China Glaze Holiday 2010 'Tis The Season To Be Naughty And Nice - Part 2 Swatches

Jingle Bells

I know most of you are probably done and done with holiday collections by now, but I had been waiting to get a little closer to the actual holidays to post these.  Moving to the West coast recently, I am finding it difficult to deal with the lack of seasonality here!  I keep waiting for snow to fall, but I will probably have to travel to see that.  So... since the weather won't put me in the holiday spirit, I will have to leave it up to holiday collections!

One of my favorite this year has definitely been by China Glaze.  If you've missed Part 1 of this collection, click here.  I love how they've taken classic Christmas palette of red, green, gold and metallics and turned them into just excellent polishes that exemplify the season.

Jingle Bells - is a warm classic gold.  This is the color of brass jingle bells with their jingle-all-the-way shake, shake, shake.  It's the perfect backdrop for Party Hearty, my official glitter of this holiday season!

Jingle Bells + Party Hearty

Cheers to You

Cheers to You - is a cool frostbite silver metallic.  The application on this and the other metallics of this collection is just superb.  Two coats and you have a smooth opaque finish. 

Cheers to You + Party Hearty

Midnight Kiss

Midnight Kiss - is a lighter, paler gold.  It's less warm than Jingle Bells.  It reminds me more of champagne than brass. I could see this as being more universally flattering on most skintones (vs. Jingle Bells). 

Midnight Kiss + Party Hearty

Mom Kissing Santa

Mom Kissing Santa - is a shimmery cool poinsettia red.  Initially, I was confused and from the promo pics thought that this and Sugar Plums were the same color.  Vastly different!  Sugar Plum is different a cool plum tone with glitter where as Mom Kissing Santa is a striking holiday shimmery red.  I didn't think much of it in the bottle, but I loved it on the nail.  If you are someone that loves holiday shades but finds glitter and metallic frosts too much, I highly recommend this. 

Mom Kissing Santa with Party Hearty 

Party Hearty bottle shot.
Do holiday collections put you in a festive mood?  Which are your favorites from this collection?  If you missed Part 1, click here.