Don't Stop Believin' - Gleek Out with Glee Mini 6 Piece Set from Sephora by OPI

Glee transcended from guilty pleasure to cult following.  I am home every Tuesday religiously!  Something about Glee just fills me with... glee?!  I seriously bursting with anticipation every week, so when I heard that Sephora by OPI was coming out with a lacquer collection for the show, I was thrilled.

 The six mini bottles.  Three are exclusive to this set.

Sephora by OPI launched 11 new, limited edition shades, three which are exclusive to the mini set.  I picked up the "6-pack" mini set, but I may have to go back for some of the other colors.  I really want Hell to the No, just for the name! 
 Gleek Out
A shimmering lime green micro glitter.  This took 3 coats for good coverage.
 Express Yourself to Yourself
A sparkling coral pink with raspberry shimmer.  This is a kit exclusive.  This also took 3 coats.
A bright blue creme that's a cross between torquoise and robin's egg blue.  This color is available in regular-sized bottle.
 Slushied with Celibacy Club on top.
 Miss Bossy Pants
A pretty raspberry with iridescent violet.  I feel like this is so electric to be a Rachel shade! 
 Miss Bossy Pants with Celibacy Club
What?  Rachel and Quinn together?  I am not sure it works in theory, but on the nails it's cute!  What do you think?
 Sue vs. Shue
A shimmering navy blue.  Is this the color of a Sue track suit or a Mr. Shue vest?  This is in the mini kit exclusive.   How would Sue feel about that?
 Right: Celibacy Club Left: China Glaze in Fairy Dust.
Celibacy Club is a top coat holographic mini micro-glitter.  This is also a kit exclusive.  I found this to be very similar to China Glaze's Fairy Dust, which has become slightly harder to find (though I believe it's going to be relaunched in an upcoming collection). 
 Right: Celibacy Club Left: China Glaze in Fairy Dust.
 Fairy Dust is slightly less dense and the glitter is finer than Celibacy Club.  
Right: Celibacy Club Left: China Glaze in Fairy Dust.

Glee 6 Piece Mini Kit is $24 and available at and at Sephora stores.

Who is your favorite Glee character?  Do you have a favorite song?  What's your favorite nail "mash-up"?

Hold Me Closer, Shiny Dancer from Sephora by OPI - Swatches, Photos and Comps to Milani Silver Dazzle

 Will you hold me closer?

Happy Monday everyone and Happy Valentine's Day!  I thought I would do something a little different for those who are less sweet on Vday.  Here is Shiny Dancer from Sephora by OPI.  This shiny microglitter, charcoal foil is from the Urban Ballerina collection.   This shimmering slate grey is a tough, cool antidote to those who aren't for mushy, love-y dove-y stuff.

Shiny Dancer - not your typical Valentine's Day mani.
 Milani vs Sephora by OPI.  

From the bottle, this reminded me of a Milani color that came out a little before Christmas that I had a hard time tracking down, and then it didn't seem relevant to swatch it.  The Milani is more of a dense glitter vs. the foil-y finish from Shiny Dancer.   Silver Dazzle is from the Milani One Coat Glitter family, but I find you need two coats to get good coverage, not to mention the two coats top coat of a smooth finish.  I think both are pretty, and they are different enough to warrant both.  But if you have a preference for glittery - less glittery go for your pick!  Also one is about half the price of the other, if that helps?

Milani One Coat Glitter on pinkie and ring.  Shiny Dancer on middle and index.

Sephora by OPI Shiny Dancer is $9.50 available in Sephora stores and at
Milani Silver Dazzle One Coat Glitter is $4.99 and available at and at drugstores nationwide.

What mani are you sporting this Valentine's Day?

Hey DJ Keep Playin' That Polish - Sephoa by OPI Who's Spinning Tonight

 Please don't stop the music.

Happy Friday everyone!  Do you have your dancing shoes on?  Whether you're off hitting the clubs or rockin' out while singing into your hair brush at home, who doesn't love good music?

Sephora by OPI's Urban Ballerina collection sets the stage with six new colors that combine edgy twists on classic pretty colors.  Who's Spinning Tonight is an vibrant eggplant puprle creme with micro-mini purple shimmer.  If Mila Kunis' character from Black Swan was planning on doing her nails before a night out of dancing, this would be the color she would rock.

 Who's Spinning Tonight?
Enlarge to see the micro shimmer.

So you at home DJs, what's on your playlists?  What do you spin on your iPods?

Ring Ring! 212-SEPHORA - Limited Edition Nail Color from Sephora by OPI

212 SEPHORA by Sephora by OPI

Here is another polish from Sephora by OPI's Holiday Gem Collection.  212 SEPHORA is actually a re-release (not sure of the name of the collection but it came out in summer 2009).  I regretted not picking it up back then, and as you can imagine, I was more than thrilled to see it back.

212 SEPHORA is a dark smoky brown/black mixed with glitter and flakies.  It reminds me of Tiger's Eye.  This was extremely hard to photograph.  The application also took two tries to get it to look decent enough to photograph.  (I confess this isn't the polish's fault!  I am just not the best at lacquer application.)  With three coats and two coats top coat, I was able to get a smooth enough surface.  The durability and wear was excellent.  No chippage for 3 days, and very minimal tippage.

I actually dialed (212) SEP-HORA (212-737-4672), and the number goes to the Times Square store.  I was almost slightly disappointed.  I was picturing something like Kramer from Seinfeld pretending to be MoviePhone (lol!).  If you don't know what I'm referring to, click here.

Bottle shot.
See the flakie goodness?!

Hey so... What's Your Point-Settia? from Sephora by OPI - Holiday 2010

Sephora by OPI - What's Your Point-settia?   

 Here is another limited edition nail polish from Sephora by OPI's Holiday Gem Collection. What's Your Point-settia is a juicy cranberry red with gold and red duochrome shimmer.  Sephora's site describes it as an opaque metallic burgundy, but I found the formula rather thin.  This shade could definitely be worn after the holidays, but if you want something more festive, I would try Merry Me! also from this collection.  Click here to see swatches.

This was 2 coats, but I think 3 would be better.

Pretty in the bottle.

What's Your Point-settia is available Sephora, $9.

Which do you prefer What's Your Point-settia or Merry Me?  Do you still think Sephora by OPI is too expensive?

Will You Merry Me? Sephora by OPI Merry Me for Holiday 2010

Sephora by OPI's Merry Me

I say, "I do" to Sephora by OPI's Merry Me. Merry Me is a pretty jelly cranberry red base with red, pink and silver glitter. The effect is like glittered vinyl. This color is limited edition and is available now at Sephora for $9. Remember today is the last day of Friend and Family, so use code FF2010 for 20% online.

3 coats with 2 coats of Seche Vite.
Application wasn't too bumpy or gritty.

Photo in shade.
You can get a better sense of the glass-like effect.

Love the color in the bottle too.
See the silver glitter?

Would you wear this shade for the holidays? Maybe even after?
If you haven't tried Sephora by OPI and would like to, enter my giveaway for 18 minis!

Sephora by OPI Giveaway! 18 Adorable Minis! - CLOSED!

Another giveaway? Yes, why not?! When I first saw this set on Sephora, I had to post right away. I wasn't the only one to get excited about this set, so I thought it would be a great item for a giveaway.

If you haven't had a chance to try many Sephora by OPI (or $OPI as this brand is often referred as), this set seems like a great way to try a lot of different shades and finishes. Retail is $48. The main complaint about this brand is the high price tag ($9 per bottle), and unfortunately, this set isn't really cheap either. But $48 for 18 shades seems like less of a pill to swallow. And if you enter this giveaway, it could be yours for free!

The colors close up.

How to enter?

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This giveaway will end November 25th, 11:59pm PST. Open to international and domestic friends! Retail value is $48.

Good Luck!