$1.99 For An Eyeshadow Isn't Just Once Upon A Time - Essence Fairytale Eyeshadow in Fairy Berry and Humpty Dumpty

 Essence Fairytale Eyeshadow in Fairy Berry and Humpty Dumpty.

So for all my European friends who pout when we US girls flaunt our Wet N' Wild hauls, all you have to say is one word to throw the beauty bargain trump card back in our faces: "Essence."

Essence products are so cute and fun, and most importantly cheap!  Ulta carries some products, but their stock, or at least in the stores by me, are rather limited.  When I see a display, I ravage it.

That's exactly what I did recently when I saw the Fairytale limited edition collection display at my local Ulta.  I purchased 2 eyeshadows, 1 gloss, 4 nail polishes and 1 glitter eyeliner.  The eyeshadows are just such pretty fairy shades.  This soft purple and steely silver don't looked muddy on the eye.  What I like about these shades is that they are soft, girly and totally say spring without being pastel. 

 Fairy Berry and Humpty Dumpty.
  Fairy Berry and Humpty Dumpty.
 Fairy Berry - a shimmering cool grey purple with silver sparkle.
 Humpty Dumpty - a shiny grey steel silver.
Fairy Berry and Humpty Dumpty
 The display.

Essence Fairytale Eyeshadows are limited edition and available at Ulta stores.

OPI Ulta Exclusives Holi-Daze Collection - Gift of Gold and Plum Full of Cheer

 Gift of Gold
Happy New Year's Eve everyone!  As the year is coming to end, let's take a look at one of the last holiday collections from this year.

Here are two of the OPI Ulta Exclusives from the Holi-Daze Collection.  I missed out on the third color, as it was sold out, but these two were the ones I was more interested in anyway!  Hehe :)

Gift of Gold is a soft candlelit gold glitter spotted with tiny red micro glitter.  This isn't as Thanksgiving as FingerPaints' gold and red glitter offering Holly Good Time.  The vast majority of glitter is gold with a tiny, little droplet of red.

Plum Full of Cheer

Plum Full of Cheer is a blue red purple with gold shimmer.  It's a little more red/blue than other purples I own, and I think it looks gorgeous on the nail.  If you have an Ulta near you, I would definitely recommend checking them out.

A bottle shot, and a better look at the gold shimmer. 
The gold in this shade gives this color more depth.  Very pretty, not just for holiday. 

OPI Holi-Daze Colleciton is exclusive to Ulta and available in stores.

Do you have NYE plans?  What were some of your favorite OPI's for 2010?  Have a safe and festive New  Year!