Sugarpill ChromaLust Loose Eyeshadows - Swatches and Review

Open wide - Sugarpill time!

Shouldn't all medicine be this sweet?  I was really excited to place my first Sugarpill order recently.  I have been hearing only amazing things about the quality of their products, and I needed to try for myself.  Sugarpill Cosmetics is an indie line started by Amy Doan early this year.  You may recognize her as Shrinkle from Ebay or Twitter and have seen her really fun Etsy boutique where she sells vintage clothes and handmade, unique items!  Sugarpill is an extension of the aesthetic that Amy brings to the world with her funky vintage finds and designs.  Everything about it makes me happy and  smile.  This stuff is definitely NOT placebo!
My haul (more swatches to come).

I have been on a loose eyeshadow/pigment kick recently, so I will be review Sugarpill's ChromaLust Loose Eyeshadows first.  I purchased 4 shades, and I also got 1 free sample (sorry didn't swatch it).  Most of the color offerings from Sugarpill are vibrant, shimmery and pigmented.  This isn't a line for those that are looking for a "neutral" or "no makeup look," though I do think a lot of these products can be used for both extreme and natural beauty.
Click to enlarge and see ingredients.

Goldilux, dry (left) and wet (right) applied with MAC Mixing Medium.

Goldilux is a delicious gilded anitque warm gold.  Considering that I own literally hundreds, if not thousands, of eyeshadows, I think it's rather telling of how much I like something if I reach for more than 1x a week.  Well, I have used Goldilux several times since I received it.  Applied wet, it makes a gorgeous base for holiday gold looks. 


Magpie, dry (left) and wet (right) applied with MAC Mixing Medium.

Magpie is a shimmering cold prussian blue with a steel cast of silver.  This makes a really dramatic and interesting smoky eye. I have also been using this as a simple eyeliner.


Paperdoll, dry (left) and wet (right) applied with MAC Mixing Medium.

Paperdoll is a soft powdery shimmery lavender when applied dry, but wet, it turns into a deeper lilac purple.  Both are gorgeous!

Weekender, dry (left) and wet (right) applied with MAC Mixing Medium

Weekender is a cool joker purple with tons of shimmer.  I absolutely adore this applied wet!

Overall, I can see what everyone is gushing about.  The pigmentation, texture, application of these loose eyeshadows is definitely on par (or better than) many high end brands.  When I applied wet, I had absolutely no smudging or fading on my super greasy lids.

Let's geek out for a sec and do the math.
MAC Pigments $19.50 for 0.15 oz 4.5 grams = $130 per oz
Sugarpill Cosmetics $12.00 for 0.176oz 5 grams = $ 68.18 per oz

What I also appreciate is the detail that goes into each product design.  Notice how each shade has its own little symbol.  It's small details like this that make this line even more lovable to me.  I am not a doctor, but I think taking Sugarpill once daily definitely couldn't hurt!

ChromaLust Loose Eyeshadows are $12 each and you can purchase them on Sugarpill's site.  

What are your thoughts on this line?  Have you tried it?