Dove VisibleCare Softening Creme Body Wash - Do The Commercials Lie? Road Test!

 Dove's new body wash.  VisibleCare Softening Creme Body Wash

Have you seen these ads on TV?  They take before and after photos of women's skin after a week of use and then show them their "close-ups" on a wall.  The images are magnified close-ups of their skin.  The before looking dehydrated and rough.  The after looking plush and supple.

I know what you're thinking.... yeah right.  So I'm going to road test Dove's VisibleCare Softening Creme Body Wash for myself.  I don't have a way of taking a magnified photo of my skin, so you'll just have to take my word for it.  I'll check back in with you in a week's time, and let you kno how it goes.

 My old favorite was actually also by Dove.  
I liked Dove's Ultra Rich Velvet Cream Oil Body Wash.  
 Visibly more beautiful within 3 weeks?  Let's take that challenge.
 Patents pending....

Missed the ads on TV.  Go to for pictures and a coupon.

How Did Maybelline Fit Me? Maybelline New York Fit Me Foundation Photos, Swatches, Review

Maybelline Fit Me Products: Foundations, Concealer and Pressed Powder.

Me BEFORE and AFTER my "fitting."

Hi everyone!  This week has really flown by.  For the past two weeks, I have been road-testing Maybelline New York Fit Me Foundation.  I have to say I have always wanted to be a girl who used drugstore foundation, and I have found some really great contenders.  However, I always revert back to department store or high-end brands.  Foundation is one of those tricky makeup items that I do feel that the majority of the time a pricier product is justified.  That said, I wasn't really sure how a $7 foundation (which is even cheap by drugstore standards) was going to do pitted against some of my favorite expensive brands. 

Let me say... the socks were blown off.  I couldn't believe how good this foundation was... and not just by drugstore standards.  The technology that went into this line is pretty impressive.  The feeling of the foundation is extremely lightweight.  It blended incredibly well and had a satin finish.  What impressed me most is how well it was close to skin texture and look when applied.  I bought 220 Natural Beige, which was a pretty good match to my NC30 skintone, but I liked this foundation so much that I bought a lighter shade to custom blend an exact match.  Even with two bottles, it's still cheaper than a MAC foundation!

I have actually found myself reach for this more than my usual foundations lately.  It's a great option for daytime wear with its medium coverage, which can be sheered out.  My favorite way to apply it is a stippling method with a MAC 130 brush.  Then I blend with a lightly dampened sponge.  Maybelline New York Fit Me Foundation also has a SPF of 18 for those who are sun conscious.  It lasted very well through a long day and didn't oxidize.  The finish is satin, and I would say this is more hydrating vs oil controlling.  But I do think all skin types could use this foundation.

So maybe my dream of being a drugstore foundation girl is actually coming true.  I highly recommend checking this out if you want a natural foundation for even coverage at a low price.   I will be doing a review on Fit Me Concealer and Pressed Powder and Blush later, but as a spoiler, I started off on a good note.

Pressed Powder comes with a puff and mirror.
210 and 220 (top right) swatched.
How do you think this foundation "fits?"

To Review:
Maybelline New York Fit Me Foundation $7 for 30ml, 1fl.oz. at drugstores, Target, Walmart nationwide.
Pros: 18 shades from very pale to dark.  Very nice satin skinfinish.  Feels light and natural on skin.  
Cons: Hard to tell from the bottle what's the best shade.  Their shade matcher, which is a plastic slot where you put your finger, isn't the best system.  
Overall Beautyburg Rating: A-

How do you know if a foundation "fits" you?  What's your favorite foundation right now? 

Eyeliner Road Test! Giorgio Armani vs. Stila vs. Tarte - New Video!

 Eyeliners from our road test.

Eyeliner technology has really advanced.  I used to never be able to wear eyeliner for fear of raccoon eyes, but the chemistry that goes into these products has really improved.  Waterproof isn't just a dream anymore.  Some products really do resist smudges, tearing and actually stay put.  I took three different brands with similar gel-style formulas and tested them against each other.  See the video to see who won!

Giorgio Armani's La Femme Bleue Long Wear Waterproof Eye Pencils are limited edition for Spring 2011.  KarlaSugar raved about these, so I had to check them out for the road test.  These are $27 each, which seems pricey for an eyeliner, but considering how much product you actually get in comparison with these other two brands, it's actually a better value.

Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eyeliner and Tarte emphasEYES Aqual-Gel Eyeliner both boast long wear and high pigmentation.  But, if you watch the video, you will see that the Armani beats them out in value and beats the Tarte in wear.

Let's geek out for a moment and do a math break down:
Giorgio Armani - $27 for 0.04oz, 1.2g = $22.50 per gram
Stila - $20 for 0.01oz, 0.28g = $71.42 per gram
Tarte - $18 for 0.003oz, 0.1g = $180 per gram

 We tried them out.... check the video for results!

  Black, Bark Brown, Leaf Green.
 Black, Bark Brown, Leaf Green.
GA's Bark Brown on the eye.

Giorgio Armani La Femme Bleue Long Wear Waterproof Eye Pencils are $27 for 0.04oz, 1.2g and available at

Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eyeliner is $20 for 0.01oz at and

Tarte emphasEYES Aqual-Gel is $18 for 0.003oz, 0.1g at and