Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure - Problem Child

Remember those hideous movies?! Just thinking about them makes me feel ill. I think my parents took me to at least one of them in theatres (possibly because they thought it was educational?).

Here is Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Problem Child. This Problem Child is a beautiful, jewel-toned, dark amethyst purple with tiny red, gold shimmer and hidden FLAKIES! Everyone knows I love *love* a good flakie. This one is subtle which makes it more alluring and mysterious. I personally really like the Complete Salon Manicure line. The chubby brush and formula make the application a cinch. Two coats and you have great coverage and color. I do find that I'm more likely to purchase at a BOGO or BOGO 50% since $7.49-ish is a little high for a single bottle. But I think for hidden flakies, it's worth it!

See the flakies in the bottle! Just gorgeous!

Here is the display.
Problem Child is bottom right.
I've already reviewed Golden Ticket from this collection and more coming soon!

Flakies Comparison - Part 1

Being relatively new the nails, the memory of seeing my first flakie nail polish is still fresh in my mind. I remember seeing Nfu Oh! spam on MUA and then frantically googling the words "flakie" "nail polish." That is the short story I discovered Scrangie and all the other wonderful nail blogs which I now check religiously. I stared endlessly at the irregularly shaped iridescence, and I fell in love. I will be posting more photos of other flakies in my stash, but here is a start for now.

Inglot 202, Inglot 205, Nfu Oh 40, Urban Outfitters White Sparkle 2

Nubar Opulent Pearl vs. Nubar 2010
Nubar Opulent Pearl is a sheer milky white base with rainbow colored flakies. Nubar 2010 is a red/orange iridescence.

Left to right: Urban Outfitters White Sparkle 2, Nubar Opulent Pearl, Nubar 2010, Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure, Nfu Oh! 40, Inglot 202, Inglot 205