Lancome Ombre Magnétique Eyeshadow from Ultra Lavande Spring 2011

Do you have a passion for purples?  Ultra-Lavande Ombre Magnétique.

So what elements of a makeup collection equate to excitement?  I think there are a few elements that add to the formula.  1. The packaging - Yes, I know you're not supposed to judge a book (or blush for that matter) by its cover, but it does add to the "want-it" factor.  2.  The colors -the shades has to compliment the seasonality and the concept, but also be eye-catching enough to inspire the ooohs and ahhhs. 3.  The products - they have to be good and perform.  Add these bits together and you get wantzzz it!

Lancome Ultra Lavande Collection for Spring 2011.

Here is Lancome Ultra Lavande Collection.  It perfectly equaled makeup collection excitement for me.   The packaging is to die for.  I love colors and one product stood out for me.

Aaron de Mey was inspired by Chez Régine's in Paris, a night club covered with silver and gold mirrors. Ombre Magnétique eyeshadow is meant to catch light like a disco ball.   I can't wait to do a pretty lavender look with this eyeshadow.   Leave a comment below if you have any suggestions for pairings.

Spectacular Sparkle - Extremely Long Wear Crease-Resistant.

This was very similar to some limited edition eyeshadows from Giorgio Armani that were released for holiday 2010.  See the review for them here.  I was impressed by the new technology in the formula.  It was literally something that I had never seen before!  These eyeshadows were a hybrid of wet/dry, cream/pressed eyeshadow.  The overall result was saturated color and smooth, long-wearing application.  Now Lancome repeats its version of those eyeshadow.  Lancome's version, Ombre Magnétique, are limited edition and available in four shade. These are slightly dryer.  Eyes to Kill Eyeshadows are  4g 0.14oz each at $32 ($228.5 per oz), and the Lancome is slightly cheaper at $25 for 3.5g, 0.12oz ($208.33 per oz).

Ingredients.  What makes it so vibrant?
Swatches: dry and wet with MAC Mixing Medium.
Lancome Ombre Magnétique  is $25 for 3.5g, 0.12oz and is available in three shades is available at and at Lancome counters nationwide.