RMK Spring Shimmer 2011 Haul and Swatches

RMK Spring Shimmer Collection for Spring 2011.  
I rocked this look in the 80's.  Flammable windbreak and all.
My RMK haul!  Thanks Hubs!

A quick word on Japanese makeup.  Don't we love things we can't have?  Thinking about hard to get items sometimes make me want them so much more.  If you saw my post about Japanese magazines over the weekend, I just have a soft spot for some of these lines.  I love the colors and textures, and usually the packaging is just adorable.  However, one thing that has turned me off in recent years is the price.  Japanese makeup in general just tends to be more expensive than in the US.  Also with the exchange rate and the weakened dollar, it's easier to appreciate the things you have at home. 

But I was delighted when my husband brought back a haul for me from his recent trip to Taiwan.  It was really thoughtful of him!  Here are some of the items he picked out which are from RMK's spring collection.

RMK Ingenious Powder Eyes in SH-08 Shiny Gray.  A shimmering blue grey.
RMK Ingenious Powder Eyes in ME-01 Metallic Silver. A chunky silvery white.
RMK Ingenious Powder Eyes in SH-01 Shiny Brown Gold.
RMK Ingenious Powder Eyes in ME-02 Metallic Gold. A chunky light gold.
Crayon & Powder Eyes new for Spring 2011 in 02.  Here's the crayon side.
Crayon & Powder Eyes new for Spring 2011 in 02.  Here's the powder side. 

I was surprised that this was the most expensive item from the haul.  I definitely don't think it's worth the $50+ that it translate into (and neither did my hub).  But the green is so pretty, and I can already think of quite a few uplifting possibilities for spring looks!

Swatches.  Click to enlarge.

Left to right: Crayon and Power, SH-08 Shiny Grey, ME-01 Metallic Silver, SH-01 Shiny Brown Gold, ME-02 Metallic Gold.

RMK is available in Asia, but for those in the US and worldwide, try Ichibanko.com which accepts PayPal.