MAC Peacocky Mega Metal Eyeshadows - More Swatches in Natural Light

More Mega Metal!

If you guys still need help deciding on MAC Peacocky Mega Metal eyeshadows, I thought I would take some quick swatches in natural light for you all.  

If you missed the product shots and original swatches, click here for the post. 

Mega Metal eyeshadows are Limited edition. $19.50 each for 3.4g 0.11oz.  Available at MAC counters and

  Peek-At-You, Prance, Dalliance.

  Paparazz-she, Sexpectations, Tweet Me.

  Ego, Odalisque, Dandizette.

 Noir Plum, Mating Call, Top of the Posh.

Spectacle of Yourself, Centre Stage, Unflappable.

Click here for more swatches and product shots.

Do any of these colors call out at you?  What do you think of the larger pan size?