Don't Stop Believin' - Gleek Out with Glee Mini 6 Piece Set from Sephora by OPI

Glee transcended from guilty pleasure to cult following.  I am home every Tuesday religiously!  Something about Glee just fills me with... glee?!  I seriously bursting with anticipation every week, so when I heard that Sephora by OPI was coming out with a lacquer collection for the show, I was thrilled.

 The six mini bottles.  Three are exclusive to this set.

Sephora by OPI launched 11 new, limited edition shades, three which are exclusive to the mini set.  I picked up the "6-pack" mini set, but I may have to go back for some of the other colors.  I really want Hell to the No, just for the name! 
 Gleek Out
A shimmering lime green micro glitter.  This took 3 coats for good coverage.
 Express Yourself to Yourself
A sparkling coral pink with raspberry shimmer.  This is a kit exclusive.  This also took 3 coats.
A bright blue creme that's a cross between torquoise and robin's egg blue.  This color is available in regular-sized bottle.
 Slushied with Celibacy Club on top.
 Miss Bossy Pants
A pretty raspberry with iridescent violet.  I feel like this is so electric to be a Rachel shade! 
 Miss Bossy Pants with Celibacy Club
What?  Rachel and Quinn together?  I am not sure it works in theory, but on the nails it's cute!  What do you think?
 Sue vs. Shue
A shimmering navy blue.  Is this the color of a Sue track suit or a Mr. Shue vest?  This is in the mini kit exclusive.   How would Sue feel about that?
 Right: Celibacy Club Left: China Glaze in Fairy Dust.
Celibacy Club is a top coat holographic mini micro-glitter.  This is also a kit exclusive.  I found this to be very similar to China Glaze's Fairy Dust, which has become slightly harder to find (though I believe it's going to be relaunched in an upcoming collection). 
 Right: Celibacy Club Left: China Glaze in Fairy Dust.
 Fairy Dust is slightly less dense and the glitter is finer than Celibacy Club.  
Right: Celibacy Club Left: China Glaze in Fairy Dust.

Glee 6 Piece Mini Kit is $24 and available at and at Sephora stores.

Who is your favorite Glee character?  Do you have a favorite song?  What's your favorite nail "mash-up"?