MAC Peacocky Mega Metal Eyeshadows - Comparisons, Summary and Final Review!

Hand it to MAC to come out with fifteen limited edition eyeshadows all at once.  I'll keep this brief since there are a photos to get through.  Mega Metal eyeshadows are a new formulation of pressed eyeshadow created by MAC for the Peacocky collection.  They have great texture, color payoff, pigmentation.  They are large than regular MAC eyeshadow pans (3.4g, 0.11oz vs 1.5g, 0.05oz), and they are also more expensive, $19.50 each vs. $14.50 each.  However, they are a better value.  

Math Breakdown (Makeup Geek Out Time)
MAC Mega Metal Shadow $19.50 each for 3.4g, 0.11oz =  
$5.37 per gram, $177.27 per oz.
MAC Eye Shadow $14.50 each for 1.5g, 0.05oz =  
$9.66 per gram, $290 per oz.

But if you are like me and know that you will never finish a pan.  To save $, I would skip lighter, paler shades and go for the richer, more vibrant colors.  In summary, get these; you will be happy

Here are some comps for you.  I apologize in advance.  I don't own that many MAC perm colors.  I don't think I had ever felt before that I didn't have a lot of eyeshadows before, but when trying to comp, I really felt like I was in short supply.  I tried to keep these in the MAC world of eyeshadows, but many are LE or HTF (hard to find).  I just put this together for those who may have some of these past LE's and may want to skip colors because they own something similar.  But if you just love swatches, as I do, go ahead and knock yourself out too.

There went trying to keep things brief.  I'll be quiet now.  Enjoy the photos.  If you missed other swatches and pictures, here are the links:

*Unless noted, all of these eyeshadows swatched are by MAC.  Captions label swatches left to right.  Formulation is indicated when known.  If it's not there, then I wasn't sure (sorry!).
Peek-At-You, Gold Dusk (Pig.), Provence (Pig.), Femme-Fi (VP).

Prance, Shoreleve (VP), Shimmertime (Pig.), Your Ladyship (Pig.).

Dalliance, Retrospeck (L), Creme Royale (VP).

Paparazz-she, Firespot (VP), Off the Radar (Pig.), Rushmetal (Pig.).

Sexpectations, Bravado (VP), Star Violet (VP).

Tweet Me, Jardin Aires (Pig.), Melon (Pig.), YSL Eclat de Givre #2, Pink Bronze (Pig.).

Ego, Gulf Stream (F), Steel Blue (Pig.), Odalisque, Parrot (F), Teal (Pig.)

Dandizette, Silver Fog (F), Blue Flame (VP), Waft.

Noir Plum, Top Hat (SF), Satellite Dreams, Grape (Pig.). 

Mating Call, Stars & Rockets, Lotusland (SF).

Top of the Posh, Apricot Pink (Pig.), Revved Up (Pig.), Pink Venus (L), Gateaux (F).

Spectacle of Yourself, Chocolate Brown (Pig.), Goldstroke (Pig.)

Centre Stage, Magnetic Fields (VP), Mauvement (Pig.)

Unflappable, Smoke + Diamonds (SF), Moth Brown (F), Sweet Sienna (Pig.).

To Review:

MAC Mega Metal Shadow $19.50 each for 3.4g, 0.11oz are limited edition at MAC counters and
Pro: Pigmented, large pan, good value, great color payoff, lovely texture.
Con: (For some, the pro might be con) Large pan.  Limited edition. Paler shades don't have the same level of color payoff. Pricier than regular MAC shadows (albeit larger).
Overall Beautyburg Rating: A

MAC Peacocky Mega Metal Eyeshadows - More Swatches in Natural Light

More Mega Metal!

If you guys still need help deciding on MAC Peacocky Mega Metal eyeshadows, I thought I would take some quick swatches in natural light for you all.  

If you missed the product shots and original swatches, click here for the post. 

Mega Metal eyeshadows are Limited edition. $19.50 each for 3.4g 0.11oz.  Available at MAC counters and

  Peek-At-You, Prance, Dalliance.

  Paparazz-she, Sexpectations, Tweet Me.

  Ego, Odalisque, Dandizette.

 Noir Plum, Mating Call, Top of the Posh.

Spectacle of Yourself, Centre Stage, Unflappable.

Click here for more swatches and product shots.

Do any of these colors call out at you?  What do you think of the larger pan size?

MAC Peacocky Mega Metal Eyeshadows - Pan Shots and Swatches - PIC HEAVY!


Today with the release of MAC's Peacocky collection come 15 new limited edition eyeshadows in a new formula called Mega Metal.  These are pressed eyeshadows, not creme like Metal-X.  I just got my package this afternoon, so I haven't had much time to play with them.  However, just from swatching I can tell that these are something to get excited about.  Super richly pigmented, great soft creamy powder texture and some really unique, fun shades.
There are a lot of photos here, so I'll shut up for now.  I'll try to post some swatches in the sun/natural light tomorrow and some comps.  Remember, click to enlarge any photo.

 Peek-At-You, Prance, Dalliance

 Paparazz-she, Sexpectations, Tweet Me

 Ego, Odalisque, Dandizette

Noir Plum, Mating Call, Top of the Posh

Spectacle of Yourself, Centre Stage, Unflappable

Mega Metal Eyeshadows are part of MAC's Peacocky collection.  Limited edition. $19.50 each for 3.4g 0.11oz.  Available at MAC counters and