Revlon Top Speed Nail Enamel - Sugar Plum

Sugar Plum

Revlon recently relaunched their Top Speed Nail Enamel in 32 shades that claim to set in 60 seconds.  I picked up a couple of shades last week and test drove the colors over Christms.  First, I was impressed by the number of non-traditional shades offered.  By "traditional" I mean pinks, reds, nude, beige.  There were lots of greens, blues, purples, metallics. 

Sugar Plum is a shimmery jewel like magenta purple.  Two coats and I had complete coverage.  I didn't set a stop watch, but the drying time did seem slightly fast.  However with base, 2 coats polish, 1 coat top coat, dry time is going to add up.  The manicure itself didn't wear so well.  I think that the speedy dry time cuts corners for durability and longevity in the manicure.  I had tippage at the start of day 2 of my mani.  But with fast dry time, why not just erase the old and paint yourself a new set of nails?

I would definitely try checking these out.  Revlon has definitely up'ed the ante with interesting color variety and a decent application and formula.

Do you prefer fast dry time to durability?  Or do you want something that does it all?