BB Couture Eve from Infamous Lovers The Ladies Collection

Eve is a pewter and military green with emerald, kelly and gold glitters. I'm never that great at describing colors, but there is something about Eve (ever see that movie?). From the bottle, I knew that it was going to be a favorite from my order. I love to wear army green shades in my clothing, and it only seems natural that I am so drawn to this color.

Kim at Overall Beauty is such a pleasure to deal with. As a business owner, she has really taken steps to get in touch with her consumers and listen to them. I love ordering from her because you actually feel like a human in putting care into your package and really, really hoping that you are pleased.

Look at how excited we are about our order!! :)
Marlowe says "Which one first?"

Doesn't this say fall?

There is almost a jelliness to this.

You can see emerald, kelly, gold and pewter.

Eve and the entire collection of Infamous Lovers are available at Overall Beauty. I will be posting more from my haul.

Thanks for looking!