Katy Perry Collection with OPI with Black Shatter - Swatches, Photos and Review

Katy Perry Collection minis.
Katy Perry Collection for OPI.

Being a relatively new California Gurl, I don't have the affinity to Katy Perry as maybe some do.  But I do respect that she is a nail lover.  If you follower her on Twitter, it's not unusual to see her tweet photos of her manis.  So I know when OPI announced a collaboration with Katy Perry, I knew that it wouldn't just a celebrity name slapped on some bottles.

The collection consists of four new limited edition shades accompanied with OPI's Black Shatter.    Black Shatter is a new formula of shattering nail polish that you apply over 2 coats of your favorite nail color to create a smashed effect.  The result is an edgy, very different look that would please any nail fan.

The One That Got Away - a vibrant fleckled glass raspberry shade.
The One That Got Away with Black Shatter (no top coat).
Teenage Dream - pale pink with multicolored, multi-sized glitter.
Teenage Dream with Black Shatter.
Last Friday Night - a pale blue sheer glitter with multicolored and different size glitter particles.  Works best over another base color.
Last Friday Night with Black Shatter.
Not Like The Movies - a lavender pink, green duochrome foil metallic.
Not Like The Movies

Now, if you haven't found this collection already, it's been hard to come by.  These colors sold out quickly at etailers like TransDesign.com.  My local beauty supply store said that their order was backordered (this was weeks ago).  

Even though I'm iffy about Katy Perry as a singer, as a nail enthusiast, I give her two big and polished thumbs up!  This collection is has fun and pretty colors to get excited about!