Nars Vintage Nail Polish Swatches - Giveaway Reminder!!! Zulu, Full Metal Jacket and Midnight Express

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Here are swatches of the polishes in case you weren't sure if you wanted to enter.  But seriously, why wouldn't you!  Takes 1 sec!  Just need your email.. you can fill in the rest of the form for extra points.. but all you need to enter is an email address!

Zulu - dark jungle green jelly.

Full Metal Jacket - If Blue Steel were a nail polish... this would be it.
Silvery, blue toned, dark grey metallic.

Midnight Express - Prussian blue jelly.
I can definitely see why everyone went gaga for these polishes when they were re-released.  The colors are gorgeous, unique and have that understated, edgy glamor that is so Nars.  I used three coats on the swatches above.  The formulation on the jelly was slightly thick (but I kinda liked that) and on the metallic was thinner, which worked well for smooth brushstrokes.
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