5 Ways To Beautify While Being Sick... What I Learned This Week

Beauty isn't just on the outside.  It's what's on the inside.  So what do you do when your insides feel achy, sore, feverish, just plain gross? 

  1. Beautify Your Mind: Read!- catch up on magazines, blogs and books for beauty inspiration and ideas.  I love stumbling upon new blogs that I've never checked out before.
  2. Veg Out and Be Beautiful (Or Watch Beautiful People) - Watching TV and movies is a great source of inspiration and perfect fit for my energy level when I feel sick.  I make sure to keep the hot tea and pen and paper close by.  Having to get out of bed to jot down an idea is a lot of effort when you're sick.  I've been catching up on Season 4 of Ugly Betty.  I see the Patricia Field genius in styling Betty from young, fresh out of school, poncho wearing perky assistant to slightly more polished but real, clashing pattern prone, editor. 
  3. Beautify Your Stash - shop online for new beauty products, clothes, shoes or bags.  If you're on a budget, you can still "window" shop.  Just don't submit your order!  Sometimes seeing the gigantic total in my cart makes me realize that I don't need that!
  4. Road Test Your Makeup (If you're up to it) -  See how well your makeup really works when you are green with a stomach virus.  Me, I wasn't so much this week, which leads me to #5.
  5. Finally! Rest! Dammit!  This should actually be number one.  If your body needs to heal, listen to it.  Sometimes sleep is the best medicine.  For crazy busy active personalities like me, it's sometimes the hardest pill to swallow, but I'm learning to try and listen to what my body wants.
Sorry I have been away from the blog lately.  I have been sick, but I have a lot of exciting stuff coming up.  Please keep checking back.  This notebook by my bed is getting full of ideas!