Inglot - My Freedom System Palettes Swatched

To continue my original post on Inglot (click here to view the intro), here are the palettes I created through their Freedom System. Warning PIC HEAVY!

Inglot Freedom System at their Times Square Store

My two palettes

This is one of the biggest sells! Tight, slim storage!

These magnets are super strong!

Other items that are available through the Freedom System.
I am interested in creating a brow powder and wax system!

My Haul (I also got lashes not pictured).

My neutral palette.

I wanted something that I could use as my go to for base shadows. I usually pick one bright or one smoky color and then look for neutrals to work with that one selected color.

The top right color is awesome. It's a sheer iridescent pink that will be awesome for mixing.

The top row of my neutral palette. You can see it's a mix of matte and shimmer.

The bottom row of my neutral palette. Mostly shimmer.

My "brights" palette.

Close up. Check out that GREEN!

Teal, purple, blue, yellow. I'm a happy camper.

Ka-Blam - look at this color payoff.

I wasn't even packing on the color. Very very very pigmented.

Now, just FYI, some of Inglot's eyeshadows do ***not*** come in the Freedom System. Some are sold individually as pans for $12 each, 2 grams and 0.07 oz. If you had seen my math breakdown in my intro post, you would know that each square of the 10 pan palette is 2.7 grams and 0.09 oz and costs $5 each (the palette is $50 for the 10 square). So unless you truly love the color, it doesn't really make sense in my opinion to buy these singles. This purple was just GORGEOUS, and I had to get it. Hard to find a purple like this that doesn't give you a bruised look.

Some more beautiful singles.

Here is the math breakdown again for Inglot Freedom System vs MAC:
Inglot Freedom System 10 square eyeshadow palette $50, $5 per eyeshadow, $55.55 per oz!
MAC eyeshadows $14.50 each for single or $11 for a pro pan, $290 or $220 per oz!

As of now, Inglot is open in Times Square and Las Vegas in the US. The makeup artist I spoke at the store said that they were opening locations at Garden State Plaza Mall in Paramus, NJ and another store in Soho, NYC. I'm glad to see Inglot expanding, as I am really starting to fall in love with their line.

Bummer is you can't order on their website, but the girls at the Time Square store are happy to take phone orders if you are interested.