Sugarpill Burning Heart Palette - Addicted To Pretty!! Photos, Swatches and Review

My Burning Heart Palette. 

Should I call my doctor? I think I'm hooked on Sugarpill.  Every time I try a product from their line, I just get blown away.  I wish all my eyeshadows were like this.  Their pigmentation is stupendous, and it just puts other eyeshadows to shame.  Their quality really sets the bar for me now. 

I know it doesn't fit with the concept of the line, but I wish Sugarpill would make all kinds of shades, including neutrals.  Just to show other companies how it's done.

I recently picked up Sugarpill's Burning Heart palette from their Birthday sale (Happy Bday btw!).  I was giddy with joy when the package arrive.  Amy, aka Shrinkle, puts so much thought into every detail of your Sugarpill experience.  The box had an adorable kitten on it, and inside it was filled with bright pink tissue, a nice card featuring two models adorned in Sugarpill, a glitter sticker and my adorable purchases!

Love this packaging.

Flamepoint - orange olé!  Such a bold and bright orange.  This color does not disappoint.  It's a ridiculous, rich matte orange.  I can't wait to create a tropical sunset look with this color.

Buttercupcake - Usually yellows you really have to pack on to have any sort of color pay-off.  But not this one.  This tasty yellow is so sunny and bright!  It was great to see a  yellow with so much pay-off.

Love+ - This is a red alert red!  I know it seems as if I'm a broken record, but I have to say again... these colors are SO pigmented.  This shade has a hint of shimmer, but I wouldn't call it a shimmer or frost shade.  There is such an intensity to this shade.

Poison Plum - Now, compared to other eyeshadows by other companies, this is pigmented, but in comparison to the other colors of this palette it is definitely a little less intense.  However, it still has excellent color payoff.  I have been using this shade quite a bit recently.  It works well with my Sweetheart palette too.  See the review of that one here.

I knew I would be pleased with my purchase, but the shock of color from these shades (especially the orange, red and yellow) just added to my delight.  If you love brights, you need this.  'Nuff said.

Swatches!  Ridiculous!
How would you pair these shade?  What kind of look would you create?
Sugarpill's Burning Heart Palette is $34 for 4g, 0.14oz x 4 and available at