Milani Infinite Liquid Eyeliner in Unlimited - Photos, Swatches, Review

 Milani Infinite Liquid Eyeliner in Unlimited 

When Milani does something right, it's usually really right.  My bff and I had a long discussion about liquid vs. felt tip eyeliners.  She has been using a product from L'Oreal for over 10 years.  I love the intensity of liquid eyeliners and creating sharp beautiful cateyes, but I had never been a fan of the brush applicators that usually came with them.  Felt tip always "felt" as if they had more control to me, and I never find that the long, fine tip brush applicators were actually that precise.  The brush part felt almost too long for my eyes, and most times, the brush applicator frayed.

But her devotion to liquid eyeliner inspired me to re-examine them.  Milani launched a few new shades for their Infinite Liquid Eyeliner product.  I purchased Unlimited, a deep matte brown.  I didn't get excited to see the long brush applicator to be honest.  But the bristles from this brush applicator seem to hold its shape better than what I remember of the L'Oreal one, which would get a few stray stragglers.

What impressed me most was the color.  The brown shade is a rich, dark brown that I'm loving.  The durability is excellent.  Once dry, it does not budge.  You should really use an oil-based remover to get it off.

Am I a liquid liner convert yet?  Milani Infinite Liquid Eyeliner has been great for lining close to my lashline.  I may try this with my own brushes instead of the applicator to create a serious cat eye.  I think I'll get better and more precise results.  But I think I am going to suggest this one to my friend.  I think she's appreciate how thick and smoothly the formula applies.  I'll get back to you if she tries it.  I would love to know what a liquid liner devotee would think of this.

 Long pointed brush applicator.  Using it for 2 weeks and no fraying yet.

Such a rich dark brown.  Love it.

Milani Infinite Liquid Eyeliner is $5.99 at and at drugstores nationwide.

Do you like liquid liner?  Do you find it hard to use?  Or you feelin' felt tips?

My Eyebrows Are Nuts For Nars Coconut Grove Single Eyeshadow

 Nars Coconut Grove Single Eyeshadow

Now, my eyebrows can be summed up in one word: pathetic.  They are sparse, thin, flimsy and with no strong, natural defining shape.  I grew up in the 90's and wanted to have Cindy Crawford eyebrows (and mole too).

So with that said, I have always had to fill in my brows, and I'm always on the look out for my favorite eyebrow filler.  For a while I used MAC's eyebrow pencil in Lingering, which is a very taupe.  Then I moved onto MAC's eyeshadow in Espresso.  I also have used products from Anastasia's line.  However, I was always looking for that perfect brown that was dark, but not too dark, without any red in it.

Then came Coconut Grove.  Now $23 is more than I like to pay for a single eyeshadow, but when you consider how little you need to use to fill in both brows, I don't mind shelling out the cash.  Coconut Grove launched with Nars' Fall 2010 collection, but thankfully this dark brown matte taupe is perm!  It always makes a great liner when used wet.

 This shape is uber pigmented!
Simple eye with Coconut Grove on the brows.

NARS Coconut Grove Single Eyeshadow is $23 for 0.07oz, 2.2g and is available at and

Maybelline New York Unstoppable Highlighter in Fluffy Cloud - Limited Edition for Spring 2011

Maybelline New York's Unstoppable Highlighter in Fluffy Cloud

Right when I had lost my favorite MAC Chroma pencil, I found Maybelline's  Unstoppable Highlighter in Fluffy Cloud with their limited edition display for Spring 2011 featuring products used during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.  This white eyeliner (though labeled highlighter and probably multi-purpose) was exactly what the doctor ordered.  There was even a $1 off coupon with the display!  Yay!

I just had assumed that this product was going to be a shimmering white retractable pencil  that I could use to highlight the inner corners of my eyes.  Well, like mom said, don't just assume.  I opened the top when I got home and was surprised to see that it was a pretty matte white.  Weird right?   But this actually turned out to work out better.  I have been using it a lot for many of my looks inspired by spring flowers.  See my Sakura-themed look here and more coming soon.

I'm pretty happy with my purchase, but I'm sad to see that this is limited edition.  It stays on the lower waterline really well and applies very opaque white.  I might have to go pick up another one from the display.  If you see it, act fast because there are only two per display and these are limited edition!

Do you use white eyeliner?  Are you ever surprised to open a product and get something different from what you thought?

Eyeliner Road Test! Giorgio Armani vs. Stila vs. Tarte - New Video!

 Eyeliners from our road test.

Eyeliner technology has really advanced.  I used to never be able to wear eyeliner for fear of raccoon eyes, but the chemistry that goes into these products has really improved.  Waterproof isn't just a dream anymore.  Some products really do resist smudges, tearing and actually stay put.  I took three different brands with similar gel-style formulas and tested them against each other.  See the video to see who won!

Giorgio Armani's La Femme Bleue Long Wear Waterproof Eye Pencils are limited edition for Spring 2011.  KarlaSugar raved about these, so I had to check them out for the road test.  These are $27 each, which seems pricey for an eyeliner, but considering how much product you actually get in comparison with these other two brands, it's actually a better value.

Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eyeliner and Tarte emphasEYES Aqual-Gel Eyeliner both boast long wear and high pigmentation.  But, if you watch the video, you will see that the Armani beats them out in value and beats the Tarte in wear.

Let's geek out for a moment and do a math break down:
Giorgio Armani - $27 for 0.04oz, 1.2g = $22.50 per gram
Stila - $20 for 0.01oz, 0.28g = $71.42 per gram
Tarte - $18 for 0.003oz, 0.1g = $180 per gram

 We tried them out.... check the video for results!

  Black, Bark Brown, Leaf Green.
 Black, Bark Brown, Leaf Green.
GA's Bark Brown on the eye.

Giorgio Armani La Femme Bleue Long Wear Waterproof Eye Pencils are $27 for 0.04oz, 1.2g and available at

Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eyeliner is $20 for 0.01oz at and

Tarte emphasEYES Aqual-Gel is $18 for 0.003oz, 0.1g at and

R U RCR? Red Carpet Ready? Stila E! Live From The Red Carpet Glamour Goddess Palette - Photos, Review and Swatches

Stila E! Live from the Red Carpet set in Glamour Goddess.

Want to be red carpet ready?  Whether it's for a party, a night out, a night in or just doing errands, we always want to look beautiful and glamorous.  But to be red carpet ready (RCR from now on), most celebs have an entire entourage to look good, but people like you and me have a team of me, myself and I.  However, in the famous words of Tim Gunn, we make it work

Stila E! Live from the Red Carpet Collection consists of three limited edition palettes exclusively for Ulta.  Each set is valued at over $100 but retails for $25.  Not a bad price considering what you get.  Glamour Goddess comes with a full sized Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner in Lionfish, a bronze brown with copper shimmer, which is normally $20.

Getting RCR is pretty easy with these shimmery neutrals.  The eyeshadows are pretty and smooth in texture.  I think they would work with most skin tones and for natural or dramatic looks.  The eyeliner helps take the look from day to night.  Kitten, all over shimmer, is a pretty shimmer, but a little too frosty for me.   Glamour is one of Stila's famous convertible colors for lips and cheeks in a pretty azalea shade.  I have never been a fan of palettes that mix powders and creams in the same area.  Powder gets stuck in the cream, and it gets all gunky.  But overall, the value outweighs that minor fault. 

Are you red carpet ready?

6 eyeshadows, 1 shimmer powder, 1 convertible color and 1 eyeliner. 

Eyeshadows, a mix of shimmer and matte shades.

Eye Shadow shades include:
- Glitz - pale golden beige, base shade
- On the List - pearly beige, lid shade
- Golden - warm gold, liner shade
- Flash - light peach with shimmer, base shade
- Star - bronzy peach, lid shade
- Glam - deep bronze, liner shade

Getting radiant.
Getting cheeky.

The palette also includes:
- All Over Shimmer Powder in Kitten
- Convertible Color in Glamour
- Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner in Lionfish

Get RCR!
Love this liner.
Super pigmented.  I will review this in Stingray (the black shade) later.
 These are super long lasting.  Look for an upcoming review.

So if you want to get, RCR on a budget, you may want to check these out Stila E! Live From The Red Carpet sets for $25.  They are available at and at Ulta stores.

Make Up For Ever 12 Flash Color Case - Swatches, Photos and Review - Do You Have An Inner Artist?

Make Up For Ever 12 Flash Color Case
This is a carte blanche on makeup artistry imagination.

Whether you are a serious makeup artist or just a makeup lover who likes to play, you need this.  Make Up For Ever 12 Flash Color Case is a kit of 12 cream color bases that virtually leaves you with an open invitation into explore your makeup imagination.  Even if it's something simple like darkening a lipgloss or creating an eyeshadow base, this kit empowers me to feel creative and inspires me to dig deep into my artist side.

This isn't a kit that you use for a five minute face.  While the posibilities for what can be done with these 12 little colors is almost limitless, you will need to allow yourself time to play with this.  The products here require mixing, blending, thinning, sheering, sealing, etc.  If you feel stumped as to how to use this, here are some simple examples: eyeliner, eye shadow base, cream blush, lipstick, foundation corrector, face painting,  lipgloss corrector, highlighter, etc.  Please leave a comment below if you would like to see posts on different ways to use this kit.  I would definitely be up for the challenge!

Some may not use the value in something that you can't just grab to put a look together.  Yes, this is a pricey product, but I see the value of this kit in two places.  First, the cream color bases themselves are superb.  Thick, extremely pigmented, soft and creamy in texture.  These creams are extremely smooth upon application and rich in color.   I would be surprised if someone, other than a very active pro, could use this whole thing.  A little goes a super long way.  This is high quality stuff here!  Everything is blendable, layerable, mixable.  The second reason for value is the infinite number of uses for these colors.  Lips, eyes, face, cheeks, body.  Dream it and with time, tools and maybe a little water or mixing mediums, it can happen.

There is a reason that this falls out of stock so often at SephoraMUFE 12 Flash Color Case is an amazing and inspiring product for any makeup lover.

These metallic shades are intense!
Need to color correct a lipstick?  Try adding some of these.
The black is insanely dark.
Notice that some colors are not meant to be used on lips or eyes.  Patch test! 
Swatched on NC35.  Utterly pigmented.
 Two looks I created with MUFE's 12 Flash Color Case based on Black Swan.  For full detail on the looks, click here.

To Review:
Make Up For Ever 12 Flash Color Case is $95 for 70g, 2.46oz at and the MUFE studio in NYC, (212) 925-9548.
Pro: The possibilities are limitless.  High quality products that have unlimited uses.  Can offer quick fixes for everyday makeup needs.
Con: Pricey.  Often OOS at Sephora and a wait to get it.  More of an artist tool.  May be a little intimidating (but seriously get over and get this product.  You will have so much fun playing with it.)
Overall Beautyburg Rating: A

What would you do with the 12 Flash Color Case? Would you like to see some posts on how to use this product? 

NYX Super Skinny Eye Marker - Photos and Swatches - Is Eyeliner Essential To You?

NYX Super Skinny Eye Marker

There was a time, back when I first started wearing eye makeup (this is high school but if mom asks, it was college), when I never even considered eyeliner.  Then I started learning more about makeup, experimenting with makeup techniques.  I learned that eyeliner is **essential**!  Eyeliner can make you look more awake.  Eyeliner can make your eyelashes look thicker.  I need to wear eyeliner, and now, it's unfathomable that there was a time I wasn't wearing eyeliner everyday.

Today to me, nothing is as dramatic and elegant as a beautiful lined eye.  Gel, pencils, kohls, cake, powders... I love them all.  One of my favorite types of eyeliner are pens.  The reason why I like them is that you can get a super fine point and get really close to the lash line.

NYX  has recently released two new felt tip eye liner markers.  I purchased NYX Super Skinny Eye Marker to get close to my lashes and for more control.   I purchased this to see how it would match up with my MAC version, MAC Penultimate Eye Liner, $16.50 1.0g, 0.03oz.  I was slightly disappointed with the MAC version.  At first, I had a nice line, but after a couple applications, the MAC one dried out and lost the intensity.  It was a pleasant surprised when I first swiped the NYX SSEM; it was SO inky black!  It was so completely pigmented and black blackest black.  I have had this eyeliner for over a month and no dry out so far.  It's still as dark and dramatic as the day I took it out of box.  Also it's almost half of the price of the MAC.

Super Skinny Eye Marker, a felt tip liquid eyeliner pencil. 
The fine point.
 Inky black line.

NYX Super Skinny Eye Marker is $9 for  0.036fl.oz, 1.1ml and is available at  

Is eyeliner essential to you?  Do you have to wear eyeliner when you wear eye makeup?  

MAC Stylishly Yours Dark Diversion Fluidline - Swatches

Dark Diversion. 

Happy Friday everyone!  This is a late post.  So much great stuff coming out recently, but I need to get caught up on some MAC stuff.  Here is Dark Diversion, a limited edition Fluidline from the Stylishly Yours Collection.  I'm glad to see so many new Fluidline colors lately!  I really like MAC's formula, though my favorite is Inglot (but that's not as accessible in the US).  The liner really glides on the eyelid, and once the gel dries, it's there all day.  This is such a pretty shade of dark burgundy.  A not too red, deep dark wine.

 The pot.  Notice the shimmer.

Dark Diversion swatched.

Dark Diversion is $15 for 2.5g, 0.08oz and available at MAC counters and

What would you wear this with?  Do you stick to black and brown liners or like color? 

Covergirl Liquiline Blast Eyeliner in Violet Voltage 440 - Swatches and Comparisons

 Covergirl Liquiline Blast Eyeliner in Violet Voltage.

I don't think I actually started wearing eyeliner until my early 20s.  Prior to that, I couldn't deal with eyeliners.  They always smudged and left me with raccoon eyes.  This was the era before the great revelation of eye primers.  Since then, makeup and my techniques for application has really improved.  Eyeliners have made really great leaps in the technology that goes into their formula.  The ones that I like now glide on and are more gel-like in formula.  There is less of that hard, waxiness that can pull and tug at the eye.  The biggest improvement is that they don't transfer to my undereye area.  With Asian eyes and greasy eyelids to boot, this had always been a problem.  Now the best formulas really stay put.

Covergirl's Liquiline Blast Eyeliner is one of these pencils that I'm talking about.  The best part is that they are very similar to their high end counterparts, like Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eyeliners, but are under $10 and are highly accessible at drugstores and large chain stores nationwide.  I have even seen big sets at CostCo!

Liquiline Blast comes in six shades.   My favorites are Brown Blaze (not shown) and Violet Voltage.  I love these two because they are simple, *flat*, matte colors that are well-pigmented with easy application.  I can add shimmer, glitter on top of the liner if I desire, or just keep is simple and neutral. 

Left to right: Covergirl Violet Voltage, NYX Purple Velvet, Sue Devitt Kilimanjaro, Urban Decay 24/7 1999, Chanel Long-Lasting Eyeliner Violine.

I love how Violet Voltage is a flat, no shimmer/no glitter, deep eggplant purple.  Yes, there is a lot of red in this shade, which might be undesirable for some.  But I find it flattering, and I like it with my brown eyes and NC35 coloring.
Top to bottom:NYX Purple Velvet, Sue Devitt Kilimanjaro, Urban Decay 24/7 1999, Chanel Long-Lasting Eyeliner Violine.
Have you tried Covergirl Liquiline Blast Eyeliner?  What is the eyeliner pencil that you are using at the moment?

MAC + Mickey Contractor - Fluidlines in Ivy and Siahi

 Siahi and Ivy, new limited edition Fluidlines from MAC + Mickey Contractor. 

  Siahi and Ivy.

C'mon MAC!  Two launches in 1 day?  This is a trend that is considerably hurting wallet.  Not that I'm complaining.  MAC + Mickey Contractor and Peacocky are two collections that I have been actually pumped about!  To add to the excitement are two new Fluidline colors.  I love Fluidline's gel formula.  Blacktrack and Dipdown are every day staples for me.  I think they glide on better on the lid better than Bobbi Brown gel liners for me, and their wear is really long-lasting, especially when sealed with powdered eyeshadow.

Siahi and Ivy are two limited edition Fluidlines from the MAC + Mickey Contractor collection.  Siahi is a shimmering turquoise blue, and Ivy is a bright grass green.  I cannot wait to use these with the new Mega Metal eyeshadows.  Check out this post to see swatches.

Siahi and Ivy are $15 each for 2.5g 0.08oz and at a limited number of MAC counters and

How would you wear these Fluidlines?  What would you pair them with? 

Urban Decay Book of Shadows Volume III - UD Hearts NYC - Swatches and Review - Holiday Gift Guide

 Urban Decay Loves NYC as much as me!

Another product to consider for our Holiday Gift Guide is Urban Decay's third rendition of highly popular, limited edition Book of Shadows series.  Last year's Alice BOS (Book of Shadows), still shows up on Ebay for x3+ it's original retail price.  This year's version is still readily available, though probably not forever.

I was really impressed with the quality of these shadows.  Not a gritty or dry shadow in the bunch.  All applied very smoothly with great pigmentation (yes, even the ones with chunky glitter).  The pencils and PP (Primer Potion) are classics and will be used up probably before you get close to hitting the pan on any of these shadows.

This would be a great kit for someone who loves vibrant colors.  Not for someone looking for a "neutral" kit, obviously. 

My only complaint about this palette is that I wish they had altered some of the shadow names to be more about NYC (as they did with Alice).  I just think it adds to the theme... but that's no biggie.

This set contains:
16 x 0.03 oz uber pigmented eyeshadows (see swatches below, 7 shades are new)
2 x 0.03 oz 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils
0.13 oz Mini Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Original

$54 available at Sephora, Ulta,

Zero and Ransom

What combinations would you put together?
Any colors that strike out at you?

To Review:
Pros: Excellent pigmentation.  The standard of texture has be up'ed a few levels. Go-to pencils and eyeshadow primer. Super cute illustrations and packaging design.
Cons: No NYC-themed names.

Overall Rating: A

Wish Come True - Smashbox - Wish For The Perfect Pencils Kit Review - Holiday Gift Guide Series

Smashbox Wish For the Perfect Pencils Kit

Continuing with our Holiday Gift Guide series, here is a great idea for a small gift or a good stocking-stuffer. Smashbox ish For the Perfect Pencils is a kit containing 4 waterproof, long-wearing Limitless eyeliners. The colors are Graphite (shimmering charcoal grey), Orchid (deep purple), 14K (not gold as you would think, more of a light champagne shimmer), Onyx (standard black). These shades are extremely wearable for all skintones. They are not as "gel" like as Urban Decay 24/7 liners but go on very smoothly and have good pigmentation. I didn't find smudging, and I have seriously greasy lids.

Smashbox Wish For the Perfect Pencils Kit is available at Sephora, Ulta and

This set contains:
- 4 x 0.03oz Limitless Eye Liners

This is not a shabby deal considering that a single Smashbox Limitless Eye Liner, size 0.04 oz, retails for $16 each and you are getting 0.12 oz in this kit for the same price!

BONUS!!! A gift within a gift!
Another plus is that Smashbox will donate $1 of every purchase up to $25,000 to Children's Miracle Network, a non-profit organization that grants the wish of life by providing medical care, life-saving research and on-going education to help millions of kids overcome diseases and injuries of every kind.
Not bad huh?!

4 wearable shades.

The Limitless Eye Liner singles come with a sharpener in the cap, but these do not.

Top to bottom: Graphite, Orchid, 14K, Onyx.
Smooth application.

Pros: Great value, good product, wearable colors, long-lasting, helping charity.
Cons: No sharpener.
Overall Rating: A