MAC Cham Pale Paint Pots - Swatches and Review

New Paint Pots from MAC's Cham Pale collection.

I have had an on again off again relationship with Paint Pots.  When they first came out, I LOVED them.  Finally, a color base for eyes that didn't crease!  But then I started to become disenchanted with the overall texture.  Newer, smoother textured products came across on the market, and my Paint Pots sat in a drawer unloved.

When I initially saw this collection, I wasn't that interested in revisiting Paint Pots, but I'm really glad I did!  I can't confirm if anything really changed, but I feel that the texture of these are so much smoother and really glide on versus some of my other PPs (Soft Ochre, Painterly, Bare Study... talking to you).  These limited edition shades are perfect as wear alone eyeshadows or as bases for powder eyeshadow.  I found them rather pigmented and not as "sheer" as other PPs.  Overall, I'm really satisfied with them and happy that I got all four.  I will definitely be using them all!

Right to left: Vintage Selection, Let Me Pop, Chilled on Ice, Dangerous Cuvée

 Dangerous Cuvée

Dangerous Cuvée is a soft pale silver grey that is almost taupe-y.  This reminds me of how Shu Uemura ME 945 would be really silvery in certain lights.  It's hard to pick a favorite out of these four, but Dangerous Cuvée is unlike anything I current own.  It's not just silver or just taupe or just grey.  A beautiful foundation for soft, smoky eyes. 

Vintage Selection

Vintage Selection is a soft, shimmery dusty rose.  I know most of you are serious beauty junkies, but for anyone that is a little eye makeup timid, this color is for you (junkies it's for you too).  You could easily sweep this over your lid and set with a soft color over the lid for a very natural look. 
 Let Me Pop

Let Me Pop is a light coppery rose.  This to me is the most versatile out of the four.  I could use this to seriously pack on some seriously vibrant colors or create a soft romantic metallic look.  There are a lot of possibilities with this color!  I'm excited to try them.

Chilled on Ice

Chilled on Ice - soft peachy ecru with gold shimmer.  A basic slightly fleshy off-white.  If you don't have something like this, get this one.  It's a good one.

To Review: 
Pro: Glides on.  Very blendable.  Pigmented and not too sheer. Can be worn alone or as base. 
Con: Limited edition (act fast!).
Overall Beautyburg Rating: A-

Cham Pale launches in stores December 26th.
These Paint Pots are limited edition and $16.50 for 6.5 grams 0.23oz.