Spring Flowers Inspired Makeup Tutorial - Anemone EOTD

 My Anemone inspired look.
 Did you know there are more than 150+ species of Anemone!?

Hi everyone!  Happy Monday!  It rained most of last week here, and I'm itching for sunny weather.  I decided to post this spring flower inspired makeup tutorial to brighten my day (and hopefully yours too).  Anemone are such beautiful flowers.  I love how they have so much variation in size, style, color.  I also love how they are so simple in composition but can have intricate differences in shades.  While researching for this tutorial, I had a hard time deciding on what color to pick because there are so many.  My local farmers market has some of the best flowers, and it was almost impossible to pick only one bunch of these gorgeous flowers.
 The products I used!  All by Sugarpill Cosmetics.
 1. After applying primer, I put a base of MAC Soft Ochre Paint Pot.
 2. Then I applied Sugarpill Weekender ChromaLust Loose Eyeshadow on the lid.
 3. Then I took Tako, a white matte pressed eyeshadow by Sugarpill, and used it at the bottom of the lid and sweeped to the corners near the tear ducts.
 4. I brushed Poison Plum, a deep violet pressed eyeshadow with slight shimmer, creating a faux crease.
 5. I bring Poison Plum to the outer corners of my eye creating a long 7 shape from the corner of the eye over the lid.
 6. Blend, blend, blend.  Bring down Tako to the lower lashline.
 7. Using a black eyeliner, I line the waterline and do a soft cat eye towards the outer corners.
 8. I smudge the black pencil down to the outer third of the lower lashline.
 9. I used Maybelline Unstoppable Highlighter in Fluffy Cloud, a matte white,  to line the inner corner of the lower waterline.
 10. Mascara and eyebrows!  I am using Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill.
 You are done!  A spring inspired purple eye.

 I would wear this look in the day time.  Or maybe if I'm lucky enough, on a date with my hubs.
Happy Monday!!!!

All the Sugarpill products used here are available at www.sugarpillshop.com.  MAC Paint Pot in Soft Ochre is available at MAC counters nationwide, and Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill Mascara is available at nordstrom.com.

What are some of your favorite spring flowers?  Or for any season?  I am still waiting for lilacs here!  Mmmm I love those!

Sugarpill Burning Heart Palette - Addicted To Pretty!! Photos, Swatches and Review

My Burning Heart Palette. 

Should I call my doctor? I think I'm hooked on Sugarpill.  Every time I try a product from their line, I just get blown away.  I wish all my eyeshadows were like this.  Their pigmentation is stupendous, and it just puts other eyeshadows to shame.  Their quality really sets the bar for me now. 

I know it doesn't fit with the concept of the line, but I wish Sugarpill would make all kinds of shades, including neutrals.  Just to show other companies how it's done.

I recently picked up Sugarpill's Burning Heart palette from their Birthday sale (Happy Bday btw!).  I was giddy with joy when the package arrive.  Amy, aka Shrinkle, puts so much thought into every detail of your Sugarpill experience.  The box had an adorable kitten on it, and inside it was filled with bright pink tissue, a nice card featuring two models adorned in Sugarpill, a glitter sticker and my adorable purchases!

Love this packaging.

Flamepoint - orange olĂ©!  Such a bold and bright orange.  This color does not disappoint.  It's a ridiculous, rich matte orange.  I can't wait to create a tropical sunset look with this color.

Buttercupcake - Usually yellows you really have to pack on to have any sort of color pay-off.  But not this one.  This tasty yellow is so sunny and bright!  It was great to see a  yellow with so much pay-off.

Love+ - This is a red alert red!  I know it seems as if I'm a broken record, but I have to say again... these colors are SO pigmented.  This shade has a hint of shimmer, but I wouldn't call it a shimmer or frost shade.  There is such an intensity to this shade.

Poison Plum - Now, compared to other eyeshadows by other companies, this is pigmented, but in comparison to the other colors of this palette it is definitely a little less intense.  However, it still has excellent color payoff.  I have been using this shade quite a bit recently.  It works well with my Sweetheart palette too.  See the review of that one here.

I knew I would be pleased with my purchase, but the shock of color from these shades (especially the orange, red and yellow) just added to my delight.  If you love brights, you need this.  'Nuff said.

Swatches!  Ridiculous!
How would you pair these shade?  What kind of look would you create?
Sugarpill's Burning Heart Palette is $34 for 4g, 0.14oz x 4 and available at sugarpillshop.com

Sakura Collaboration - Spring Cherry Blossom Eye Makeup Tutorial with Sugarpill Cosmetics

My finished sakura-themed look.  

I am thrilled about today's post.  Anna of Fenua BeautĂ© and I were gushing about our love for Sugarpill cosmetics and had previously discussed how we are weak in the knees for any makeup product with incoperating the theme of sakura.  So, we decided over Twitter to collaborate to do a sakura-themed FOTD on our respective blogs using our favorite Sugarpill products.

In Anna's look, she paints delicate petals on the corners of her eyes.  Click here to see her look.  She looks ethereal!

I wanted to paint the actual blossoms on my face and extend the shadow to the hairline.  I think it would be awesome to bring this look to the next level and make it uber kawaii and outrageous.  But I wanted it to be somewhat wearable for most folks.  You can make this look more subtle by not taking the shadow out as far and limited the blossoms to one (or none). 

The Sugarpill products used.
See the step-by-step for details.  Above are Tiara (silver), Lumi (white) and Paperdoll (purple) loose eyeshadows.  The palette is 4-Color Palette in Sweetheart.  I used Dollipop and Tako pressed eyeshadows.  All products are available at sugarpillshop.com.  If you want to see a review of them, click here for the Sweetheart palette and here for ChromaLust Loose Eyeshadows.

Step 1: After you have put on your face makeup, prime your eye area (lid, undereye and to the temple) with an eyeshadow primer.  I used Nars Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Primer.
Step 2: To create a base, I mixed Inglot Duraline with Lumi ChromaLust Loose Eyeshadow.  Lumi is an irisdescent white with blue and green shimmer.  It is very sheer and makes a nice base for the eyelid.
Step 2 (cont'd): Cover the entire lid to the brow with this base.  Also apply to the lower lash line.  This will help hold color.
Step 3: Apply Dollipop at the crease.  Blend upwards.  Pack on extra color at the center of the eye for a pop of pink.
Step 3 (cont'd): Blend upwards and to the start of the eyebrow, creating a sort of Y shape.  Don't worry if this looks weird now.  You'll blend and mix later to soften edges and bring the look together.
Step 4: Where Dollipop ends, take Paperdoll and blend to soften the line.  Extend outwards towards the temple.
Step 4 (cont'd): Blend outwards towards to temple.
 Step 4 (cont'd): Keep going.... all the way to the hairline.
Step 5: Take a larger blending brush and dip in Dollipop.  From the hairline in circular motions create soft clouds of color towards the eye.
Step 6: With the same brush, dip in Tako and blend towards the eye.  Don't be afraid to go above the eyebrows or onto the tops of the cheekbone.
Step 7: Take Tiara on a clean brush and highlight the eyebrow and the inner corners of the eye, near the tear duct.  Using the same brush, apply Tako to the inner corners of the eye.
 Step 8: Blend Tiara to the eyeshadow in the temple.  Blend to make everything cohesive, but don't over-blend to muddle the colors.
Step 9: Line the waterline.  I used Stila Smudge Stick in Lionfish, a shimmering brown, vs. a black to keep the look soft.
Step 10: Line the bottom waterline with a white pencil.  I'm using Maybelline Unstoppable Eyeliner in Fluffy Cloud, a limited edition shade for Spring 2011.
Step 11: Apply top lashes.
Step 12: Apply bottom lashes for an extra doll-like look.  Define your brows.
Step 13: The fun part!  Painting the blossoms.  I'm using creme colors from Make Up For Ever's 12 Flash Color Case.  I mixed the white and fuchsia shades together to create the petals.
Step 13 (cont'd): Obviously, I'm not going for perfection here!  The petals can be more blobs, and then go in with another color to define.
Step 13 (cont'd): The smaller the brush the better.
Pretty petals!
Sakura! Spring is here!
Right eye (blossoms here are dotted with yellow and silver).
Go large or small on the petals.  No reason to just stop at 3.  Go above the eyebrow or onto the cheeks!

Thanks Anna for collaborating with me on this super fun project!  I had a great time doing it, and I hope it's one of many!

Do you like cherry blossoms?  Do go anywhere to see them? 

Michelle Williams At 83rd Annual Academy Awards - Makeup Tutorial Inspired by Michelle's Silvery Blue Undereye Liner Oscar Look!

Michelle's Oscar Night Look and My Inspired Version.

Close-up of Michelle's eyes.  More subtle use of silvery grey eyeliner.

My inspired look, a little more dramatic.  
We all can't have Chanel haute couture, so we gotta bling another way.

Here's another gorgeous look from Oscar night.  I love it when stars are brave enough to use color in their makeup for the red carpet.  Even though subtle, Michelle Williams wore a shimmering silver blue eyeliner on her bottom lashline.  I recreated a similar, but more dramatic look, here.

On my face, I am wearing Guerlain Parare Gold Radiance Foundation in 03 dusted with MAC Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder.  On cheeks, Chanel Joues Contraste in Rose Dust.  Lips MAC Kissable Lip Color in Enchantee mixed with Mehr lipstick.

 1. Prime eye with Nars Smudge Proof Eye Primer.
 2. Inglot Duraline + Sugarpill Lumi ChromaLust Loose Eyeshadow creates a luminous white, blue/green iridescent base to hold onto color all night.
 3. Add lid color.  I'm using MAC Eyeshadows in Waft and Gentle Fume.
 4. Highlight inner corners of the eyes with shimmering white.  I'm using Rondelle eyeshadow by MAC.
 5. Line the lower lashline thickly with a grey blue pencil.  I'm using Chanel Precision Eye Define in Denim.
 6. Line the outer 1/3 of the upper and lower waterline in a grey pencil.  I'm using Laura Mercier pencil eyeliner in Stormy Grey.
 7. Add MAC Reflects Pearl pigment to the lower lashline.  Use a solution like MAC Mixing Medium to help adhere these tiny glitters to the eye area.  (Remember to use caution and read labels when it comes to glitters.)
 8. Curl lashes and add mascara.  I'm using Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill.
 9.  Add false lashes and fill in eyebrows.  I used Bobbi Brown Gel Long Wear Eye Liner in Espresso Ink on my eyebrows.
A pretty look for your Blue Valentine.
Are there any Oscar winners or nominees that you haven't seen yet?  I have quite a few on my Netflix queue!

Half Dose of Sugarpill - Bright Colors For A Casual Look - Sugarpill 4 Color Palette in Sweetheart

A half dose of Sugarpill.

I love, love bright colors, but when I posted my Sugarpill reviews, I heard from a lot of you that you loved the colors but weren't exactly sure how you would wear them.  The founder of Sugarpill, Amy Doan, aka Shrinkle, has such fun, vibrant, cute style, but not everyone who loves Sugarpill feels bold enough to wear their super saturated colors in a SHA-ZAM fashion (though I do love that).

I decided to showcase some more toned down, casual eye looks using Sugarpill's 4 Color Palette in Sweetheart.  I "cut" the intensity of the colors by using Urban Decay Naked palette (I am using the first edition one with the double sided pencil) for base lid colors and highlights.  I will specify which shades under each image.   Bright colors, even for those who love them, can be intimidating.  So dip your toes in first.  Sugarpill's pressed eyeshadows are so pigmented and blendable that you can easily smooth them with a softer shade to draw back on the intensity but still add pop.  They are easily buildable, so you can go as intense or subtle as you would like.

In this look below, I used Dollipop, a bright matte hot Barbie pink, to cover 2/3 of the lid, and Tako, a super matte white, to highlight the inner corners of the eyes.  I used Urban Decay's Hustle for the crease and Sin to highlight the brown bone.  I used Urban Decay 24/7 Liner in Whiskey to line the eyes.  For mascara, I'm wearing L'Oreal Double Extend Eye Illuminator in Black Quartz for Brown Eyes, which I will be reviewing soon.

Dollipop and Tako
Afterparty and Midori
Here is a look with Afterparty, a bright shimmering Smurf blue, and Midori, a sweet melon green with a pearly sheen.  I used Virgin from Urban Decay mixed with Sugarpill's Tako to create a soft shimmering color to highlight from the crease to brown bone.  Zero 24/7 liner was used to line the waterline and outer third of the lower lashline.  I smudged Afterparty with Zero near the lower lash line.  Mascara here is Make Up For Ever is Aqua Smoky Lash in Extra Black.

I think I pushed this look just a little.  You could even take this to an even softer level by just lining your eyes with one color.  But the idea of this look was bright yet soft and casual.

Sugarpill's 4 Color Palette in Sweetheart from the Addicted to Pretty Collection.
Sweetheart is available for $34 at Sugarpill's site www.sugarpillshop.com.
Dollipop, Afterparty, Midori and Tako are also available individually for $12.

Happy New Year - 2011 Will Rock - A Look Back at 2010

Peace, Love, Beauty in 2011!

Happy New Year everyone!  Hope everyone's NYE was safe, happy and  most of all FUN!  We have a lot of high hopes for 2011. 

Not to dwell on the past, but we had to mention some of our favorite things from last year.  We are looking forward to all the exciting things in the world of beauty that 2011 has to offer.  We wish everyone the best this year.  Thank you so much for helping Beautyburg get off the ground in 2010, and we know that this is just the beginning of a really exciting future.  Beautyburg's New Year's Resolution is to try to be the best blog it can be!

So... Let's just revisit some of our favorite things from 2010.

These are in no particular order, and some products shown were not launched in 2010 but new to us that year.  For more detail click on the appropriate links to the reviews.

MAC Venomous Villains

E.L.F. HD Powder

OPI Shrek Collection - Fiercely Fiona on the right

Burberry - the makeup line

What were your favorite beauty items of 2010?  What are you looking forward to in 2011?  Do you have any beauty resolutions for 2011?

Sugarpill 4 Color Palette in Sweetheart - Yes, I'm Addicted to Pretty - Review and Swatches

Totally addicted, to pretty that is.  Mirrored palette with box.

Palette closed with the box. 

After talking about Bobbi Brown in my last post, there is nothing more on the other side of the spectrum than the wild, fun, totally unique shadows from Sugarpill Cosmetics.  In case you missed my earlier post, Sugarpill Cosmetics is a line of fun, vibrant makeup created by Amy Doan, aka Shrinkle.  She created this line to compliment her own funky aesethic, check her Etsy shop here, and has had thousands taking their doses of Sugarpill daily.  

You heard me already gush about the quality of Sugarpill's ChromaLust Loose Eyeshadow line, but I seriously wondered how the pressed eyeshadows held up.  Let's just say I was not disappointed.  They are uber pigmented and velvety smooth, not chalky.  The pressed eyeshadows range in matte and semi-pearly sheens.  They aren't as super sparkly or shimmery as the loose eyeshadows, but they pack the same ka-pow amount of pigmentation.

The back of the box with ingredients.

Are you Addicted to Pretty?
The illustration on the box is so adorable!  I couldn't bare to get rid of it.  

Left to Right: Dollipop, Afterparty, Midori, and Tako.

Swatched dry (no base).  Do you see how seriously pigmented these shadows are?!  If you love love bright, you will love Sugarpill.  I would like to try these colors in a subtle look, just for a challenge.  These colors have such a great texture and are so blendable.   I think the only thing stopping is my imagination and impulse.  When I see color, I usually just want to go all out there!!!

Dollipop - matte bright pink.
Afterparty - Smurf blue with pearly sheen.
Midori - apple green with pearly sheen.
Tako - matte white white that's really white and not sheer, white, pearly.
$34 for 1 mirrored palette, pans are 4 grams 0.14 oz each

These colors are also available as singles on Sugarpill's site, but get the palette!  It's a better deal ($48 value for $34).  

 Dollipop, Afterparty.

Midori, Tako.

My Sugarpill haul.
If you missed my review of my ChromaLust Loose Eyeshadow haul, click here.  Here is the gist: they are awesome.

To Review:
Sugarpill 4 Color Palette in Sweetheart from Addicted to Pretty Collection
Pro: PIG-MENT-TED!  Soft velvety texture.  Applies smoothly.  Adorable design.
Con: Limited distribution.  Only available on the Sugarpill site, but they ship worldwide and packaged with care!  Only for those who love bright shades.
Overall Beautyburg Rating: A

Sugarpill ChromaLust Loose Eyeshadows - Swatches and Review

Open wide - Sugarpill time!

Shouldn't all medicine be this sweet?  I was really excited to place my first Sugarpill order recently.  I have been hearing only amazing things about the quality of their products, and I needed to try for myself.  Sugarpill Cosmetics is an indie line started by Amy Doan early this year.  You may recognize her as Shrinkle from Ebay or Twitter and have seen her really fun Etsy boutique where she sells vintage clothes and handmade, unique items!  Sugarpill is an extension of the aesthetic that Amy brings to the world with her funky vintage finds and designs.  Everything about it makes me happy and  smile.  This stuff is definitely NOT placebo!
My haul (more swatches to come).

I have been on a loose eyeshadow/pigment kick recently, so I will be review Sugarpill's ChromaLust Loose Eyeshadows first.  I purchased 4 shades, and I also got 1 free sample (sorry didn't swatch it).  Most of the color offerings from Sugarpill are vibrant, shimmery and pigmented.  This isn't a line for those that are looking for a "neutral" or "no makeup look," though I do think a lot of these products can be used for both extreme and natural beauty.
Click to enlarge and see ingredients.

Goldilux, dry (left) and wet (right) applied with MAC Mixing Medium.

Goldilux is a delicious gilded anitque warm gold.  Considering that I own literally hundreds, if not thousands, of eyeshadows, I think it's rather telling of how much I like something if I reach for more than 1x a week.  Well, I have used Goldilux several times since I received it.  Applied wet, it makes a gorgeous base for holiday gold looks. 


Magpie, dry (left) and wet (right) applied with MAC Mixing Medium.

Magpie is a shimmering cold prussian blue with a steel cast of silver.  This makes a really dramatic and interesting smoky eye. I have also been using this as a simple eyeliner.


Paperdoll, dry (left) and wet (right) applied with MAC Mixing Medium.

Paperdoll is a soft powdery shimmery lavender when applied dry, but wet, it turns into a deeper lilac purple.  Both are gorgeous!

Weekender, dry (left) and wet (right) applied with MAC Mixing Medium

Weekender is a cool joker purple with tons of shimmer.  I absolutely adore this applied wet!

Overall, I can see what everyone is gushing about.  The pigmentation, texture, application of these loose eyeshadows is definitely on par (or better than) many high end brands.  When I applied wet, I had absolutely no smudging or fading on my super greasy lids.

Let's geek out for a sec and do the math.
MAC Pigments $19.50 for 0.15 oz 4.5 grams = $130 per oz
Sugarpill Cosmetics $12.00 for 0.176oz 5 grams = $ 68.18 per oz

What I also appreciate is the detail that goes into each product design.  Notice how each shade has its own little symbol.  It's small details like this that make this line even more lovable to me.  I am not a doctor, but I think taking Sugarpill once daily definitely couldn't hurt!

ChromaLust Loose Eyeshadows are $12 each and you can purchase them on Sugarpill's site.  

What are your thoughts on this line?  Have you tried it?