's look, she paints delicate petals on the corners of her eyes.  Click here to see her look.  She looks ethereal!

I wanted to paint the actual blossoms on my face and extend the shadow to the hairline.  I think it would be awesome to bring this look to the next level and make it uber kawaii and outrageous.  But I wanted it to be somewhat wearable for most folks.  You can make this look more subtle by not taking the shadow out as far and limited the blossoms to one (or none). 

The Sugarpill products used.
See the step-by-step for details.  Above are Tiara (silver), Lumi (white) and Paperdoll (purple) loose eyeshadows.  The palette is 4-Color Palette in Sweetheart.  I used Dollipop and Tako pressed eyeshadows.  All products are available at sugarpillshop.com.  If you want to see a review of them, click here for the Sweetheart palette and here for ChromaLust Loose Eyeshadows.

Step 1: After you have put on your face makeup, prime your eye area (lid, undereye and to the temple) with an eyeshadow primer.  I used Nars Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Primer.
Step 2: To create a base, I mixed Inglot Duraline with Lumi ChromaLust Loose Eyeshadow.  Lumi is an irisdescent white with blue and green shimmer.  It is very sheer and makes a nice base for the eyelid.
Step 2 (cont'd): Cover the entire lid to the brow with this base.  Also apply to the lower lash line.  This will help hold color.
Step 3: Apply Dollipop at the crease.  Blend upwards.  Pack on extra color at the center of the eye for a pop of pink.
Step 3 (cont'd): Blend upwards and to the start of the eyebrow, creating a sort of Y shape.  Don't worry if this looks weird now.  You'll blend and mix later to soften edges and bring the look together.
Step 4: Where Dollipop ends, take Paperdoll and blend to soften the line.  Extend outwards towards the temple.
Step 4 (cont'd): Blend outwards towards to temple.
 Step 4 (cont'd): Keep going.... all the way to the hairline.
Step 5: Take a larger blending brush and dip in Dollipop.  From the hairline in circular motions create soft clouds of color towards the eye.
Step 6: With the same brush, dip in Tako and blend towards the eye.  Don't be afraid to go above the eyebrows or onto the tops of the cheekbone.
Step 7: Take Tiara on a clean brush and highlight the eyebrow and the inner corners of the eye, near the tear duct.  Using the same brush, apply Tako to the inner corners of the eye.
 Step 8: Blend Tiara to the eyeshadow in the temple.  Blend to make everything cohesive, but don't over-blend to muddle the colors.
Step 9: Line the waterline.  I used Stila Smudge Stick in Lionfish, a shimmering brown, vs. a black to keep the look soft.
Step 10: Line the bottom waterline with a white pencil.  I'm using Maybelline Unstoppable Eyeliner in Fluffy Cloud, a limited edition shade for Spring 2011.
Step 11: Apply top lashes.
Step 12: Apply bottom lashes for an extra doll-like look.  Define your brows.
Step 13: The fun part!  Painting the blossoms.  I'm using creme colors from Make Up For Ever's 12 Flash Color Case.  I mixed the white and fuchsia shades together to create the petals.
Step 13 (cont'd): Obviously, I'm not going for perfection here!  The petals can be more blobs, and then go in with another color to define.
Step 13 (cont'd): The smaller the brush the better.
Pretty petals!
Sakura! Spring is here!
Right eye (blossoms here are dotted with yellow and silver).
Go large or small on the petals.  No reason to just stop at 3.  Go above the eyebrow or onto the cheeks!

Thanks Anna for collaborating with me on this super fun project!  I had a great time doing it, and I hope it's one of many!

Do you like cherry blossoms?  Do go anywhere to see them? 

Wet n' Wild Color Icon Trio in I'm Getting Sunburned Eyeshadow Palette - Swatches, Photos, EOTD

I'm Getting Sunburned Eyeshadow Trio from Wet n' Wild.

Do you like hunting?  I do.  Of course, I'm talking about tracking down makeup and beauty items.  Sometimes there is such a rush in the thrill of the hunt.  Then you feel such a rush when you finally get the item you are looking for.

That's what it was like with these new Wet n' Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Trios.  I have beens scouring my local drugstores for weeks, and I finally ran into them at a Walgreens recently.  I was PSYCHED! 

This eyeshadow trio was worth the hunt.  The shadows were very smooth and creamy.  There was a slight fallout issue with the darkest shade, but I find dark formulas with tiny micro glitters (like the Nars night series) just tend to have fallout.  So when you apply on your brush make sure to shake off any excess.  Other than that, these applied very well and were on par with many department store brands.  Best part...?  This palette is $2.99.
 I'm Getting Sunburned Trio holds a frosty cool pink, a shimmering brown black with pink shimmer and a sparkling warm copper gold.
 Here is a soft EOTD with I'm Getting Sunburned.
 Can you believe this look cost less than a latte?

I definitely want more of these Wet n' Wild Color Icon eyeshadow trios!  I have one more that I purchased with this one, but I will definitely be back to Walgreens for more.  Have you tried these yet?

Wet n' Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Trio in I'm Getting Sunburned is $2.99 for 3.5g, 0.12oz and available at drugstores nationwide.

RMK Spring Shimmer 2011 Haul and Swatches

RMK Spring Shimmer Collection for Spring 2011.  
I rocked this look in the 80's.  Flammable windbreak and all.
My RMK haul!  Thanks Hubs!

A quick word on Japanese makeup.  Don't we love things we can't have?  Thinking about hard to get items sometimes make me want them so much more.  If you saw my post about Japanese magazines over the weekend, I just have a soft spot for some of these lines.  I love the colors and textures, and usually the packaging is just adorable.  However, one thing that has turned me off in recent years is the price.  Japanese makeup in general just tends to be more expensive than in the US.  Also with the exchange rate and the weakened dollar, it's easier to appreciate the things you have at home. 

But I was delighted when my husband brought back a haul for me from his recent trip to Taiwan.  It was really thoughtful of him!  Here are some of the items he picked out which are from RMK's spring collection.

RMK Ingenious Powder Eyes in SH-08 Shiny Gray.  A shimmering blue grey.
RMK Ingenious Powder Eyes in ME-01 Metallic Silver. A chunky silvery white.
RMK Ingenious Powder Eyes in SH-01 Shiny Brown Gold.
RMK Ingenious Powder Eyes in ME-02 Metallic Gold. A chunky light gold.
Crayon & Powder Eyes new for Spring 2011 in 02.  Here's the crayon side.
Crayon & Powder Eyes new for Spring 2011 in 02.  Here's the powder side. 

I was surprised that this was the most expensive item from the haul.  I definitely don't think it's worth the $50+ that it translate into (and neither did my hub).  But the green is so pretty, and I can already think of quite a few uplifting possibilities for spring looks!

Swatches.  Click to enlarge.

Left to right: Crayon and Power, SH-08 Shiny Grey, ME-01 Metallic Silver, SH-01 Shiny Brown Gold, ME-02 Metallic Gold.

RMK is available in Asia, but for those in the US and worldwide, try Ichibanko.com which accepts PayPal.

Congrats to Our Shu Uemura ME Silver 945 Eyeshadow Winner!

 This discontinued gem now belongs to one lucky winner!

Hi everyone!  Thank you everyone who participated in this giveaway!  I am so thankful for you guys and want to let you know you know that you make every day brighter for me.

For me, this was something that was really personal and from my collection that I wanted to share with my fellow makeup addict readers.  I knew that you guys would know what a little treasure this tiny little shadow is.  I know they say one woman's old discontinued eyeshadow is another woman's precious backup she will never let go of.... so I know you know.  Thanks for participating and I wish I had more to give out.   But of course, there can only be one winner......

I know it says Julie but the winner is Alexandra S.  Check your email boo!  You are the winner of Shu Uemura ME Silver 945 Eyeshadow!  Enjoy this icon!

Don't worry if you didn't win this one!  There is another giveaway coming soon!

Lancome Ombre Magnétique Eyeshadow from Ultra Lavande Spring 2011

Do you have a passion for purples?  Ultra-Lavande Ombre Magnétique.

So what elements of a makeup collection equate to excitement?  I think there are a few elements that add to the formula.  1. The packaging - Yes, I know you're not supposed to judge a book (or blush for that matter) by its cover, but it does add to the "want-it" factor.  2.  The colors -the shades has to compliment the seasonality and the concept, but also be eye-catching enough to inspire the ooohs and ahhhs. 3.  The products - they have to be good and perform.  Add these bits together and you get wantzzz it!

Lancome Ultra Lavande Collection for Spring 2011.

Here is Lancome Ultra Lavande Collection.  It perfectly equaled makeup collection excitement for me.   The packaging is to die for.  I love colors and one product stood out for me.

Aaron de Mey was inspired by Chez Régine's in Paris, a night club covered with silver and gold mirrors. Ombre Magnétique eyeshadow is meant to catch light like a disco ball.   I can't wait to do a pretty lavender look with this eyeshadow.   Leave a comment below if you have any suggestions for pairings.

Spectacular Sparkle - Extremely Long Wear Crease-Resistant.

This was very similar to some limited edition eyeshadows from Giorgio Armani that were released for holiday 2010.  See the review for them here.  I was impressed by the new technology in the formula.  It was literally something that I had never seen before!  These eyeshadows were a hybrid of wet/dry, cream/pressed eyeshadow.  The overall result was saturated color and smooth, long-wearing application.  Now Lancome repeats its version of those eyeshadow.  Lancome's version, Ombre Magnétique, are limited edition and available in four shade. These are slightly dryer.  Eyes to Kill Eyeshadows are  4g 0.14oz each at $32 ($228.5 per oz), and the Lancome is slightly cheaper at $25 for 3.5g, 0.12oz ($208.33 per oz).

Ingredients.  What makes it so vibrant?
Swatches: dry and wet with MAC Mixing Medium.
Lancome Ombre Magnétique  is $25 for 3.5g, 0.12oz and is available in three shades is available at lancome-usa.com and at Lancome counters nationwide.

Inglot Freedom System Eyeshadow Palettes Swatches and Labels

My Freedom System Eyeshadow Palettes with homemade labels.

Since I started this blog, I have been raving about Inglot.  It took me until I left NYC, where I passed the store to and from work daily, to get into Inglot, which is now more difficult to get for me.  New stores across the country have popped up, but there isn't one close to my new location.  Like most of you, now I don't have easy access to Inglot.

Haven't heard of Inglot?  It's a Polish brand started over 20 years, but it is fairly recent to the US.  There are stores now in NYC, NJ, Las Vegas and Southern California.  Check Inglot's website for more info.  Inglot's website leaves a lot to be desired.  It's a global site, so it's not specific to the US.  It doesn't have prices or a lot of information on the products, but it does have pretty good visuals.  If you are not close to an Inglot store or can't make it to a trade show,  you can order by phone.

I decided to swatch the palettes that I currently have so if any of you are interested in their eyeshadows, you could maybe have some reference to work with.  There are quite a few finishes of Inglot shadows: AMC Shine, Matte, DS, Pearl.  The quality of these shadows is excellent.  They are pigmented, rich, buttery smooth and blend like a dream.  The Freedom System 10 Square palette is $50.  Each pan is HUGE (2.7g, 0.09oz each.  MAC eyeshadows 1.5 gram, 0.05 oz and $14.50 each!)  Big, big, big difference!  These eyeshadows are not only my new favorite formula, but they are also an amazing value.  I highly recommend checking these out!
DS 496, AMC Shine 08, AMC Shine 30, AMC Shine 463, DS501
AMC Shine 29, Matte 352, Matte 390, Matte 363, DS465
 AMC 50, DS 473, AMC Shine 41, AMC 60, AMC 51
AMC 58, Matte 388, DS 491, Matte 372, Matte 371
AMC 63, AMC 66, Matte 392, Pearl 412, Pearl 414
Matte 373, Pearl 446, AMC Shine 40, AMC Shine 17, AMC Shine 41
Now Inglot doesn't have a US online store yet, so you have to make phone orders.  The store at Garden State Plaza in New Jersey takes orders over the phone.  Email GSP@inglotusa.com or call them at 201.843.8600.
Have you tried Inglot yet?  Is there an Inglot store in your area?  What would you put in your Freedom System? 

R U RCR? Red Carpet Ready? Stila E! Live From The Red Carpet Glamour Goddess Palette - Photos, Review and Swatches

Stila E! Live from the Red Carpet set in Glamour Goddess.

Want to be red carpet ready?  Whether it's for a party, a night out, a night in or just doing errands, we always want to look beautiful and glamorous.  But to be red carpet ready (RCR from now on), most celebs have an entire entourage to look good, but people like you and me have a team of me, myself and I.  However, in the famous words of Tim Gunn, we make it work

Stila E! Live from the Red Carpet Collection consists of three limited edition palettes exclusively for Ulta.  Each set is valued at over $100 but retails for $25.  Not a bad price considering what you get.  Glamour Goddess comes with a full sized Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner in Lionfish, a bronze brown with copper shimmer, which is normally $20.

Getting RCR is pretty easy with these shimmery neutrals.  The eyeshadows are pretty and smooth in texture.  I think they would work with most skin tones and for natural or dramatic looks.  The eyeliner helps take the look from day to night.  Kitten, all over shimmer, is a pretty shimmer, but a little too frosty for me.   Glamour is one of Stila's famous convertible colors for lips and cheeks in a pretty azalea shade.  I have never been a fan of palettes that mix powders and creams in the same area.  Powder gets stuck in the cream, and it gets all gunky.  But overall, the value outweighs that minor fault. 

Are you red carpet ready?

6 eyeshadows, 1 shimmer powder, 1 convertible color and 1 eyeliner. 

Eyeshadows, a mix of shimmer and matte shades.

Eye Shadow shades include:
- Glitz - pale golden beige, base shade
- On the List - pearly beige, lid shade
- Golden - warm gold, liner shade
- Flash - light peach with shimmer, base shade
- Star - bronzy peach, lid shade
- Glam - deep bronze, liner shade

Getting radiant.
Getting cheeky.

The palette also includes:
- All Over Shimmer Powder in Kitten
- Convertible Color in Glamour
- Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner in Lionfish

Get RCR!
Love this liner.
Super pigmented.  I will review this in Stingray (the black shade) later.
 These are super long lasting.  Look for an upcoming review.

So if you want to get, RCR on a budget, you may want to check these out Stila E! Live From The Red Carpet sets for $25.  They are available at www.stilacosmetics.com and at Ulta stores.

Win A Legend! Shu Uemura ME SILVER 945 Pressed Eye Shadow Giveaway!

I am beyond thrilled to bring you Beautyburg's next giveaway contest.  Our last giveaway was epic in size, but this one is one for the books.  I am giving away something that some makeup fanatics would never ever dream of giving up.  Here is your chance to win Shu Uemura's ME SILVER 945 Pressed Eye Shadow.  Yes, that Shu ME SILVER 945.  Yes, the original one that was discontinued when Shu introduced their new packaging.  Yes, that silvery taupe beige that looks brown, silver, grey depending on the light.  Yes, that ME Silver 945 eyeshadow that would go on Evilbay for hundreds of dollars after it disappeared off the shelves.  Yes, that one and only Shu Uemura ME Silver 945 that has now become a legend.

Now is your chance to win a new, never used piece of makeup history......  Fill out the form below to enter!  All you need to do is enter your email.  There are other options you can do to spread the word to increase your chances to win.  I hope you have fun with it and good luck to everyone! 

Why do companies always discontinue the best stuff?

As always, open to international friends.  You must be 18 to enter.  1 entry per person.  Please try to only fill out the form once.

Contest runs through February 28th, 2011 at 11:59pm PST.  Winner will be announced March 1, 2011 and will have 48 hours to claim their prize.

I hope you guys are as excited about this as me!  What's your favorite discontinued item?  Have you ever tried this eyeshadow before?  Or have you just heard the myth?


Make Up For Ever 12 Flash Color Case - Swatches, Photos and Review - Do You Have An Inner Artist?

Make Up For Ever 12 Flash Color Case
This is a carte blanche on makeup artistry imagination.

Whether you are a serious makeup artist or just a makeup lover who likes to play, you need this.  Make Up For Ever 12 Flash Color Case is a kit of 12 cream color bases that virtually leaves you with an open invitation into explore your makeup imagination.  Even if it's something simple like darkening a lipgloss or creating an eyeshadow base, this kit empowers me to feel creative and inspires me to dig deep into my artist side.

This isn't a kit that you use for a five minute face.  While the posibilities for what can be done with these 12 little colors is almost limitless, you will need to allow yourself time to play with this.  The products here require mixing, blending, thinning, sheering, sealing, etc.  If you feel stumped as to how to use this, here are some simple examples: eyeliner, eye shadow base, cream blush, lipstick, foundation corrector, face painting,  lipgloss corrector, highlighter, etc.  Please leave a comment below if you would like to see posts on different ways to use this kit.  I would definitely be up for the challenge!

Some may not use the value in something that you can't just grab to put a look together.  Yes, this is a pricey product, but I see the value of this kit in two places.  First, the cream color bases themselves are superb.  Thick, extremely pigmented, soft and creamy in texture.  These creams are extremely smooth upon application and rich in color.   I would be surprised if someone, other than a very active pro, could use this whole thing.  A little goes a super long way.  This is high quality stuff here!  Everything is blendable, layerable, mixable.  The second reason for value is the infinite number of uses for these colors.  Lips, eyes, face, cheeks, body.  Dream it and with time, tools and maybe a little water or mixing mediums, it can happen.

There is a reason that this falls out of stock so often at SephoraMUFE 12 Flash Color Case is an amazing and inspiring product for any makeup lover.

These metallic shades are intense!
Need to color correct a lipstick?  Try adding some of these.
The black is insanely dark.
Notice that some colors are not meant to be used on lips or eyes.  Patch test! 
Swatched on NC35.  Utterly pigmented.
 Two looks I created with MUFE's 12 Flash Color Case based on Black Swan.  For full detail on the looks, click here.

To Review:
Make Up For Ever 12 Flash Color Case is $95 for 70g, 2.46oz at Sephora.com and the MUFE studio in NYC, (212) 925-9548.
Pro: The possibilities are limitless.  High quality products that have unlimited uses.  Can offer quick fixes for everyday makeup needs.
Con: Pricey.  Often OOS at Sephora and a wait to get it.  More of an artist tool.  May be a little intimidating (but seriously get over and get this product.  You will have so much fun playing with it.)
Overall Beautyburg Rating: A

What would you do with the 12 Flash Color Case? Would you like to see some posts on how to use this product? 

Half Dose of Sugarpill - Bright Colors For A Casual Look - Sugarpill 4 Color Palette in Sweetheart

A half dose of Sugarpill.

I love, love bright colors, but when I posted my Sugarpill reviews, I heard from a lot of you that you loved the colors but weren't exactly sure how you would wear them.  The founder of Sugarpill, Amy Doan, aka Shrinkle, has such fun, vibrant, cute style, but not everyone who loves Sugarpill feels bold enough to wear their super saturated colors in a SHA-ZAM fashion (though I do love that).

I decided to showcase some more toned down, casual eye looks using Sugarpill's 4 Color Palette in Sweetheart.  I "cut" the intensity of the colors by using Urban Decay Naked palette (I am using the first edition one with the double sided pencil) for base lid colors and highlights.  I will specify which shades under each image.   Bright colors, even for those who love them, can be intimidating.  So dip your toes in first.  Sugarpill's pressed eyeshadows are so pigmented and blendable that you can easily smooth them with a softer shade to draw back on the intensity but still add pop.  They are easily buildable, so you can go as intense or subtle as you would like.

In this look below, I used Dollipop, a bright matte hot Barbie pink, to cover 2/3 of the lid, and Tako, a super matte white, to highlight the inner corners of the eyes.  I used Urban Decay's Hustle for the crease and Sin to highlight the brown bone.  I used Urban Decay 24/7 Liner in Whiskey to line the eyes.  For mascara, I'm wearing L'Oreal Double Extend Eye Illuminator in Black Quartz for Brown Eyes, which I will be reviewing soon.

Dollipop and Tako
Afterparty and Midori
Here is a look with Afterparty, a bright shimmering Smurf blue, and Midori, a sweet melon green with a pearly sheen.  I used Virgin from Urban Decay mixed with Sugarpill's Tako to create a soft shimmering color to highlight from the crease to brown bone.  Zero 24/7 liner was used to line the waterline and outer third of the lower lashline.  I smudged Afterparty with Zero near the lower lash line.  Mascara here is Make Up For Ever is Aqua Smoky Lash in Extra Black.

I think I pushed this look just a little.  You could even take this to an even softer level by just lining your eyes with one color.  But the idea of this look was bright yet soft and casual.

Sugarpill's 4 Color Palette in Sweetheart from the Addicted to Pretty Collection.
Sweetheart is available for $34 at Sugarpill's site www.sugarpillshop.com.
Dollipop, Afterparty, Midori and Tako are also available individually for $12.

L'Oreal HiP Studio Secrets Shadow Duos - Haul and Swatches

HiP Studio Secrets Professional Bright Shadow Duo in Adventurous (114).

HiP Studio Secret Shadow Duos aren't anything new, but I don't think they get tons of love.  Possibly because of the slightly high for drugstore price of about $7.99 per duo.  For me, I just never really felt any motivation to try these.

A negative for me, just as a personal preference, is the packaging.  I find it bulky and chunky.  I never use the applicator stored under the eyeshadow pans, and something about the windows make it difficult to actually get a good sense of the color from the outside.  But luckily, the product doesn't disappoint.  The overall pigmentation and texture is on par with pricier brands.  Some other blogs complained about fall out, but I think it really depends on the shade.  The frostier more metallic colors seem to be slightly less binded vs. the bright or concentrated formulas.  But all in all, I didn't think it was  horrible.  In fact, I am glad I got to try some of these.  Drugstore makeup doesn't mean that you can't have high impact looks with bright shades.  Pigmentation isn't measured by a price tag. 

Some of these duos were picked up recently at CVS' beauty sale at 75% discount.  So if you wanted to try some fun colors but didn't want to spend a lot cash, look out for some of these shades.  Check Nouveau Cheap's site for a complete list of products that are a part of CVS' clearance.  

HiP Studio Secrets Professional Bright Shadow Duo in Adventurous (114).

Not a huge fan of crazy color?  Definitely get this duo.  The soft champagne color is just gorgeous all over the lid.  I am liking the pink shade for spring.

HiP Studio Secrets Professional Concentrated Shadow Duo in Charisma (518)

HiP Studio Secrets Professional Concentrated Shadow Duo in Charisma (518)

This reminds me a of NARS Mesuline  from the Holiday 2011 collection. The lighter shade in the HiP is more of a soft rose with golden shimmer, where as the NARS is a silvery lilac, but the dark purple shades are very similar.  Dare I say I think the pigmentation in the HiP is better than the NARS duo?!

HiP Studio Secrets Professional Concentrated Shadow Duo in Cheeky (508)
HiP Studio Secrets Professional Concentrated Shadow Duo in Cheeky (508).

This one is super pretty with Adventurous.  I would love to make a quad with all these shades!  I will wear this for a smoky eye on Valentine's Day.

HiP Studio Secrets Professional Metallic Shadow Duo in Gilded (806).
 HiP Studio Secrets Professional Metallic Shadow Duo in Gilded (806).

 I love how ka-pow the gold side is.  It's almost like lamé.  Love it.  The darker shade had some fall-out. 
HiP Studio Secrets Professional Metallic Shadow Duo in Gunmetal.

HiP Studio Secrets Professional Metallic Shadow Duo in Gunmetal.

This is one of the ones that had slightly more fall-out than the others.  Not horrible by any means, but after reading some other reviews, I noticed that was an issue for some.  As I had mentioned, I think a lot has to do with the formula.  I think the Metallic formula just isn't bound as well as the other formulas, thus creating fall-out.  If you can get these on sale, I still think it's a pretty good deal.  These colors are so pretty for a emerald smoky eye.

HiP Studio Secrets Professional Bright Shadow Duo in Roaring (234).
HiP Studio Secrets Professional Bright Shadow Duo in Roaring (234).

The flat beige is perfect for creating a crease or adding depth to the eyelid.  With base and primer, the blue side really has a bright impact on the lid.  I like this duo with Sassy.

HiP Studio Secrets Professional Concentrated Shadow Duo in Sassy (208).
 HiP Studio Secrets Professional Concentrated Shadow Duo in Sassy (208).

This is a duo that definitely is less than the sum of its parts.  Each shade alone is gorgeous, but worn together, you get a really muddled look.  This is one duo where it's best to pair with other shades.  I would try either shade with Roaring. 

Have you tried HiP duos before?  Which are your favorites?  Have you been to CVS to see what's on Clearance? 

MAC Peacocky Mega Metal Eyeshadows - Comparisons, Summary and Final Review!

Hand it to MAC to come out with fifteen limited edition eyeshadows all at once.  I'll keep this brief since there are a photos to get through.  Mega Metal eyeshadows are a new formulation of pressed eyeshadow created by MAC for the Peacocky collection.  They have great texture, color payoff, pigmentation.  They are large than regular MAC eyeshadow pans (3.4g, 0.11oz vs 1.5g, 0.05oz), and they are also more expensive, $19.50 each vs. $14.50 each.  However, they are a better value.  

Math Breakdown (Makeup Geek Out Time)
MAC Mega Metal Shadow $19.50 each for 3.4g, 0.11oz =  
$5.37 per gram, $177.27 per oz.
MAC Eye Shadow $14.50 each for 1.5g, 0.05oz =  
$9.66 per gram, $290 per oz.

But if you are like me and know that you will never finish a pan.  To save $, I would skip lighter, paler shades and go for the richer, more vibrant colors.  In summary, get these; you will be happy

Here are some comps for you.  I apologize in advance.  I don't own that many MAC perm colors.  I don't think I had ever felt before that I didn't have a lot of eyeshadows before, but when trying to comp, I really felt like I was in short supply.  I tried to keep these in the MAC world of eyeshadows, but many are LE or HTF (hard to find).  I just put this together for those who may have some of these past LE's and may want to skip colors because they own something similar.  But if you just love swatches, as I do, go ahead and knock yourself out too.

There went trying to keep things brief.  I'll be quiet now.  Enjoy the photos.  If you missed other swatches and pictures, here are the links:

*Unless noted, all of these eyeshadows swatched are by MAC.  Captions label swatches left to right.  Formulation is indicated when known.  If it's not there, then I wasn't sure (sorry!).
Peek-At-You, Gold Dusk (Pig.), Provence (Pig.), Femme-Fi (VP).

Prance, Shoreleve (VP), Shimmertime (Pig.), Your Ladyship (Pig.).

Dalliance, Retrospeck (L), Creme Royale (VP).

Paparazz-she, Firespot (VP), Off the Radar (Pig.), Rushmetal (Pig.).

Sexpectations, Bravado (VP), Star Violet (VP).

Tweet Me, Jardin Aires (Pig.), Melon (Pig.), YSL Eclat de Givre #2, Pink Bronze (Pig.).

Ego, Gulf Stream (F), Steel Blue (Pig.), Odalisque, Parrot (F), Teal (Pig.)

Dandizette, Silver Fog (F), Blue Flame (VP), Waft.

Noir Plum, Top Hat (SF), Satellite Dreams, Grape (Pig.). 

Mating Call, Stars & Rockets, Lotusland (SF).

Top of the Posh, Apricot Pink (Pig.), Revved Up (Pig.), Pink Venus (L), Gateaux (F).

Spectacle of Yourself, Chocolate Brown (Pig.), Goldstroke (Pig.)

Centre Stage, Magnetic Fields (VP), Mauvement (Pig.)

Unflappable, Smoke + Diamonds (SF), Moth Brown (F), Sweet Sienna (Pig.).

To Review:

MAC Mega Metal Shadow $19.50 each for 3.4g, 0.11oz are limited edition at MAC counters and www.maccosmetics.com
Pro: Pigmented, large pan, good value, great color payoff, lovely texture.
Con: (For some, the pro might be con) Large pan.  Limited edition. Paler shades don't have the same level of color payoff. Pricier than regular MAC shadows (albeit larger).
Overall Beautyburg Rating: A