Ring Ring! 212-SEPHORA - Limited Edition Nail Color from Sephora by OPI

212 SEPHORA by Sephora by OPI

Here is another polish from Sephora by OPI's Holiday Gem Collection.  212 SEPHORA is actually a re-release (not sure of the name of the collection but it came out in summer 2009).  I regretted not picking it up back then, and as you can imagine, I was more than thrilled to see it back.

212 SEPHORA is a dark smoky brown/black mixed with glitter and flakies.  It reminds me of Tiger's Eye.  This was extremely hard to photograph.  The application also took two tries to get it to look decent enough to photograph.  (I confess this isn't the polish's fault!  I am just not the best at lacquer application.)  With three coats and two coats top coat, I was able to get a smooth enough surface.  The durability and wear was excellent.  No chippage for 3 days, and very minimal tippage.

I actually dialed (212) SEP-HORA (212-737-4672), and the number goes to the Times Square store.  I was almost slightly disappointed.  I was picturing something like Kramer from Seinfeld pretending to be MoviePhone (lol!).  If you don't know what I'm referring to, click here.

Bottle shot.
See the flakie goodness?!