Rescue Beauty Lounge - "The Real Housewives of the Tudor Dynasty" Collection

I love Ji Baek. She just takes the idea of nail polish collection to a whole new level. It impresses me that RBL puts as much insight into the a seasonal collection as fashion designers do. "The Real Housewives of the Tudor Dynasty" Collection, according to the press release, is referencing the beauty of extravagant, opulent brocade fabrics. Nothing says Fall to me more than rich fabrics, and these nail polishes definitely capture the idea of shimmer and capturing light against a lush, dense background of creamy color.

Here are the photos of the four colors. Each applied gorgeously with 2 coats. I do recommend letting the coats dry completely before applying the second. I found with the shimmer-rich shades, it helped create a smoother looking canvas. (*note to self: probably good advice for all nail polish but I'm impatient. hehe These are worth the wait.).

Jane - bottle shot. Notice the shimmer in the bottle. It's barely noticeable on the nail, but the shimmer gives the shade a depth.

Jane on the nail.

Catherine H. - a beautiful peacock blue with purple shimmer.

Catherine H. - bottle shot. I got the most compliments while wearing this.

Catherine - a rich eggplant purple with pewter shimmer.

Catherine - don't they say that purple is the color of royalty? (or at least that's what I remember from my Sweet Valley High novels).

Anne - gunmetal pewter with green undertone and bronze, gold shimmer.

More Anne - slightly more golden in this photo.

Anne - bottle shot.

In this shot, you can see hints of purple in the shimmer. A really complex and decadent color. My pick for the collection.

The Real Housewives are available on Rescue Beauty Lounge's site for $18 in limited quantities. All dynasties fall at some point I guess, so I would buy now if you are interested in any of these shades.