Rescue Me! Thank You Rescue Beauty Lounge for Saving My Nails! Insouciant - Photos, Swatches

 My nails saved by Rescue Beauty Lounge.

Friday, on my glorious day of beauty with the fabulous GlowyJoeyBunny,who writes for, we stopped by early to visit Ji Baek at Rescue Beauty Lounge. My nails were in desperate need of saving.  After working like a maniac, packing, traveling and running around the streets of New York for pre-IMATS coverage, my nails were such a wreck.

Ji welcomed us into her sanctuary of a spa and was the most hospitable and hilarious hostess.  Everyone knows that Ji is beautiful, fashionable and business savvy, but she is also incredibly funny.  By the time we left, our tips and toes were perfection and we were also in stitches.  Thank you Ji for having us, and I'm already looking forward to my next visit.

 Nails in need of saving: broken index nail, tippage, dry cuticles.  Halp!
Saved!  Rescued by Rescue.

I opted for a manicure in Insouciant from the new Ironic/Iconic collection.  It's a sophisticated lavender purple with tiny sapphire microshimmer.  I'm loving this grown-up taken on a pastel purple for spring.

Insouciant is available in limited quantities at for $18.  Rescue Beauty Lounge is located at 34 Gansevoort Street, 2nd Floor, New York, NY.

China Glaze Island Escape Collection for Summer 2011

From the press release: Take an exotic island escape with China Glaze this summer with a tropical, shimmering rainbow of brilliant bright colors! Mix and match these hot hues to add a candy-like pop to that summer manicure and pedicure. Colors in the collection include:

  • Papaya Punch Crème based vivid orange.
  • 108 Degrees Flirtatious berry pink with specks of micro glitter.
  • Senorita Bonita Passionate purple shimmer w pink micro glitter.
  • Blue Iguana: Bold and daring sparkly blue.
  • Cha Cha Cha: Vivacious shimmer green.
  • Electric Pineapple: High intensity crème based lime green. 

Escape this summer to a far away place with China Glaze. Vacation in color!

The China Glaze Island Escape collection will be available as open stock colors, 6 piece box collection, 6 piece counter display, 12 piece counter display and 36 piece rack.

China Glaze is free of DBP, toluene, and added formaldehyde.

China Glaze nail lacquers are available through salons and professional beauty supply stores nationwide. For more information, visit: or follow China Glaze on Twitter:  Find them on Facebook here.

Do any of these sound exciting to you?  I am not a big fan of papaya the fruit, but Papaya Punch sounds awesome.

March Madness! Greens All Month - Sally Hansen Insta-Dry Chartreuse Chase

Chartreuse Chase

As far as nail polish goes, I am a firm believer that pricier doesn't always mean better.  One of my favorite polishes that I loved to draw as a shining example of this was Sally Hansen Insta-Dry.  Pigmented, creamy, smooth application.  Sally had it all right with these.......... well most of these.

I picked up Chartreuse Chase and Blue-Away, which are two new limited edition shades available at Target.  Usually Insta-Dry are nearly one coat wonders.  Chartreuse Chase was lime green mess.  It took almost four coats to get opaque coverage.  My bottle was extremely watery and thin.  Also with those extra coats came added dry time.  This manicure never seemed to dry and got dinged pretty badly.  I took it off in a matter of hours out of frustration.

I'm disappointed for two reasons: 1 - Because I really wanted this to be great.  The color is so perfect for spring.  2 - It's a smudge on the otherwise amazing track record of the Insta-Dry line.   Shame on your Chartreuse.  Shame.

 I will swatch Blue-Away soon.
 This was 3-4 coats.
Too bad this didn't work out.  Isn't this a gorgeous shade?

Is there a way to fix a bad polish?  If anyone knows let me know.

March Madness! Greens All Month - Chanel Khaki Vert

 Khaki Vert.

Among all the hunters, limes, kellys, neons, pine, army, etc, it's hard to stand out sometimes as a green.  Chanel Khaki Vert is one of the greens that sets itself a part from others in the rest of my collection.  It's sophisticated yet edgy.  Calm but tough.  This creamy, beigey green is fun for all seasons.  Maybe that's why I wear khaki green clothes all year round?

Les Khakis were released this past summer for Fall 2010, but I have yet to see a really good dupe for this shade.  Has anyone see one?  Leave a comment below if you have.

 Les Khakis.  

Chanel Khaki Vert Le Vernis Nail Colour is currently discontinued, as it was a limited edition color.

What's your most sophisticated shade of green?

Haul Holla! WIN 3 Barielle Treatments! Vol. 002

My CVS haul.  All less than $20.

Ok I know I just hollared at y'all on Sunday, but I had an ah-maze-zing haul at CVS that I had to tell you about.  My CVS had on clearance a whole lot of Borghese, Revlon, Sally Hansen and Barielle Nail Treatments.  Everything was less than $1.60.  One of the Orly Cosmix nail polishes was $0.37?  No I didn't misplace the decimal point.  Thirty-seven cents!  Packs of gum cost more.

Win these!  Two sets available!

I picked up quite a few of the Barielle treatments and thought I would treat my readers to some treats.  I currently have two giveaways going on now, but what's another one.

This one is super easy.  Two sets up for grabs. 
Here's how to play:
  1. One winner will be chosen at random from the comments below.  All you have to do is tell me about your last really good find! (Doesn't have to be beauty related.)
  2. Another winner will be chosen at random from TwitterJust tweet "@Beautyburg is giving away 3 Barielle nail treatments."
    (You could win twice!  But please one comment and one tweet per person.)

Contest ends March 22nd, 2011 at 11:59pm PST.  I will announce the winner later this week!  As always, open to international friends.  Those younger than 18, please ask your parent for permission.

Let me know if you find the same clearance at your local CVS!

Haul Holla! What'd You Get This Week? Vol. 001

Part of my haul this week.  Can't wait to try these!

Holla!!!!!!!  I decided to start a new feature at Beautyburg called Haul Holla!  I love sharing hauls on, so I thought why not do it here.  Big or small haul-er at meTell me what you got, what you didn't get or what you want!

Earlier this week I stopped by Ulta, and I was psyched to see a new Essence display!  I picked up all the nail polishes, 2 eyeshadows, 1 glitter nail polish and a lip gloss.  I love how everything is under $3!  You can't shake a stick at that.  I also finally ran across a full size display of OPI's Katie Perry collection, but it had already been stripped.  I picked up a full-sized Not Like The Movies (last one).  Ulta's line had a cute set of mini polishes called Under The Sea.  Some of these colors look awesome, and I can't wait to swatch.
I also wanted to share some photos from a great day I had at the beach.  We had a delicious meal (set your stare to drool for pics below) and saw the funniest little dog chillaxing in a child-size beach chair.

 The Essence display at Ulta.
 Not a beauty haul, but still gorgeous.  Lobster roll!
 Seafood ceviche.
Sleepy doggie at the beach.  I'll just rest my chin here.
ZZZzz snort!  Wah?? Was I snoring? :)

Now tell me about your weeks!  What did you haul?  Are you saving for something big or small?  Do anything fun this week?

March Madness! Greens All Month - MAC Peppermint Patti - From The Archives!

 MAC Peppermint Patti Nail Lacquer

Happy St. Patty's y'all.  Since we are celebrating, I thought I would resurrect a really old polish from my archives for you.  This is MAC's Peppermint Patti which came out with the Sugarsweet collection.  Now this sold out in a heart beat, and it has been making appearances on EvilBay since for lots of green (the money kind).  Since this product was so high in demand, I had actually been saving it and only using it for special occasions.  However, I honestly cannot remember when was the last time the I wore it. 

When I was applying it for this post, I was a little surprised.  This minty green creme polish sucks.  Really bad.  It's so thin and watery.  It was difficult to get a non-streaky application.  What you see on my nails is four coats!  What was I saving this for?  I have no idea.  *rolling eyes*

However, I did wear this to mall today and received several compliments, so maybe there is something to this shade, if you can deal with the formula. 

 Peppermint Patti.
You're not as good as I remember, but you are still a pretty nice green.

Happy St. Patty's everyone!  Do you have any products you revisited and wondered why you loved them in the first place?

March Madness - Greens All Month! - Golden Rose #104 Pale Green Holographic Color Nail Lacquer

Golden Rose Holographic Color in 104.

Here is a green and a brand that I don't see that much on blogs and deserves some love.  Golden Rose makes some seriously pretty nail polishes.  They make tons of holographic nail shades.  Best part is that most of the nail polishes are under $3 and they ship free in the USA for orders over $20.  Not bad, eh?

Golden Rose Holographic Color in 104 Pale Green.
 Golden Rose Holographic Color in 104 in Pale Green

Have you heard of Golden Rose before?  What are your favorite holographic greens? 

March Madness! Greens All Month - Nfh Oh Greens 569 + 056 - Swatches & Photos

A heavenly green combination from Nfu Oh!

More gorgeous greens this month.  What a great excuse to celebrate a fab shade for nails, eyes, etc.  This is probably one of the most entrancing combinations of green that I own. 

Pictured above is Nfu Oh 569 layered with Nfu Oh 056Nfu Oh 569 is a dark green jelly.  The shade is actually a dupe for Nars Zulu, and I think it's actually better quality.  No tugs or pulls in this formula.  Two coats to dark but still slightly sheer jelly deliciousness.

Nfu Oh 569 in it's gorgeous greenness.
Love these sexy Nfu Oh corset bottles.

Nfu Oh 056 is a dark green flakie glitter that reflects blue and bright green.  It's sheer on its own, but it can be built up for wear by itself.  However, I think it works best with 1 or 2 coats on a base color.  And I *die* for this combination.

Click to enlarge!  Looks emerald here.
Almost jade green here.
Here you can see the blue.

I love wearing this combination together, but they are not exclusive to each other.  569 looks fabulous on its own, and 056 looks great topped on other polishes.  If you love flakies, check out Nfu Oh.  

Nfu Oh is a Korean brand which is available in the US at for $12.50 for 17ml.

CND Effects - The Complete Line Including Limited Editions! Photos, Swatches and Video!

 CND Effects in full effect!

CND Effects

What are CND Effects?  They are “accent” coats that you apply on top of your nail polish color to add an effect of shimmer, pearl, sparkle, etc.  It’s as if you are accessorizing your nail color with a little extra sumthing sumthing. 

The swatches from the nail wheel, video and photos follow the order below. 
  1. Gold Pearl
  2. Copper Pearl
  3. Lavender Pearl
  4. Gold Shimmer
  5. Copper Shimmer
  6. Scarlet Shimmer
  7. Emerald Shimmer
  8. Ice Blue Shimmer
  9. Violet Shimmer
  10. Gold Sparkle
  11. Jade Sparkle
  12. Crimson Sparkle
  13. Raspberry Sparkle
  14. Sapphire Sparkle
  15. Amethyst Sparkle
  16. Sugar Sparkle - Limited Edition The Look Spring 2010
  17. Red Sparkle - Limited Edition Winter 2010/2011 - Red Hot Set
  18. Gold Sparkling - Limited Edition - Sparkling Holiday Effects Duo
  19. Silver Sparkling - Limited Edition - Sparkling Holiday Effects Duo
  20. Teal Sparkle - Limited Edition - The Look  Fall 2010
  21. Barely There Shimmer - LE - The Look Spring/Summer 2010

Why do I like these?  They are just fun for dressing up a regular polish.  If you are bored with your colors, just whip out one of these Effects and you have a totally different shade.  There's a reason why the brand is called Creative Nail Design.  You can let out your inner artist and think of amazing combinations.

Do you own any CND Effects?  How would you use them?  What crazy combinations do you have in mind.  

To find CND Effects go to and check their locate tab for salons and retailers near you.

March Madness! Greens All Month - BB Couture Green Skittles - Taste The Rainbow

Yummy greens from BB Couture!
More March madness.  Greens, greens, greens!  Kim at Overall Beauty is also celebrating March madness.  From now until March 17th, in celebration of St. Patrick's Day, green nail polishes from BB Couture are on sale from $9.95 to $7.95!

So here are some skittles from my collection for my green girls (or guys).  There are more colors on sale, so go to and check them out.  I love BB Couture nail polishes.  Their formula is fantastic, and they have some of the coolest and most unique shades I've seen.  The only thing I love more, is when BB Couture is on sale.
Left to right: Kamikaze, Grasshopper, Man Bug, Frosty Meadow

Kamikaze, Grasshopper, Man Bug, Frosty Meadow
Left to right: Green Goblin, Poison Ivy, Saturday Night Fever, Bonnie.
Left to right: Green Goblin, Poison Ivy, Saturday Night Fever, Bonnie.
Vampy Varnish (you need this entire collection), Eve, Ceremony, Grenade.
Left to right: Vampy Varnish, Eve, Ceremony, Grenade.

BB Couture nail polish is available at

Do you own any BB Coutures?  What are your favorite shades?

CND The Look Spring Summer 2011 - Perfectly Bare Colour & Perfectly Bare Shimmer Swatches, Photos and Video Preview!

CND The Look for Spring Summer 2011.

Happy Hump Day y'all.  Are you ready for spring yet?  CND The Look for Spring/Summer 2011 epitomizes a pretty perfect pink combination.  This is so girly and sophisticated.  I get visions of ballerinas, Sarah Jessica Parker and weddings.  This set holds 1 nail polish color and 1 CND Effects. 

Are you guys curious about CND Effects?  I'm preparing a video on the complete CND Effects line!  So check back for that or subscribe to our YouTube channel to be the first to know.

The Look Spring Summer 2011 Perfectly Bare is limited edition.
The set holds Perfectly Bare Colour #578 and Perfectly Bare Shimmer #579.
Pretty pink packaging.
Perfectly Bare Colour #578

This usually isn't my cup of tea, but everyone needs a mannequin shade.  Perfectly Bare is a nice opaque pinky nude that covers almost in one coat, but I always do two for insurance.
A still from our CND Effects video.  Every shade including limited editions!  Check for it soon.

The complete combo.

Perfectly Bare Shimmer #579 is a pale pink shimmer with tiny irregular silver shimmer flecks.  It is extremely subtle over Perfectly Bare Colour, but it adds depth to this flat shade.  This combination maybe a bit of snoozer for some of you, but you really need this Effects.  It looks amazing over black, and I can't wait to try it over some deeper purples and reds.

You gotta check this Effects over black, but you'll have to wait for our video!

CND The Look for Spring/Summer 2011.  Check CND's site to find a retailer near you.  I purchased mine from for $10.

Do you have any CND Effects?  What are your favorite combos? What are your favorite nude shades?

March Madness! Greens All Month - Green Flakie Franken

My green franken!

Hi everyone!  Just a quick post for y'all today.  This month I'm going to highlight some of my favorite greens from my collection.  Hunter to grass, mint to pine, emerald to peridot... it's all happening.

I couldn't decide what green to kick off this series with, so I made a franken.  The base is NYX Blue Ave. with some Orly Wandering Vine and Orly It's Not Rocket Science.  It was rather sheer so I layered it on top of a base of American Apparel Hunter.  All really good greens!  More to come this month!

Glad to be green?

What are some of your favorite greens?  Do you wear green nail polish to work? 

Q&A with Tom Pecheux on Estée Lauder New Pure Color Nail Lacquers

Tom Pecheux, Creative Makeup Director for Estée Lauder.

Q&A with Tom Pecheux, Creative Makeup Director, Estée Lauder

How do you suggest applying the New Pure Color Nail Lacquers?
I recommend applying two coats of the polish followed by a very shiny, clear top coat. The nails should look very shiny and glossy – like a contemporary Chinese lacquer.

Can all women wear these vibrant colors?
   There are no rules. If you are conservative and don’t feel comfortable wearing a bright blue or green color or any other vivid color, you don’t have to. It’s important to have fun, to play and use your imagination, yet feel comfortable in the color you choose to wear.

Has the brush changed in the New Pure Color Nail Lacquer Collection? 
 I made sure the brush would remain exactly the same! When I told my friends I was designing new nail lacquers for Estée Lauder, they made me promise I would not change the brush. It’s the best brush in the beauty business.

Perfect Storm - Shimmer Pure Color Nail Lacquer Limited Collection
Nordstrom Exclusive

For  more information on Estee Lauder Pure Color Nail Lacquer click here.

Estee Lauder Pure Color Nail Lacquer New Shades + Limited Collection for Nordstrom

Perfect Storm - Shimmer Pure Color Nail Lacquer Limited Collection
Nordstrom exclusive

Avant-garde glamour coats the nails in chic, shiny splendor with the new Pure Color Nail Lacquer by Estée Lauder and Creative Makeup Director Tom Pecheux. The new, instantly gratifying collection of eight in-line nail lacquers in painted shades of sophistication has a decadently full-coverage formula with a long lasting finish. A luxurious range of hues from perfect neutrals to smoky charcoals to romantic purples and riveting reds, delight the senses and turn nails into mini accessories to match any look. An additional, limited edition collection of eight high-fashion shades explode at your fingertips in vibrantly rich hues. Relish in the new look for luxe nails... introducing Pure Color Nail Lacquer.

•     Exclusive True VisionTM Technology incorporates multi-faceted, highly pigmented shades for an intensely rich color
•     Shades come in three distinct finishes of Creme, Shimmer and Sparkle for a customizable nail look
•     From manicure shades to high drama color, the versatile palette ensures a shade for all occasions
•     8 in-line shades set the stage for classic and sophisticated beauty while 8 additional, limited edition shades amp up the brilliance
of the color range

•     The blendable coating stretches across the nail to create an even and smooth finish that stays color true throughout
the duration of the wear
•     A crystalline laminate polymer magnifies color and creates lustrous shine providing an unparalleled glossy appearance
•     High-performance formula does not dull, fade or streak

•     The classic Pure Color Nail Lacquer packaging is reintroduced with the new formula
•     The square glass cube resembles a fragrance bottle with its golden-mirrored cap and contains an elegant tear drop shape of the new formula
•     The specially designed flat-paddle brush shape ensures a quick and easy application in 2-3 strokes even without a professional hand

Pure Color Nail Lacquer will be available at select Estee Lauder counters nationwide and at for 0.3 oz / $19.00 in March 2011.  The Limited Collection is exclusive to Nordstrom for a limited time.

Chocolate Crave - Creme Pure Color Nail Lacquer Limited Collection
Nordstrom exclusive

Mega Fuchsia - Creme Pure Color Nail Lacquer Limited Collection
Nordstrom exclusive

Oyster Cult - Shimmer Pure Color Nail Lacquer Limited Collection
Nordstrom exclusive

Sizzling Taupe - Shimmer Pure Color Nail Lacquer Limited Collection
Nordstrom exclusive
Violet Diva - Creme Pure Color Nail Lacquer Limited Collection
Nordstrom exclusive

Wicked Game - Creme Pure Color Nail Lacquer Limited Collection
Nordstrom exclusive

Wild Blue - Creme Pure Color Nail Lacquer Limited Collection
Nordstrom exclusive
Enchanted Garnet - Creme Pure Color Nail Lacquer - New shade

Frozen Fantasy - Shimmer Pure Color Nail Lacquer - New shade

Fuchsia Flame - Creme Pure Color Nail Lacquer - New shade

Hot Coral - Creme Pure Color Nail Lacquer - New shade

Pure Red - Creme Pure Color Nail Lacquer - New shade

Purple Passion - Creme Pure Color Nail Lacquer - New shade

Rosa Rosa - Creme Pure Color Nail Lacquer - New shade

Ultra Violet - Shimmer Pure Color Nail Lacquer - New shade

Join The Cult - Cult Nails in Iconic - Swatches, Photos and Review

 Have you joined yet?  Cult Nails Nail Polish in Iconic.

I know that all of you are passionate for nails and makeup.  But have you ever thought of starting your own line?  Maria of Cult Nails did just that.  In January of this year, she launched Cult Nails with one shade and now her line is born.

Iconic is a gorgeous red raspberry with golden shimmer and filled with gorgeous red and orange flakes. Although a brand spanking new line, Cult Nails is achieving that status its name suggests, and I can tell why.  The application on this was so impressive.  Usually polishes with flakes drag and pull, but Iconic applied smoothly.  Two coats and I had a glass-like finish.  I'm drinking the Kool-Aid and joining this cult.  More polish swatches to come.
 Iconic in the sunlight. 
See the flakie goodness inside?  Meets daily nutritional requirements.

Iconic is available at for $10. 

Do you ever dream of starting your own line?  What would it be like?

Japanese Nail Magazines - These Don't Get Lost In Translation

 NailMax Magazine, this is a special Collections edition of the magazine, but it also comes out on a monthly basis!

The Japanese are worlds when it comes fashion/beauty print media.  They have magazines specifically for hair, nails, makeup application, makeup reviews, fashion for moms, fashion for students, fashion for young professionals.  These magazines are so specific and targeted that you would think concentrating their audience to a specific area would isolate their business, but instead, it creates a loyal following and readers invested into the magazine.  The format of Japanese magazines are also so incredibly content rich and visually dense.  Lucky Magazine was actually based off of Japanese shopping magazines.

If you live close to a Japanese bookstore, I highly recommend going in and checking out some of their magazines.  The way Japanese magazines are formatted you really can get by looking only at the pictures. 

Here is one of my favorite issues of NailMax that I wanted to share with you.  NailMax publishes Collection volumes annually with their best of collections.  The pages are just filled with set after set of nail art.  It's organized by color, so you can browse for hours at the intricate detail of each manicure.  Or you can look through pages of products only available in Japan, and then scour Ebay for them.  

Click to enlarge any of the photos below.
 I torture myself looking at products available only in Japan.

 I love these helpful step-by-step how to's. 

 Some red manicures.  I love the one with strawberries.
How inspiring are some of these! 

Would you try any of these manicures at home? Do you have a Japanese book store near you?

Hedy's Oke Doke - Bottle Shots

Oke Doke, pokey.

I had never heard of Hedy's Oke Doke, but from first sight it looked like a Toki Doki ripoff.  Considering I haven't been very impressed with the quality of Toki Doki products at Sephora, who's to say that a knock-off nail polish wouldn't be good?  These were $1.99 each at my local Rite Aid.  I will swatch soon, as soon as I can make it out of bed with this nasty flu.  

Camo Loco
Purple Nurple
Pink This
Hot Tomato

Katy Perry Collection with OPI with Black Shatter - Swatches, Photos and Review

Katy Perry Collection minis.
Katy Perry Collection for OPI.

Being a relatively new California Gurl, I don't have the affinity to Katy Perry as maybe some do.  But I do respect that she is a nail lover.  If you follower her on Twitter, it's not unusual to see her tweet photos of her manis.  So I know when OPI announced a collaboration with Katy Perry, I knew that it wouldn't just a celebrity name slapped on some bottles.

The collection consists of four new limited edition shades accompanied with OPI's Black Shatter.    Black Shatter is a new formula of shattering nail polish that you apply over 2 coats of your favorite nail color to create a smashed effect.  The result is an edgy, very different look that would please any nail fan.

The One That Got Away - a vibrant fleckled glass raspberry shade.
The One That Got Away with Black Shatter (no top coat).
Teenage Dream - pale pink with multicolored, multi-sized glitter.
Teenage Dream with Black Shatter.
Last Friday Night - a pale blue sheer glitter with multicolored and different size glitter particles.  Works best over another base color.
Last Friday Night with Black Shatter.
Not Like The Movies - a lavender pink, green duochrome foil metallic.
Not Like The Movies

Now, if you haven't found this collection already, it's been hard to come by.  These colors sold out quickly at etailers like  My local beauty supply store said that their order was backordered (this was weeks ago).  

Even though I'm iffy about Katy Perry as a singer, as a nail enthusiast, I give her two big and polished thumbs up!  This collection is has fun and pretty colors to get excited about! 

It's Like Baby, Baby, Baby - Justin Bieber One Less Lonely Girl Collection from Nicole by OPI - Me+Blue

Me + Blue, your mama and your cousin too.

As much as I love tween hysteria and am sympathetic to the symptoms of puppy love at a pre-pubescent age, something about coming today's biggest tween bop idol, Justin Bieber combining with nail polish was something I find initially unsettling.  This comes from a woman, who recently went to go see her jr. high school idols, New Kids on The Block, at their reunion tour.  But with that aside, it just felt like an area where Bieber Fever did not belong.

But, then I saw the nail polishes.  I actually was really into quite a few of the 14 colors from the One Less Lonely Girl Collection.  Who really knows nail polish better than tween girls?  It's no wonder that the collection sold out quickly upon it's first release in December.  Now released, but still limited in stock, the collection is back for those who didn't get a chance to get them the first.

I guess I will Never Say Never again to Bieber. 

 Me + Blue - a royal blue with micro holographic glitter.
 A portion of this collection is donated to Pencils of Promise, an organization that builds sustainable schools for children in developing countries.
"Perfect Stroke" brush.

One Less Lonely Girl Collection from Nicole by OPI are $8 each and available at Walmart, Target and Ulta stores nationwide.