Sugarpill 4 Color Palette in Sweetheart - Yes, I'm Addicted to Pretty - Review and Swatches

Totally addicted, to pretty that is.  Mirrored palette with box.

Palette closed with the box. 

After talking about Bobbi Brown in my last post, there is nothing more on the other side of the spectrum than the wild, fun, totally unique shadows from Sugarpill Cosmetics.  In case you missed my earlier post, Sugarpill Cosmetics is a line of fun, vibrant makeup created by Amy Doan, aka Shrinkle.  She created this line to compliment her own funky aesethic, check her Etsy shop here, and has had thousands taking their doses of Sugarpill daily.  

You heard me already gush about the quality of Sugarpill's ChromaLust Loose Eyeshadow line, but I seriously wondered how the pressed eyeshadows held up.  Let's just say I was not disappointed.  They are uber pigmented and velvety smooth, not chalky.  The pressed eyeshadows range in matte and semi-pearly sheens.  They aren't as super sparkly or shimmery as the loose eyeshadows, but they pack the same ka-pow amount of pigmentation.

The back of the box with ingredients.

Are you Addicted to Pretty?
The illustration on the box is so adorable!  I couldn't bare to get rid of it.  

Left to Right: Dollipop, Afterparty, Midori, and Tako.

Swatched dry (no base).  Do you see how seriously pigmented these shadows are?!  If you love love bright, you will love Sugarpill.  I would like to try these colors in a subtle look, just for a challenge.  These colors have such a great texture and are so blendable.   I think the only thing stopping is my imagination and impulse.  When I see color, I usually just want to go all out there!!!

Dollipop - matte bright pink.
Afterparty - Smurf blue with pearly sheen.
Midori - apple green with pearly sheen.
Tako - matte white white that's really white and not sheer, white, pearly.
$34 for 1 mirrored palette, pans are 4 grams 0.14 oz each

These colors are also available as singles on Sugarpill's site, but get the palette!  It's a better deal ($48 value for $34).  

 Dollipop, Afterparty.

Midori, Tako.

My Sugarpill haul.
If you missed my review of my ChromaLust Loose Eyeshadow haul, click here.  Here is the gist: they are awesome.

To Review:
Sugarpill 4 Color Palette in Sweetheart from Addicted to Pretty Collection
Pro: PIG-MENT-TED!  Soft velvety texture.  Applies smoothly.  Adorable design.
Con: Limited distribution.  Only available on the Sugarpill site, but they ship worldwide and packaged with care!  Only for those who love bright shades.
Overall Beautyburg Rating: A