China Glaze Island Escape Collection for Summer 2011

From the press release: Take an exotic island escape with China Glaze this summer with a tropical, shimmering rainbow of brilliant bright colors! Mix and match these hot hues to add a candy-like pop to that summer manicure and pedicure. Colors in the collection include:

  • Papaya Punch Crème based vivid orange.
  • 108 Degrees Flirtatious berry pink with specks of micro glitter.
  • Senorita Bonita Passionate purple shimmer w pink micro glitter.
  • Blue Iguana: Bold and daring sparkly blue.
  • Cha Cha Cha: Vivacious shimmer green.
  • Electric Pineapple: High intensity crème based lime green. 

Escape this summer to a far away place with China Glaze. Vacation in color!

The China Glaze Island Escape collection will be available as open stock colors, 6 piece box collection, 6 piece counter display, 12 piece counter display and 36 piece rack.

China Glaze is free of DBP, toluene, and added formaldehyde.

China Glaze nail lacquers are available through salons and professional beauty supply stores nationwide. For more information, visit: or follow China Glaze on Twitter:  Find them on Facebook here.

Do any of these sound exciting to you?  I am not a big fan of papaya the fruit, but Papaya Punch sounds awesome.

China Glaze Crackle Collection - Photos, Swatches, Review, Color Pairing Ideas, Troubleshooting and New Video!

Pelican Grey with Broken Hearted.

Pictures say more than I can about these polishes.  See the photos below and check out our video on your YouTube channel.  If you haven't subscribed, please do! 

Pelican Grey with Broken Hearted.
Visit Me In Prism + Broken Hearted.
Sci-Fi with Broken Hearted.
Lemon Fizz + Cracked Concrete.
Sugar High + Cracked Concrete.
Cosmic + Cracked Concrete.
Let's Do It In 3D + Crushed Candy.
Calypso Blue + Crushed Candy.
DV8 + Crushed Candy.
Not sure why it didn't crackle well over DV8.  Crackle colors seemed to work well over foil and holographic finishes, but colors from China Glaze's OMG Collection seemed to result this way.  Did anyone else have this problem?
Cheers To You + Lightening Bolt.
Sugar High + Lightening Bolt.
Flying Dragon + Lightening Bolt.
Four Leaf Clover + Lightening Bolt.
I found that the white had a tendency to pick up color from the base shade.  Notice how Lightening Bolt has yellowed here.
Cheers To You + Fault Line.
Caribbean Blue + Fault Line.
Heli-Yum + Fault Line.
Let's Do It In 3D + Black Mesh.
For Audrey + Black Mesh
Flying Dragon + Black Mesh
 Get cracklin'.

Check this video to see China Glaze vs. OPI Black Shatter.

China Glaze at Fall 2011 New York Fashion Week

 Models backstage at Ivana Helsinki.
 Here's an update from China Glaze and their recent work backstage at fashion week:
Always a beauty staple backstage at New York Fashion Week, China Glaze made it’s fourth consecutive appearance on the runway at the Tadashi, Ivana Helsinki and Richie Rich shows for Fall 2011. Tadashi went with his all-time favorite again, China Glaze Innocence (a sheer gauzy pink). Manicurist Josephine More said that it was perfect for accenting the understated elegance and angelic look of his Fall 2011 collection.  

Ivana Helsinki’s collection consisted of rich velvets, knits, feather prints and chunky boots. While charcoal black eyeliner, beehives and an all together 60’s mod vibe was the theme for makeup and hair, clear nails courtesy of manicurist Indigo Smith and Seche Vite Fast Dry Top coat complimented the overall minimalist designs that were enhanced by different patterns and textures.
 Backstage at Richie Rich.

Richie Rich, who is known for his outrageous club wear and barely there ensembles, didn’t scrimp in the nail department either. Manicurist Josephine More created “Punk Looks” which consisted of China Glaze Midnight Mission with China Glaze Devotion, Nova and Solar Flare on the King Finger. She also created “Elegant Looks”, which was China Glaze Lubu Heels with China Glaze Passion and Medallion on the King Finger. The men also rocked their own personalized nail looks with China Glaze Devotion layered with Nova and China Glaze Liquid Leather on the King Finger. To top off the show, Jennifer “JWOWW” Farley of “Jersey Shore” fame closed the show with Richie Rich himself.  

Backstage at Richie Rich.

China Glaze Crackle Collection - Preview

 Swatches coming soon!

I am soooo excited about this!  I just tried a crackle polish for the first time last week and I'm converted!  Here is the press release from China Glaze.  Look for swatches soon!

Roughed up grunge meets gorgeous glam! China Glaze brings a whole new level to the game with “Crackle” polish! Create endless edgy looks and make a statement with fun, fearless, color. Everyone has asked for it, and now China Glaze is giving it to them! The six different Crackle colors include:

  • Lightning Bolt – White Crackle
  • Black Mesh – Black Crackle
  • Broken Hearted – Pink Crackle
  • Cracked Concrete – Grey Crackle
  • Fault Line – Purple Crackle
  • Crushed Candy – Teal Crackle
An innovative technology allows you to play with a wide array of color combinations and achieve an edgy, new wave look. This unique formula was developed to give your nails a “crackled” design over traditional nail color. Contrasting colors are used one over another to achieve a deconstructed shatter look that takes place right before your eyes. Instant art for your nails!

How do you do it? It’s easy! Apply your favorite China Glaze glitter, shimmer or crème. Depending on the color you are using, apply either one or two coats for full coverage. When the colored enamel is dry, brush on a thin layer of the Crackle color. Allow the Crackle to work its magic during dry time. After approximately 5 minutes when the crackled design has completely formed, apply a top coat to seal the design for prolonged wear.

China Glaze Crackle will be available starting February 2011 at Sally’s Beauty Supply and BSG in 12 piece displays and 3 pack color kits which will include a base color, a crackle glaze (Black Mesh, Broken Hearted or Crushed Candy) and a China Glaze Top Coat.

Do you think that's an OCC Lip Tar on the display pic?  Which shade are you most excited about?  I can't wait to try the purple!

Don't Stop Believin' - Gleek Out with Glee Mini 6 Piece Set from Sephora by OPI

Glee transcended from guilty pleasure to cult following.  I am home every Tuesday religiously!  Something about Glee just fills me with... glee?!  I seriously bursting with anticipation every week, so when I heard that Sephora by OPI was coming out with a lacquer collection for the show, I was thrilled.

 The six mini bottles.  Three are exclusive to this set.

Sephora by OPI launched 11 new, limited edition shades, three which are exclusive to the mini set.  I picked up the "6-pack" mini set, but I may have to go back for some of the other colors.  I really want Hell to the No, just for the name! 
 Gleek Out
A shimmering lime green micro glitter.  This took 3 coats for good coverage.
 Express Yourself to Yourself
A sparkling coral pink with raspberry shimmer.  This is a kit exclusive.  This also took 3 coats.
A bright blue creme that's a cross between torquoise and robin's egg blue.  This color is available in regular-sized bottle.
 Slushied with Celibacy Club on top.
 Miss Bossy Pants
A pretty raspberry with iridescent violet.  I feel like this is so electric to be a Rachel shade! 
 Miss Bossy Pants with Celibacy Club
What?  Rachel and Quinn together?  I am not sure it works in theory, but on the nails it's cute!  What do you think?
 Sue vs. Shue
A shimmering navy blue.  Is this the color of a Sue track suit or a Mr. Shue vest?  This is in the mini kit exclusive.   How would Sue feel about that?
 Right: Celibacy Club Left: China Glaze in Fairy Dust.
Celibacy Club is a top coat holographic mini micro-glitter.  This is also a kit exclusive.  I found this to be very similar to China Glaze's Fairy Dust, which has become slightly harder to find (though I believe it's going to be relaunched in an upcoming collection). 
 Right: Celibacy Club Left: China Glaze in Fairy Dust.
 Fairy Dust is slightly less dense and the glitter is finer than Celibacy Club.  
Right: Celibacy Club Left: China Glaze in Fairy Dust.

Glee 6 Piece Mini Kit is $24 and available at and at Sephora stores.

Who is your favorite Glee character?  Do you have a favorite song?  What's your favorite nail "mash-up"?

China Glaze Anchors Away Collection - Part 2 - Swatches and Photos


All aboard!  Here is the second round of swatches from China Glaze Anchors Away collection !  This collection is putting in the mood for tropical cocktails with umbrellas on a sunset cruise.  One of my favorite cruise/makeover movies is Now, Voyager starring Bette Davis. I could see her wearing a few of these colors.

If you missed Part 1, click here.  There are 12 new shades in total, ranging from shimmering white to navy blue.  Below are the berry, red, pink toned colors from the collection.

A bright jelly magenta with hot pink micro glitter suspended.  This is hawt!  One of my favorites from the collection.

 Hey Sailor
 Hey Sailor
An attention getting bright coral red creme.  I don't own Rescue Beauty Lounge's Bangin', which I believe is more of a jelly, but I think from photos they look similar. Unfortunately, I don't have a bottle for a comp.  I love this on nails and think it would really brighten up my toes (which need to come out of hibernation).
Life Preserver
 Life Preserver
Such a pretty, spring color!  A persimmon creme.  It's a cross between orange, red and coral. 
 Sunset Sail
 Sunset Sail
A soft peaches and cream shade with subtle pearly shimmer.  Uber girly.

A soft sandy shimmering champagne golden beige.  More nice than naughty.
 Below Deck
Below Deck
A deep greyed mauve creme.  A muted dark lilac shade.  Really pretty and sophisticated.  Less kitschy than the rest of the collection.  This is obviously for the black tie dinner on the cruise.

China Glaze Anchors Away is available at Ulta, Sally Beauty and salons nationwide.

Which ones do you like from this collection?  Have you ever been on a cruise? 

China Glaze Anchors Away Collection - Part 1 - Swatches and Photos


Sail away, sail away, sail away!  I am ready to set sail for spring with China Glaze Anchors Away Collection.  This 12 piece collection hosts cruise inspired colors.  So let's get ready to get our resort on.

If you want to see the other six colors from the collection, see our Part 2 here.

A mid-toned grass green creme.  This was actually one of my favorites from the collection.  Worlds apart from Four Leaf Clover from Up and Away collection. This is a Happy St. Patty's green.
A middle of the line classic navy blue.  Perfect for the seas!  A straight creme.
 Sea Spray
 Sea Spray
A soft periwinkle blue with very subtle shimmer.  This says spring to me, though in a whisper.
 Pelican Grey
 Pelican Grey
A creamy soft foggy grey with extremely subtle shimmer.  This isn't as blue as Sea Spray.
 White Cap
 White Cap
A sheer white with yellow gold mini-micro glitter (or really large shimmer, you decide).  This is 3 coats.  I would like to try this over 1 coat of pure white and see how that comes out.
A sheer bright yellow, illuminated with strong gold shimmer.  The above is 3 coats.  This was a surprise favorite of the collection for me.  I never know how yellow is going to play out, but I am loving this.

China Glaze is available at Ulta, Sally Beauty and salons nationwide. 

UPDATED: Part 2 is up.  Click here.

Happy New Year - 2011 Will Rock - A Look Back at 2010

Peace, Love, Beauty in 2011!

Happy New Year everyone!  Hope everyone's NYE was safe, happy and  most of all FUN!  We have a lot of high hopes for 2011. 

Not to dwell on the past, but we had to mention some of our favorite things from last year.  We are looking forward to all the exciting things in the world of beauty that 2011 has to offer.  We wish everyone the best this year.  Thank you so much for helping Beautyburg get off the ground in 2010, and we know that this is just the beginning of a really exciting future.  Beautyburg's New Year's Resolution is to try to be the best blog it can be!

So... Let's just revisit some of our favorite things from 2010.

These are in no particular order, and some products shown were not launched in 2010 but new to us that year.  For more detail click on the appropriate links to the reviews.

MAC Venomous Villains

E.L.F. HD Powder

OPI Shrek Collection - Fiercely Fiona on the right

Burberry - the makeup line

What were your favorite beauty items of 2010?  What are you looking forward to in 2011?  Do you have any beauty resolutions for 2011?

China Glaze Holiday 2010 Part 3 - 'Tis The Season To Be Naughty And Nice

Mistletoe Kisses

Merry Christmas!  I can't believe it's already almost the end of the year.  Where did the year go?  Here is the last part of our China Glaze Holiday collection coverage.  Overall, I really have to applaud China Glaze on making a holiday collection with something for everyone.  Classic reds, super funky glitters, interesting greens and blues, high quality foil metallics!  Keep up the good work! 

Now onto the colors, Mistletoe Kisses is a delicious mint apple jelly glitter.  A few shades lighter than pine but not really a classic holiday green.  A really festive color on the nail that draws a lot of attention, in a good way. 

 Mrs. Claus

Mrs. Claus is a vibrant punch pink jelly with pink glitter.  When did Mrs. Claus get so flirty?  This shade is so playful and fun.  I would wear this to a holiday party and well into the spring.

Peace on Earth

Peace on Earth is a golden olive green metallic.  I think this is such a lovely, grown-up take on Christmas green. 

If you missed Part 1 and Part 2, click on the following links:
Here for Part 1.
Here for Part 2.

My picks from this collection:
Jolly Holly
Mistletoe Kisses
Mrs. Claus
Mom Kissing Santa
Party Hearty (stock up)

China Glaze is available at Ulta, Sally Beauty and online at and Victoria's Nail Supply.

I hope everyone has a really good holiday!  Here is some holiday cheer from me and Marlowe!

"I was a really good elf this year."

"This is one tree I won't pee on... promise."

"I'm Santa's right hand man, dog, elf.  MERRY CHRISTMAS!" 

China Glaze Holiday 2010 'Tis The Season To Be Naughty And Nice - Part 2 Swatches

Jingle Bells

I know most of you are probably done and done with holiday collections by now, but I had been waiting to get a little closer to the actual holidays to post these.  Moving to the West coast recently, I am finding it difficult to deal with the lack of seasonality here!  I keep waiting for snow to fall, but I will probably have to travel to see that.  So... since the weather won't put me in the holiday spirit, I will have to leave it up to holiday collections!

One of my favorite this year has definitely been by China Glaze.  If you've missed Part 1 of this collection, click here.  I love how they've taken classic Christmas palette of red, green, gold and metallics and turned them into just excellent polishes that exemplify the season.

Jingle Bells - is a warm classic gold.  This is the color of brass jingle bells with their jingle-all-the-way shake, shake, shake.  It's the perfect backdrop for Party Hearty, my official glitter of this holiday season!

Jingle Bells + Party Hearty

Cheers to You

Cheers to You - is a cool frostbite silver metallic.  The application on this and the other metallics of this collection is just superb.  Two coats and you have a smooth opaque finish. 

Cheers to You + Party Hearty

Midnight Kiss

Midnight Kiss - is a lighter, paler gold.  It's less warm than Jingle Bells.  It reminds me more of champagne than brass. I could see this as being more universally flattering on most skintones (vs. Jingle Bells). 

Midnight Kiss + Party Hearty

Mom Kissing Santa

Mom Kissing Santa - is a shimmery cool poinsettia red.  Initially, I was confused and from the promo pics thought that this and Sugar Plums were the same color.  Vastly different!  Sugar Plum is different a cool plum tone with glitter where as Mom Kissing Santa is a striking holiday shimmery red.  I didn't think much of it in the bottle, but I loved it on the nail.  If you are someone that loves holiday shades but finds glitter and metallic frosts too much, I highly recommend this. 

Mom Kissing Santa with Party Hearty 

Party Hearty bottle shot.
Do holiday collections put you in a festive mood?  Which are your favorites from this collection?  If you missed Part 1, click here.

China Glaze Holiday 2010 'Tis The Season To Be Naughty And Nice - Part 1 Swatches

I love the idea of being Naughty and Nice.  Why can't we have it all?  China Glaze has done a great job playing up the idea of holiday without making it boring.  There are some twists on traditional shades and some surprising new colors that I'm sure will be classics (Party Hearty I'm talking about you).  Overall, a really fun collection.  I would definitely grab these colors for stocking stuffers or look into one of the gift sets as a present (for you or someone else).

A semi-sheer pearly shimmery pure white.  If Snow, the pure white creme offered in this collection, is too whitewhite for you... then Frosty is your answer.  Such a pretty and soft pearly pure white.  It was a great base for Party Hearty, the 3-color/multi-shape glitter top coat that is a part of this collection.  Below are photos with Party Hearty applied to complimentary shades from this collection.

 Frosty with Party Hearty

A pure creme white. Great application and pigmentation.  Got excellent, opaque coverage with two coats.  Works great as a base for Party Hearty or any other holiday top coat you may want to try.  The only other pure white I have is actually tinged slightly yellow, so I was happy to add this to my collection.
Snow with Party Hearty in 4 different applications.
Index 2 coats, Middle 1 coat, Ring tip gradient, Pinkie tip.

 Snow with Party Hearty in 4 different applications.
Index 2 coats, Middle 1 coat, Ring tip gradient, Pinkie tip.
 Ruby Deer
The brighter/lighter of the two reds. Creme but has that glow of a jelly. I loved this shade.  This one is especially festive with Party Hearty on top!

 Phat Santa
To me Ruby Deer is the color of Santa's suit and Phat Santa is the color of pointsetias.  (But that's just my opinion).  A bright, red's red creme.  This is the darker shade of the two.

Party Hearty over Ruby Deer
Isn't this fun?

Party Hearty over Ruby Deer 
Who is ready for a holiday party?
 Naughty and Nice
Love this burgundy, wine, vampy dark purple jelly.  Definitely a darker side of the holiday collection. 

  Naughty and Nice
I loved this color on my skin (NC35).  I would wear this for the holidays, Valentine's and well into spring and summer.

 Sugar Plums
Now this is something I really have to apologize for.  I try to do my best to always bring the best photo to my abilities to you... but here is an epic fail.  Sugar Plums is a gorgeous shimmery wine color with tiny multi-colored holographic glitter.  

Sugar Plums
Again, I am not doing this color justice. It's really gorgeous.  My photo is not.  An extra coat of top coat probably wouldn't have hurt either.

Jolly Holly
Gorgeous evergreen forest green with shimmer. I am absolutely in love with this green.  The application was excellent (probably could have done 1 coat), and the pigmentation was superb. Beware of staining upon removal.  I didn't really like this or it's sister, Little Drummer Boy, with Party Hearty on top.  It was a little too busy and took away from the beauty of these colors.  Definitely pretty enough to wear alone.

 Little Drummer Boy
This makes my heart beat.  A beautiful prussian blue shimmer.  This nail color should be on hands in a white fur muff a la Dr. Zhivago.  Not technically Christmas, but I think that's why I like it.  Again, like Jolly Holly, you may get staining upon removal, but don't let that deter you from this awesome color.

The rest of the collection is be posted shortly!  What do you think of this collection so far?   I didn't want to take off Jolly Holly.  What color is drawing you in?

Halloween Nail Polishes - China Glaze Ick A Body and Jordana Wicked

Halloween is definitely my favorite holiday of the year. People take time to think about their looks... including details like hair, makeup and of course nails. Nail color is a great way to be festive in an everyday way (for Halloween or any holiday).

Two fun polishes from this year's Halloween offerings are: China Glaze Ick A Body - a pumpkin orange chunky glitter with a thin black base; and Jordana Wicked - a black jelly with orange micro glitter suspended.

China Glaze Ick A Body (Index, Ring), Jordana Wicked (Middle, Pinkie)

China Glaze Ick A Body (Index, Ring), Jordana Wicked (Middle, Pinkie)

China Glaze Ick A Body (Index, Ring), Jordana Wicked (Middle, Pinkie)
I almost like wearing this alternating combination.

China Glaze Ick A Body (Index, Ring), Jordana Wicked (Middle, Pinkie)'
Are you jelly of this jelly? hehe

I purchased my China Glaze Ick A Body at TransDesign and my Jordana Wicked at Cherry Culture.

Orly It's Not Rocket Science with Comparisons

China Glaze Zombie Zest, SpaRitual Optical Illusion, Orly It's Not Rocket Science

Left to right: Orly, SpaRitual, China Glaze, China Glaze

Left to right: Orly, SpaRitual, China Glaze

Left to right: Orly, SpaRitual, China Glaze, China Glaze

From the photos would you call these dupes? I guess it all comes down to what micro level do you want to get down to. To the plain eye, and possibly a non-nail polish lover, they may all seem to be exact matches. But to those that are probably taking the time to look at a blog devoted to nail polish, they probably want to get to the nitty gritt. So that said, let's discuss the differences.

Orly - It's Not Rocket Science
  • Most opaque
  • Most shimmer and duochrome
  • Best application (two coats does it, three coats for *wow*)
SpaRitual - Optical Illusion
  • More olive, moss colored than the other three
  • Least concentration of shimmer, duochrome
  • Thinnest formula
China Glaze - Zombie Zest
  • Cheapest of the three
  • Finest shimmer, duochrome (more concentration than SpaRitual)
  • Thinner than Orly, better application than SpaRitual
I hope that this is helpful! My pick is the Orly and I think the China Glaze over black would look very pretty.