CND Effects - The Complete Line Including Limited Editions! Photos, Swatches and Video!

 CND Effects in full effect!

CND Effects

What are CND Effects?  They are “accent” coats that you apply on top of your nail polish color to add an effect of shimmer, pearl, sparkle, etc.  It’s as if you are accessorizing your nail color with a little extra sumthing sumthing. 

The swatches from the nail wheel, video and photos follow the order below. 
  1. Gold Pearl
  2. Copper Pearl
  3. Lavender Pearl
  4. Gold Shimmer
  5. Copper Shimmer
  6. Scarlet Shimmer
  7. Emerald Shimmer
  8. Ice Blue Shimmer
  9. Violet Shimmer
  10. Gold Sparkle
  11. Jade Sparkle
  12. Crimson Sparkle
  13. Raspberry Sparkle
  14. Sapphire Sparkle
  15. Amethyst Sparkle
  16. Sugar Sparkle - Limited Edition The Look Spring 2010
  17. Red Sparkle - Limited Edition Winter 2010/2011 - Red Hot Set
  18. Gold Sparkling - Limited Edition - Sparkling Holiday Effects Duo
  19. Silver Sparkling - Limited Edition - Sparkling Holiday Effects Duo
  20. Teal Sparkle - Limited Edition - The Look  Fall 2010
  21. Barely There Shimmer - LE - The Look Spring/Summer 2010

Why do I like these?  They are just fun for dressing up a regular polish.  If you are bored with your colors, just whip out one of these Effects and you have a totally different shade.  There's a reason why the brand is called Creative Nail Design.  You can let out your inner artist and think of amazing combinations.

Do you own any CND Effects?  How would you use them?  What crazy combinations do you have in mind.  

To find CND Effects go to and check their locate tab for salons and retailers near you.

CND The Look Spring Summer 2011 - Perfectly Bare Colour & Perfectly Bare Shimmer Swatches, Photos and Video Preview!

CND The Look for Spring Summer 2011.

Happy Hump Day y'all.  Are you ready for spring yet?  CND The Look for Spring/Summer 2011 epitomizes a pretty perfect pink combination.  This is so girly and sophisticated.  I get visions of ballerinas, Sarah Jessica Parker and weddings.  This set holds 1 nail polish color and 1 CND Effects. 

Are you guys curious about CND Effects?  I'm preparing a video on the complete CND Effects line!  So check back for that or subscribe to our YouTube channel to be the first to know.

The Look Spring Summer 2011 Perfectly Bare is limited edition.
The set holds Perfectly Bare Colour #578 and Perfectly Bare Shimmer #579.
Pretty pink packaging.
Perfectly Bare Colour #578

This usually isn't my cup of tea, but everyone needs a mannequin shade.  Perfectly Bare is a nice opaque pinky nude that covers almost in one coat, but I always do two for insurance.
A still from our CND Effects video.  Every shade including limited editions!  Check for it soon.

The complete combo.

Perfectly Bare Shimmer #579 is a pale pink shimmer with tiny irregular silver shimmer flecks.  It is extremely subtle over Perfectly Bare Colour, but it adds depth to this flat shade.  This combination maybe a bit of snoozer for some of you, but you really need this Effects.  It looks amazing over black, and I can't wait to try it over some deeper purples and reds.

You gotta check this Effects over black, but you'll have to wait for our video!

CND The Look for Spring/Summer 2011.  Check CND's site to find a retailer near you.  I purchased mine from for $10.

Do you have any CND Effects?  What are your favorite combos? What are your favorite nude shades?

Get Red Hot With CND for Valentine's Day - Just Red and Red Sparkle Effect - Photos and Swatches

 Does this say amour to you?

I know it's cliché, but what is better for Valentine's Day than red nails?  As much as I love all the weird darks, blues, greens, greys, purples, there is something refreshing about putting on a classic red shade. 

Creative Nail Design has put out a duo for Vday called Red Hot.  It holds one classic red nail polish and one ruby red glitter CND Effect.  Just Red, is just that, a straight up primary glossy red.  The application is so smooth, and the color isn't overwhelming.  The overall result is a glossy, wet looking finish.  Red Sparkle, is a CND Effects shade, that you can put over any color.  I want to try this over black, but over Just Red, it's a pretty perfect combination.  I own a few of the CND Effects and find them handy to have in my nail arsenal.  They are great for jazzing up a blah shade or refreshing a 2 day old mani with a shiny new topping!

 Just Red.
 Just Red.  Just classic.
Just Red with Red Sparkleon top.

Red Hot duo is available where CND products are sold.  Check their website for salons and locations.

What's your Vday mani going to be this year?  Do you like classic reds?